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Topic: Placement of Fish Tank
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From: Anon (Hidden from Privacy)
Date: 9/6/1999 10:21 PM

Dear Jim,

There are two ways at looking at having a fish tank:

1. For enjoyment.
2. `Reading' from somewhere and buying a fish tank and hoping for something auspicious to happen.

Jokingly, I remembered seeing the title of a book " What they don't teach you in Harvard

Here it is the same thing with fish tank. " You may end up with more than one can bargain for with fish tanks ". Is it better off not knowing FS?

Usually, when one purchase a fish tank, we normally would have visualised a location in our home to place the fish tank.

In most instances, it is usually at one side of the wall and not the centre of the house.

In fact, intution plays an important part especially if one owns a fish tank for enjoyment.

2. Frankly for those who are always looking for the elusive location may be in for a surprise. The more, we want to look for the `elusive' ausicious location, some may be lucky while others may not.

3. I have mentioned in a few mails that it would not be advisable for those who are of Strong Water or Weak Fire element to own a fish tank.

Other things to note include:-

1. The type of fish tank to use. The most neutral fish tank are those that are rectangular or round.

For more advanced knowledge, the following shapes represent a certain element:

Shape of Fish Tank/Element
Square/Earth - OK
Rectangular/Wood - OK
Octagonal/Water - OK
Round/Metal - OK

Do avoid a triangle fish tank representing the fire element. (As fire is incompatible with water).

2. For the leg stand of the fish tank, one advise is to paint them in the colour of the location. For example, if the fish tank is at the East wall, it can be green/dark green. If it is at the North, the stand can be black/grey/blue. If it is at the west, it can be white or gold.

3. Traditional Feng Shui practioners may sometimes advice you on the number of fishes based on your element:

Earth = 5 or 10 fishes
Metal = 4 or 9 fishes
Water = 1 or 6 fishes (for weak water person)
Wood = 3 or 8 fishes
Fire = 2 or 7 fishes

4. When you stand at the main entrance facing out, the fish tank should preferably not be placed on the right side of the house (interior) or one of the spouse may have an illicit affair.

5. Never place a fish tank in a bedroom.

6. Avoid placing the fish tank in the study room of a child as it may affect his concentration.

7. Although, Para 3 recommends the number of fish, you can if you like not follow the advise especially for those who keep a fish tank as a hobby. For those who do it intentional i.e. wanting a fish tank not for the `hobby' purpose, may want to follow the above (based on element concept).

The above are some of the considerations based on Feng Shui. In an earlier message on Fish Tank in the forum, Robert had provided the number of fishes to replenish if a fish tank is used as a cure for a bad " Flying Star ".

I also emphasised that in many occasions, it is never wise to place fish tank in the centre of the house. This will cause sickness especially to the spouse and financial problems for the breadwinner.

Warmest Regards,

On 9/6/99 2:03:44 PM, Jim Chong wrote:
>What is the most auspicious
>way to place a fish tank?
>Currently, i placed it in my
>Balcony, facing a multi storey
>carpack(my house is higher).
>Is is true that the number of
>fishes u keep determine a role
>in your finance too?(i have 17

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