1. Some geomancers insist that if a person was born on the RAT hour (11pm to 1am) or 2300HRs to 0100HRs the birth day will have to be changed. 1.1 Thus if a person was born on 6th February between 11pm to 1am: the geomancer claim that the birth day is now 7th February. 2. However, there is such thing as the RAT hour shared between TWO days:- 2.1. Thus if one was born on 6th Feburary at 0000HRS, the person will always be born on that day. 2.2. Or if the person was born on 6th Feburary at 2359HRS. It is still on the 6th Feburary and not 7th February. 3. This is an expanded view taking into consideration 5th February:- 3.1. Same thing, If born within the 24 hours of 5th February will remain a 5th February birthday person. 3.2. No such thing as changed to 6th February or back-dated to 4th February.  3.3. This is because if the argument is that one can change the birthdate to a day later. One may also change it to a day earlier   I.e. Rat hour of 4th February.