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Cecil Lee started this site from a homepage on 6th June 1997. Since then, it has achieved its mission of providing sound Feng Shui advice. Millions of users around the world has since benefited from his advice.

To-date, this site has become the largest resource centre. prides in sharing with you not only the application of traditional Feng Shui but all related fields of Geomancy.

Some of the milestones are:-

  • Make learning Feng Shui Fun and easy to understand.
  • Providing lots of online web Resources and Articles.
  • First on the web with an easy to use Do-It-Yourself instructions on  surveying your home with the Eight House Theory.
  • Providing the most successful and popular Discussion Forum (now known as My Adviser). A valuable resource that you can Search and find what you want to know!
  • First on the web with an easy to use fully Computerised Feng Shui Reports available for all users on the Internet (eg. Pillars of Destiny - Ba Zi Ming Yun, Flying Star - Xuan Kong Fei Xing, & more!)
  • Very comprehensive yet easy to understand electronic books allowing users to learn about Feng Shui.
  • First on the web with an Online Feng Shui Courses (Geomancy University).
  • The largest Feng Shui Web Ring to link other Feng Shui sites together.
  • A comprehensive Feng Shui directory.
  • & lots more!

Enjoy all these to improve you and your family's life!

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