Off-site Selection of Burial Site / Ash Urn Placement Site

Information Needed from you

Furnish us with:-

     Date and Time of birth and death of the deceased
     Date and Time of birth of spouse
     Date and Time of birth of sons and daughters
     Date and Time of birth of sons or daughters in law
     Landscape plan of the burial grounds for selection (For off-site location, please include the North-South compass directions of not more than 5 sites for burial).

Who will make the recommendations?

Master Cecil Lee will study and make the recommendations to you.

Time Frame

     2-3  days (if you require urgently); if not 4-6 days.

    This is strictly an on-line service. Depending on your preference, Master Cecil Lee will personally contact you to let you know about the employee's life analysis, character and other traits. You will be either faxed or e-mailed with a detailed full Ba Zi report.

Flexible Payment Method

Payment can be by Credit Card or Personal Cheque.

Affordable Pricing

A fixed flat fee of $388.00.

Any Questions? Call Master Cecil Lee at (65) 9785-3161 for more information or to arrange an appointment. Or e-mail us at


Book Appointment

Call Master Cecil Lee at
(65) 9785-3171

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