Reading between the lines of Sales Brochures 1. It is always an excellent idea to spent some time to scrutinise a prospective sales brochure of our potential buy (purchase). 2. Recently, more and more clients have discovered to their shock (horror) that the least expected was the location of the central rubbish bin outside their unit. 3. A year ago; many had purchased a premium unit within the development .. and later shocked to learn that the central rubbish chute (for their entire floor) is just next to their main door! 4. Thus the morale of the story is to check first before signing on the dotted line. 5. In general, most developments have these:- 5.1. A central rubbish collection centre / rubbish bin collection point 5.2. Power Sub-station. Every development usually has one or more of these depending on the size of the development. 5.3. Design of club-house roof-lines / trellis / gazebo / pavilion. Are the designs a "threat" e.g. with spikes or like a razor's edge? Usually these are aimed towards lower storeys. 5.4. Any poison arrows in the form of a sharp corner of another block of neighbouring stack aimed towards one's balcony (hard to cure) or towards one's windows (if any) 5.5. Location of areas like BBQ pits and any impact e.g. the smell from these pits towards a unit.. especially low storeys such as #01  or #02 first or second storeys 5.6. Any tree trunk aimed towards a lower unit e.g. #01 or #02. Unfortunately it may be too late; especially if the development is under construction. There are lots more considerations...   Do remember "Read in-between" the lines.. Facebook: