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Are you a  Feng Shui Master, Teacher, Practioner or Lecturer?. If so, read on.

From time to time, many users  have asked to recommend a Feng Shui practioner or lecturer in a particular location/area. "The aim of the "The Feng Shui  Professional" logo is that it allows visitors to recognise you  as a trusted Feng Shui professional.

In addition, GEOMANCY.NET is `heavy in content' and draws visitors. You can then share the  "pie" especially since many readers after having a good  idea of Feng Shui; request for a good Feng Shui practioner in their  location. DO YOU WANT TO MISS THIS CHANCE TO SERVE THEM?

Want more reasons  to Sign-Up? Here goes.

1. It's FREE! Unlike joining a society where you keep paying annual fees, THE FENG SHUI Professional  is a Self-Audit Programme. There are no rules, no fees or regulations to follow. Simply, continue to PROVIDE GOOD Service to the General  Public is all we ask of YOU.

2. If you display OUR THE FENG SHUI  Professional LOGO, you CAN use US as your Reference or Refree. This is particularly important if you provide consultancy to a wide audience through correspondence on the Internet. The pie is large and with growing awareness through content sites like this which generates interests and more business for you. IT's a WIN WIN situation!

3. Many readers make enquiries on  where to find a Feng Shui practioner near them.

4. So why hesitate? Get your "The FENG SHUI Professional LOGO" NOW! You have nothing to lose!

This is a FREE Service. Support Self-Audit on the Internet! Sites listed here are under the scrutiny of the Public. The purpose of the FENG SHUI Professional Logo is to help your fellow Internet friends find  Quality FENG SHUI Professionals and when they see the FENG SHUI Professional LOGO at a website, they have an assurance of the  reliability of the practioner. In this way both the consumer and Feng  Shui Practioner benefits! The Feng Shui practioner also does not need  to pay a FEE, and can then concentrate on his practise while refers clients to them. With this reasoning, Geomancy.Net PROMISES to continuous monitor feedback from the PUBLIC.

We also like to hear from you if you feel that a site should NOT receive OUR FENG SHUI Professional Logo.

Next, please paste the following codes to your web-page:- 


 <CENTER><P><A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="80" HEIGHT="80" VSPACE="0" HSPACE="0" ALT="FENG SHUI Professional" BORDER="0"></A></P></CENTER>


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