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Is the Sales Brochure Useful for Feng Shui? Reading between the lines of the Sales Brochure

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Introduction: For brand new just launched developments, there is no physical site to visit the completed buildings and apartments. 

1. The only thing we can do is to visit the show room (which often is close-by to the site) as well as obtain a sales brochure and see the mock-up of the development. As well as try to ask questions from the sales agent (if any).

1.1. We must still try to gather as much information as we can.

2. Summary of Case Studies in this article.

If the information is overwhelming. Pick and choose selective articles...

1A & B: Common Rubbish Bin
2A & B: Interior unit Dry Walls
3: Fire at Heaven's Gate
4: Sha Qi or Poison Arrows from Club-house roof-lines
5: 3 Panel Sliding Doors at the Balcony
6: Drainage at the Balcony
7: Air-con Ledges
8: Mixed Developments + Cooling Towers
9: Termite infestations
10: Coffee-shop below or near to unit
11: Water tank at roof-top
12: Lamp Posts, Pillars, Tree Trunks
13: Spice Garden in an EC/condo
14: EC/condo Clubhouse
15A & B: Pneumatic Waste Collection System
16: Look closely at the development's scale model for clues
17: Buying a Mixed development apartment
18: Survey or study facilities surrounding the development
19: Pump Room below a unit
20: Seven Commandments of Stove Placement
21: Is there a potential poison arrow from the neighbours?
22: Should I be concerned with a near-by temple, church, mosque &/or elder care?
23: Is the compass marking on the Sales Brochure accurate?
24: Sites reserved for Schools?
25: Doors face each other? [Main Door/Bedrooms]
26: Unit numbers with 4, 44 or 444 Okay?

27: Stove or sink or WC at the Centre of the house?

3. It is always an excellent idea to spent some time to scrutinise a prospective sales brochure of our potential buy (purchase).

49651023_salesbrochureatreasuretrove.png.afca5f2b95a493eef57294c48a2b4858.png4. Recently, more and more clients have discovered to their shock (horror) that the least expected was the location of the central rubbish bin outside their unit.

5. A year ago; many had purchased a premium unit within the development .. and later shocked to learn that the central rubbish chute (for their entire floor) is just next to their main door!

6. Thus the morale of the story is to check first before signing on the dotted line.

7. In general, most developments have these:-

8.1. A central rubbish collection centre / rubbish bin collection point

8.2. Power Sub-station. Every development usually has one or more of these depending on the size of the development.

8.3. Design of club-house roof-lines / trellis / gazebo / pavilion. Are the designs a "threat" e.g. with spikes or like a razor's edge? Usually these are aimed towards lower storeys.

8.4. Any poison arrows in the form of a sharp corner of another block of neighbouring stack aimed towards one's balcony (hard to cure) or towards one's windows (if any)

8.5. Location of areas like BBQ pits and any impact e.g. the smell from these pits towards a unit.. especially low storeys such as #01  or #02 first or second storeys

8.6. Any tree trunk aimed towards a lower unit e.g. #01 or #02. Unfortunately it may be too late; especially if the development is under construction.

9. There are lots more considerations...  

9.1. Do remember "Read in-between" the lines..

TRILIVE reading between the lines.png

10. [Below] More: A flow chart = general overview of what to look out for in a Sales Brochure. 





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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 1A: Not ideal if a common bin is beside the main door of an EC/condo or facing it's main door.

1. What is the tell tale sign that the unit does not have an internal rubbish bin?

1.1.  Try to locate something similar to this in the service yard or kitchen of the unit:


2. If the above is not present in the unit. Most likely, there is a central rubbish bin at the common lobby of this block.

3. Else, the tell tale sign is shown in yellow:-


3.1. Yes, this unit does have a rubbish bin within it's own unit.

3.2.  Many ECs and condos today do not have an internal rubbish bin in their unit.


3.2. If so, do find out. As most ECs/condos do not show their exact location in their Sales Brochure.

4.1 Even if the rubbish bin has a door, it is still not ideal under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui.


