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Dyn Pte Ltd

Dyn Pte Ltd is a registered company in Singapore which was formed in Nov 1997. It is an Information Technology company that specializes in the development of comprehensive and custom solutions in a wide range of areas.

Robert Lee, Managing Director is the founder of the company.

Milestones of the company:-

  • Developed and provided the 3Dmail.Com e-mail service which is an all-in-one (web-mailbox, POP & SMTP, Mail retrieval from external POP mailbox, Forwarding, and lots more!) - 1997
  • Developed and provided the online computerised Feng Shui reports system (www.Geomancy-Online.Com or My FengShui). Below are some of the key reports which has been developed for the entire Feng Shui reports. - Oct/Nov 1998
    • Pillars of Destiny Report (Ba Zi Ming Yun)
    • Flying Star Report (Xuan Kong Fei Xing)
    • Eight House Report (Ba Zhai / Ba Yun)
    • Personal Star Report (Zhi Xing)
    • Auspicious Date
    • Finding a Good House
    • & lots more
  • Provided the hosting of the new online Forum (www.Geomancy-Forum.Com or My Adviser). - Dec 1998
  • Develop and provided online Course System (www.Geomancy-U.Com or My FengShui). - Feb / Mar 1999
  • Develop and provided online Bookstore System for obtain Cecil Lee's Feng Shui books - Apr / May 1999
  • Provided necessary expertise and services for hosting the various components of Geomancy.Net
  • Provided the website design & promotional services.

The company's strengths are its ability to develop and design computerised solutions for its clients. It is the first in the world to provide complex answers to Feng Shui analysis with a wide range of online tools.

The company has also been subsidizing Geomancy.Net in allowing it to be able to offer the many free services on the site.

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