Location of photos (above): Ecopolitan EC

4.2 May affect re-sale value. This is true if in the future, a potential buyer may themselves and/or bring along a geomancer to view the unit:-


5. Inconsiderate Neighbours?

5.1 For example, Neighbours continues to leave rubbish outside the bin area. 

5.2 one cannot just stand around the bin area to "confront a neighbour doing so".  Which may result in bad relations.

5.3. In Bellewaters EC, the central rubbish bins are less obvious.

5.3.1. As the developer placed a small bin icon discretely on the TOP-right corner of the bin door.

5.3.2. Harder to notice if one is not actively looking out for the location of a bin. Nevertheless, in a resale; most geomancers may actively take this into consideration. 


5.3.3. In this new development, my client asked for a proper block layout plan:


5.3.4. In the above block layout, are you able to see the common rubbish bin next to stack #13’s main door?


5.3.5. Some Condos/ECs Plan their central rubbish bins at a corner of the block. For example, in the Westwood Residences EC, this can be found next to the emergency staircase.

5.3.6. However, no matter how;  The Central rubbish bin may still be close-to a unit:-

5.3.7. Shown Block 184, stack 11-11

AC0C47FB-6321-4FEF-802A-29BA439D02C6.thumb.jpeg.f8434be712b0881028cfe3beeb954d4e.jpegDC976D65-68B3-42FA-811D-E685AD0B4ED5.thumb.jpeg.64cfed88728ee0e0be99e8d90d359e69.jpeg d’nest condo by CDL chose to concentrate two central rubbish bins tuck at a niche solely meant just for rubbish bin disposal. 

5.3.8. Thus even if it has a recycle bin plus a common bin; this design is similar to many HDB developments. 

5.3.9. In fact, my first encounter was The Sail at Marina by CDL; which also has two bins tucked at a niche way back when it first T.O.P.


6.  The Hillion at Bukit Panjang’s central rubbish bin is at the lift lobby and next to a lift:-


6.1. The developer Sim Lian went one step further and took a leaf out of HDB’s central rubbish bin centre and placed one identical to each and every HDB with a foot assisted bin opening.

6.2. In addition, there is a small recess area + a drain for the Cleaners to wash these bins. 

6.3. Practical refinement:-


6.4. This illustration shows the rubbish bin can be seen at the main entrance of stack #14 of The Criterion:


6.5. Here, some consider this also less than ideal. As it can be considered equally bad to have a main entrance facing a rubbish chute. An overzealous geomancer may also advice their clients to avoid purchasing such a resale unit in the near future.

6.6. Is there a difference between The Central rubbish bins at a condo vs that of a modern HDB flat? 

6.7. HDB is generous to provide a special lobby for their rubbish bins as shown below. Each rubbish bin lobby also has a water pipe for the Cleaners to occasionally wash the entire area. 


6.8. Lower floor area to make sure that water does not flow or flood the surrounding walkway.


Case Study 1B: I have inconsiderate neighbours who frequently spill "liquid waste" (unintentionally or intentionally = not sure?) along the corridor right to the front of the common bin.

1. What happens if one has inconsiderate neighbours that not only stains the flooring with "liquid" waste?


2. Hopefully, this should not be a common occurrence..spilled waste...


3. If one has inconsiderate neigbhours and the bin is next to one's main door.

3.1. Cannot possible stand there the whole day to see who is the culprit. Plus.. may result in bad-blood.

3.2. Similarly, what happens if a neighbour simply places their rubbish on the floor?

3.2.1. An obstruction as well as an eye-sore.

4. Often, such events may lead to bad-blood between neighbours.


5. In conclusion, if the common bin is at the lobby, do this:-


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 2A: Beyond the buyers control as nowadays more and more ECs/condos build some or all dry/partition (DP) walls within the interior of the unit.


Nowadays, this is just for information. As it has now become a new norm, today for most new ECs/condos. 

1. A few years ago, with certainty most CDL projects have dry/partition walls (DP).

2. Nowadays, the majority of new ECs/condos and HDB flats most certainly have DPs.

3. How to identify from outside of the block?

IMG_4428.JPG3.1 Even without going into the development; one could more or less take the cue by standing a far and staring "between" walls.

3.2 For example: the red arrow most certainly points to the inner wall will most likely use dry-ways.

IMG_4429.JPG3.3. Where the yellow arrow; there is a question mark. As in some cases the outer casing may be solid or load-bearing; but subsequently part of it may be a dry wall.

In one of the illustrations where there are green letterings : 1 and 2 : these are often a shared wall between say bedrooms 1 and 2. Thus for sure most likely a dry wall between them.

Case Study 2B: Cons of living with dry wall partition

1. For re-sale homes; before signing on the dotted line; go around knocking on most walls in that potential unit that you and your family like.

2. In 2011 @ Livia Condo (the developer was CDL properties); not sure why, but out of curiosity I knocked on several walls: living room/bedroom 3 ; bedroom 2 shared with bedroom 2 ; master bedroom shared with bedroom 2.

2.1. I got a rude shock when I found these to be dry-walls.

2.2. A further shock awaited me; when I went into the master bedroom toilet. I also knocked on the external wall.. and also realised that these are some pre-fab walls or those seen in a few HDB flats in Sengkang where the toilet comes in modules or installed in modules.

2.2. In recent years: I also found HDB flats starting to use dry-partitions for certain walls. One development was Compassvale Mast @ Sengkang.

2.3. Just a few weeks ago; I realised that in Yishun: HDB Angsana Green also has some walls in dry-wall partitions.

3. Why might I ask.. are you so concerned with "solid" (concrete / precast concrete or red bricks / hollow brick walls VS dry-walls.

3.1. Let me put it this way.. especially for condos and ECs where one pays close to a "premium" for such flats; one would expect the traditional "Brick and mortar" type of house. 

3.2. A few years ago, a client in-fact sold his unit at Livia and bought an older condo unit further up-stream as he; like me don't really fancy dry walls for a home. Oh, it is just me.. or my preference.

4. What are some of the disadvantages of using dry-walls vs pre-cast / solid walls?

4.1. During renovation stage: these walls must either be additionally re-enforced internally with more support (if not practical/more expensive) then wooden framework has to be added each time one wants to mount top-hung cabinets say in the bedroom etc..

4.2. If the wall is shared wall. For example: on one side is the master bedroom TV wall; the other side is a family member's bed and/or bed-head. Unlike mounting a TV on a "solid" wall; even mounting the TV on a piece of wood and onto this dry-wall may if TV set placed at specific levels; majority of TV sets have a high EMF radiation at certain areas of the TV set. And this depends on both the brand and a specific model.

4.2.1. Don't want a family member's head to be next to such a device (if or should there be EMF radiation) behind one's bed-head.

5. Moisture: This may not be that common if the dry wall is shared between two bedrooms. But if the dry wall is not properly protected from moisture; and if it is sharing the same wall as a shared toilet. For example; do take a look at the attachment with the Amore EC to have an idea ...

6. Sound proofing. Most solid walls be it red-bricks / hollow bricks or pre-cast walls often have minimal noise transmission.

7. I know of homes built in the 1990's which uses dry-walls for the toilet ceilings / hiding concealed air-con piping and I can feel the difference between that era's dry-walls vs today's. 

7.1. 1990 era's local dry walls are simply very solid and heavy. While today's dry walls are so much different. I have even seen homes of the Livia era e.g. 2011 and later where some of the dry walls were punched in or kicked in by someone. During my rounds under the Can or cannot buy. Where a client asked for a review of such homes before they sign the dotted line.   

8. From the Sales brochure's layout; although it is easy to determine which are solid thick walls = thus brick / pre-cast concrete walls.

8.1 Often, I would take the cue from past projects that the same developer had worked on. Thus, since I know what are the standards of Livia condo; one could more or less guess where are the dry walls.

8.2 Except that perhaps; the difference is that nowadays; most walls surrounding toilets even projects by CDL are often solid walls not hollow... (dry-walls?).

8.3 Thus, even for yet to TOP developments like Coco Palms again also by CDL; more or less one would easily second guess which are the dry walls.

9. Attached is a floor plan from the soon to TOP Amore EC.

New condos potential dry walls.png

P.S. OK, this for information only. As this resource was first posted in the year 2016. Where at that time, majority of the developments use solid (reinforced concrete walls). At that time also, HDB flats then use solid walls until the likes of HDB Compassvale Mast BTO.. onwards.

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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 3: Interested a home (landed / HDB / EC / condo) facing South? Best to avoid stove at the NW sector of an apartment = understand this term "Fire at Heaven's Gate"


1. Take extra care when considering purchasing a home facing South.

2. This is because most likely for such a home, the kitchen could either be at NE or NW sector of a home.

3. This unit's stove and sink are exactly on the True NW cardinal point:-


3.1. Fire at Heaven's Gate:

3.2 NW refers to the male head breadwinner's sector. And also refers to luck from heaven. if a stove is located, here, it can affect the male head's career luck. And overall luck of the house.

3.3 Even if the stove and sink were to be switched, the stove would still be located at the True cardinal point of NW:-

4. What happens if the kitchen is at NW?

4.1. In many instances, even if the kitchen is at NW, hopefully we do not encounter a situation similar to the above.

4.2. Especially when the stove is at a true NW cardinal point. However, if the stove is not exactly at this cardinal point; we still need to look at each unit on a case-by-case basis.

5. Understand more why some are more affected by kitchen at NW than others?

5.1 Is it bad luck or a cure or what else??

6. In addition, stove should not face a bedroom entrance:


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 4: Roof lines of Club-house or pavillions and Sha Qi or Poison arrows if aimed towards a unit's opening such as a balcony opening or window(s)

1. For ground floor or lower floors; check the roof-lines of club-house; gazebos etc for poison arrows aimed towards the unit.

2. Especially if it is aimed towards the balcony as this is the hardest to cure. As it is not like one wants to install an external blinds and draw them fully down 24/7.

3. If these "spikes@ are aimed towards a window: "if it cannot be seen or (nearly cannot be seen) no longer becomes a threat, applies". For eg. Day curtains is good enough.


3.1. Location: The Peak @ Balmeg

4. These two photos, below are from Riverbank @ Fernvale.  Do be careful of innocent looking pavilion roof lines and club-house roofings that may or may not "slice" towards a unit's opening such as a balcony or window opening


5. Understand more about “Type 1 and Type 2 External Sha Qi or poison arrows from this development:

6. More poison arrows from roof-lines examples:


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Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 5: Unit Balcony with just Three Panel Sliding Doors. What does this mean?

1. This photo is from The Terrace at Punggol which had just T.O.P.

1.1 Three panel sliding doors at the balcony/PES:-


2. As the size of flats gets smaller and smaller. There is a surge of flats with balconies that are only three (3) panels instead of the more common four (4) panels found in older condos, ECs and even HDB flats.

3. The benefit of 4 panels means that the openings are exactly at the middle. And the panels can slide to each side for ease of entry and exit of the living room/balcony.

4. Not anymore if there are instead three panels.

5. If so, it is thus not possible to have a large sofa or place it too close to the balcony sliding door(s). Plus the TV console or cabinets cannot be too thick or fully cover the sliding door panel on the other side of the sofa location.

6. Thus, this means that one has to seriously consider not only the length of the sofa but also the height of the arm-chair and the width of it. Make sure that it does not block the lock mechanism at the sofa side and vice-versa.

7. Another plus of a four panel sliding door means that often one may still leave ajar or a gap and not fully close the sliding panels. But for a three panel door; often than not the opening is close to the edge of the roof-line. And often, this is the first area where heavy winds and rains may come in.

8. For example: Sol Acres development has similar three (3) panels:-
(Note: This is an acutal photo from The Terrace EC Block 88 ground floor unit PES)


9. More: An added bonus if a unit has an outdoor power socket and water-point.

10. One will only know if there is a water point or outdoor power switch after collection of keys. As often, this is not mentioned in the sales brochure. But an added bonus if your new unit has them:-


10. A Four panels balcony sliding doors. (Location: Bellewaters EC)


10.1 The advantage of this four panel balcony sliding door means that not only the middle two panels can be opened; but also either of the side or corner panels can also be opened. 

10.2 Thus it incorporates the best of both worlds of the three panels with this four panel model.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 6: Where is the drainage point at my unit's balcony? Common sense says that this may determine not only how many potted plants but also where it should be placed!

Question: I have many potted plants. Can I place them at the balcony of my new condo or EC?

1. Nowadays there is only one miserable drainage point at a unit's balcony.

2. This is because in the past, one was used to a large drainage running from one end of the balcony to the other. This has lead to ponding. And mosquito breeding.

3. For this reason, today's regulation allow only a specific drainage point. Many new developments I had recently visited e.g. The Vale at Sengkang, Rivertrees etc.. there is only one drainage point.

4. With this in mind, if one wants to place potted plants or even a water feature: determine where is the drainage point at the balcony.

5. And place these potted plants and (unfortunately) the water feature beside/at these drainage areas.

6. If not, and if one over waters the plants. The excess water has to flow a long distance to the drainage. Sometimes it may just flow across the balcony. Resulting in algae and in time, the balcony becomes slippery and a danger as one may just slip and fall.

7. The illusration on the left shows the drainage design of an older flat. But this has been phased out in new developments. In new developments since 2010 there can only be drainage points (see the right most illustration):-

Balcony drainage.png

8. In the illustration on the right: excess water may cause slime or greenish algae to form and make the entire blcony slippery. And may result in a serious fall. Or need frequent cleaning.

9. In the past, with a large drainage at the balcony stretching from one end to another, many choose to place a decking. And such balconies were prone to ponding and result in mosquito ponding.

10. Today, good news is that new owners don't need to spent money to cover such drainage since it is extinct. 

11. The yellow arrow (below) shows the drainage point:-


12. Common sense says to place potted plants close to the drain. And not too far off. Since excess watering needs to flow to it.

13. Therefore, one can only wait until T.O.P. to collect their keys or managed a sneak peak during construction stage...

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 7: Multiple Air-con Ledges and a look at Reinforced Concrete or RC Ledges

1. Multiple Air-con ledges: Two Air-con ledges: Inz Residence EC and 3-Bedroom Superior and Shapes and Forms Feng Shui

1.1 Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is ideally to avoid purchasing a home with so many air-con ledges.

1.2 This Inz Residence EC 3-Bedroom Superior design has an Air-con ledge at the frontage and another towards the rear of the unit.

1.3 The frontage of the unit is suppose to be a high asset value. And what worse than an air-con compressor spinning and generating noise and heat, here:-

3 bedroom superior.png

1.3 Even with units that has 4 or 5 bedrooms; often their planners still manage to place the air-con compressors at a single ledge.

2. Many RC Ledges:-


2.1 There is a double edged sword with regards to having RC ledges.

2.2 In my opinion, the pluses outweigh the negatives.

2.2.1 This is because with such ledges, more often will encourage a family to leave the windows open (perhaps not fully) but partial. Making the entire home airy all year round.

2.2.2 Of course, Reinforced concrete or simply called RC ledges is not counted as part of the floor area. And often added by the planners for exterior asthetic purposes.

2.3 Bird resting place - magnet:

2.4 Below: iNZ Residence EC with a distinctive frontage full of multiple RC ledges:-


2.5 The only dread is that if the RC ledges are not slanted at an angle like much of the RC ledges found in new and old HDB flats; it simply means birds can perch on them and often leave bird-shit droppings. And can or may be a source of bird-flu or other air-borne viruses.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 8: Mixed Developments: Apartments & Shops + Roof-top aircon cooling fan/towers

1. I feel that one of most over-looked item to note is the roof-top aircon cooling towers of the mall.

2. For example: The Centris condo above Jurong Point.

2.1. Some clients realised that during T.O.P. they realised that their unit which is at a lower storey is in full view of the roof-top aircon cooling towers: Can hear the constant humming noise from the fans of the cooling towers. And on certain days can see the "smoke/moisture" rising from each of the cooling towers.


2.2. The most recent example is Hillion Residences. When a client wanted to purchase a unit, there.

2.3. I have advised my client to check out where is the cooling towers of Hillion Mall. As this is also a mixed-development. In addition to the location of the central rubbish bin etc...


2.4. Especially when the development ages. Hopefully, the cooling towner fans don't become noisier.

2.5. If a unit is too close to the cooling fans; the air-flow good or bad can affect the luck of that unit.

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 9A: Many potential owners of a home especially an apartment has no control over termite infestations (if any).

1. This has more to do with the Managing Agents/MCST's responsibility.

2. Termite infestations are more evident in developments beside a canal / river and reservoir.

1613813468_dampsoilpotentialtermites.thumb.png.7f9eaf7a5d077d2dfddc82c90bb9a1b8.png3. Other know hot-spots include St Michael's estate and Towner Road area. In the past, a bank located at Towner Road had safe-deposit boxes that were also infected by termites...

4. Many developers only provide the standard one year warranty for workmanship + termites proof.

5. In the past, one developer (Goldenhill ...) also cited that some species of termites have wings and can fly towards a property. Drop their wings and attack a home.

6. Thus once, the 1 year warranty is over, it is the responsibility of the owner of a private property to do due diligence.

7. This development: Riverbank condo in Fernvale took to the next level by using seems to what this European company Anticimex claims "a modern pest ontrol system:-

8. Riverbank condo is right at the river bank. Thus will be prone to termite infestations.

9. Case Study of the Lanai condo at Hillview = Termites...


Case Study 9B: In December 2016, a couple moved in to their new flat at Waterway Brooks: Block 678C Punggol Drive.

0113DA2A-E29E-41F9-97E8-D06EC3B67212.thumb.jpeg.0a977984d5dfce6871844eb45bbe66e3.jpeg1. In July 2017 discovered termite infestations in the wooden skirtings of their flat. Finally, HDB suspected that the termite infestations came from their roof garden.

2. In addition due to poor water-proofing, and rain water run-off.. during rainy seasons, the roof leaks...

6EF8598F-1A6C-4DA5-B00B-50395D706D99.thumb.jpeg.b26548e978d38b713f73d2cbd2f8d889.jpeg3. Frankly, not all homes have the above condition. And many are not so unlucky as this couple.

4. Termites is a major concern especially homes are close to a riverbank or canals or waterways such as this.

5. This is because the soil next to this waterway is often damp. And the water in the waterway is not sea or salt water!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 10: Besides purchasing a flat near to a coffee-shop; another consideration is the barbecue pits?

6FBE32A1-8308-4398-9B73-8AED8A3011A4.png1. Even if one’s home is a HDB flat, may also be “affected” by the whiff or smell from a near-by barbecue pit. In this case, from a neighbouring condo development...

2. This is another consideration when I do a Can or cannot buy review of a new development: “You don;t want your whole unit smelling of barbecued sea food & meat especially on a wonderful Friday, Weekends and Public Holidays...

Location: Corporation Drive / Kang Ching Road area
Most likely residents staying close (facing the coffee shop) had appealed to the coffee shop owners to put up the sign....


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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On ‎7‎/‎11‎/‎2017 at 8:04 PM, anything said:

This Rubbish Chute looks well hidden like the rest of the Risers. Any issues with them?  IMG_20170709_103056_HDR_1499654017234.jpgIMG_20170709_103111_HDR.jpg

Dear Master, just curious, comparing the door beside rubbish chute and the other opposite rubbish chute, which one is worse? 

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Case Study 11: Interested in purchasing a unit at the highest floor of the block.

1. One of the main concerns of purchasing the highest floor is the concern of a leaking ceiling.

2. Some are also concerned with the potential heat if there is no proper insulation. 

3. Recently I was doing a can or cannot buy evaluation at a highest floor unit at Parc Palais condo.

4. Both the potential buyer and myself saw what looks like water leak stains in several areas : kitchen and rooms / toilet(s). Here, the water tank is directly above this unit. My client decided not to purchase this unit.

5. Location: Just T.O.P. Buangkok Edgeview roof-TOP unit:-


5.1. The left most round water tank is around this unit’s living room. And the other water tank is above the bedroom(s):


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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Case Study 12A: Lamp posts, pillars, roof-lines and tree trunks



1. Any of the above should not be aimed towards a unit’s opening such as a window or balcony.

2. If aimed towards the living room windows or balcony practically hardest to cure (if any)

2.1. Photo (below): Lamp posts on the roof garden of HDB Multi-storey car par (MSCP) car park.

2.2. HDB's Sales Brochure will indicate how high the MSCP is. Given that there is no standard floors. Some MSCP are 5th storey with a garden at the 6th. Others are 7th storeys etc...


2.3. It is a Sha Qi or poison arrow if such a lamp post slides towards the window of a unit. Especially towards the living room windows.

2.4. If so, it is "harder" to cure. Unlike a bedroom. Where one can "permanently draw-down the day curtain".

2.4.1. Here, if it is not "seen" it is no longer a threat applies.

2.4.2. But it would not be great if we "permanently draw-down the living room's day curtain or night curtain".

3. Please note that this illustration is from an MSCP of a Tampines estate. 

3.1. I chosen it to illustrate Sha Qi or poison arrows of one form or other:

3.2. Possible poison arrow from lamp post if it is aimed towards a neighbouring unit’s windows (if any):


2. Remarkably the lamp post is not the culprit. But the roof line of the MSCP’s roof is:-


Below: Lamp post not a threat. But the MSCP roof-line is a threat, here:-


Sometimes corners of an MSCP may become a potential Sha Qi or poison arrow:


3. Thus be careful of the roof-line of a shelter or pavilion also aimed towards a unit's opening such as a bedroom/living room windows:-


Case Study 12B: Sha Qi or poison arrow from a tree trunk aimed towards a unit's opening.

1. A Sha Qi from a tree trunk is like a vertical knife slicing towards a unit's or several unit's openings.

2. Just imagine this: If a car was say to slam into this tree. And if the tree trunk is as thick or thicker than this two examples; where supposely the car splits into two.

2.1. Then this is a Sha Qi.

2.2. The above illustration is imaginery. But gives a general idea that one should consider the thickness / hardness of the tree trunk.

2.3. For example, if the tree trunk is from a young papaya tree; some effort and the tree trunk topples. If so, there is no concern from this. LOL.

3. In this example, the Palm tree's trunk is aimed towards a unit's balcony/balcony panel:-


3.1. When Ecopolitan Just T.O.P. 

4. Photo (Below). Another photo of another unit at Ecopolitan:-


4.1. When this palm tree matures, and as the trunk gets taller and taller.

4.2. 2nd, 3rd, 4th storeys etc.. may be affected by this Sha Qi.

5. Unfortunately, there is no way one could find out where the landscapers would place each tree in a under construction development..

5.1. Often, one only finds out often too late during key collection.

5.2. If aimed at a living Cum dining room balcony open; then it is more difficult to cure. Vs it aimed towards a bedroom window. Here drawing the day current "permanently" is a possible cure.

6. If in doubt or to avoid the above, do skip these units. (Where possible).



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 13: EC/condo has a Spice Garden

1. With the requirement of weekly fogging to prevent mosquito breeding, herbs or spices planted in a condominium cannot be eaten.


2. Photo (Below) Location : Prive EC.. no more herbs.. just regular shrubs planted where the spices were suppose to be.


2.1 Even if herbs or spices are available: the maxim - see but not eat applies, here


P.S. Often, for smaller developments or enclosed areas, here goes the Swimming pool... many need time for the filter in the pool to do it’s job.

3. More... 

3.1. The Sales Agent at this new development are so proud of a Gardeners’ Cabin...some more...


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 14A: Shapes and Forms Feng Shui consider sharp pointed roof-lines slicing into a unit's opening such as a window or balcony unfavouable.

Photo (Below) Location: Club-house at Riverfront Residences @ Hougang. (Development launched in 2018)


1. If the pointed edge of the roof-line is aimed towards a unit's window(s) or balcony, this is considered as a Sha Qi or poison arrow.

2. Sometimes, landscaping with certain trees can help. But it also depends on whether the tree has a tree trunk and leaves if any.

3. Oh dear! If the tree especially palm trees which has a single trunk.

3.1. If the tree's trunk is aimed towards a unit's opening, this is unfortunately another type of Sha Qi: if it slices into a unit's opening. 

3.2. If one's unit is facing the club-house, best to avoid a unit (depending) on the height of the club-house roof-line!

3.2.1. If in doubt, chose a higher floor. Often 5th storeys or higher in general should clear the roof-line. Fingers-crossed.

3.2.2. Often the showroom's model of the development is quite accurate. Thus, go and take as many photos and or figure out which level, the roof-line is aiming into.

4. If in doubt, skip or avoid a unit at that specific stack.

Case Study 14B: Staggered block/stack layout can result in potential sharp corners (poison arrows). Location: HDB Fernvale Vines

1. How do I know if my unit is affected by a poison arrow?FERNVALE VINES AND POISON ARROWS.png

1.1. From the site plan, one can only roughly estimate the probability of a potential poison arrow.

1.2. What is more important is that if the sharp corner is not aimed towards an opening such as a window then it is a non-issue. 

2. Above. For Block 466B stack 502 between storeys 1 to 7 = can be affected by the sharp corner of the MSCP aimed towards perhaps a bedroom opening.

[Reference: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/17081-hdb-fernvale-vines-bto-launched-in-february-2019-an-in-depth-understanding-on-main-doors-facing-each-other-inauspicious-true-or-false-by-understanding-this-we-can-apply-elsewhere/]

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

65B065CE-6682-484E-8460-97F560445EDC.thumb.jpeg.6f7672cd37693fe525fcc7da850ac336.jpegCase Study 15A: A recent development is the use of the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) in some developments: ECs/condos and even some new HDB BTOs.

1. In my opinion, Hong Leong /CDL seems to be an early adopter of this Pneumatic Waste Collection System in many of their new developments.

1.1. For example, when The Venue (a CDL project) had just T.O.P.

1.2. This signage was displayed at the common bin. There are like Twelve (12) cautionary: what not to:-


1.2. There was a cautionary sign with lots of Don'ts.

1.3 A while back at The Criterion also by CDL. This notice (User guide) was displayed at the common bin area:-


1.4. Hopefully, the residents may come to terms to avoid doing all these...

1.5. If managed properly, one can understand the savings in terms of maintenance costs (if any)... and good for the daily Cleaners.

2. Presently not all other Developers follow this lead. Thus with the manual system, although there are occasional issues; but less so.

Case Study 15B: Plight of residents of HDB Yuhua BTO which was installed also with the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS).

1. As expected. It takes just one or two inconsiderate residents to make a mess of this system...

2. Imagine 4 years and more of tolerance.... 

Source and Credit as shown in the two snapshot:-


Extracts from the above article:

3. Persistent odour

3.1. Foul smell exuding from the centralised bin centre at Blk 223A of Jurong East Street 21 has been a persistent problem in Yuhua since the PWCS started.

3.2. According to a recent report from the Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, residents have been bearing with the smelly environment for the past four years.

3.3. Some residents also revealed that some people throw bulky items such as large soft toys, cardboards and mattresses, which choke up the pipe network.

3.4. This worsens the foul smell in the area and the cleaners will have to manually take the items out.

3.5. The adoption of technology is laudable, but the success of this new system also depends on the users to be mindful of what they disposed of.

4. Every development with a Pneumatic PWCS most certainly has a headache...Be it a high end estate or public housing...

Reflections at Keppel with a high percentage of PRs and expatriates...


HDB Northshore Residences I & II.. locals & PRs


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 16: For ground floor units, it is a good idea to find out what other facilities is facing the potential unit.

1. For  example a look at the development scale model, in this instance shows a wall blocking the unit's view living room view.


2. Armed with this information, then the purchaser can decide whether is it worthwhile to buy this unit.

3. Don’t buy then later when collect keys then, OOPS! Huh? Why like this? Sorry, already too late!

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 17: Buying a condo unit in a mixed development?

523318838_vrf-outdoor-coolingtower.jpg.8a40fae55e34acc4f6e84ffac96ab6da.jpg1. Do check with your Agent to find out for you where is the Shopping Mall's Roof-air-con cooling towers.

2. The roof of the Shopping Mall is often actually within or nearby to the common facilities or near a block/stack of the condo.

3. Although often the cooling towers are turned on only during shopping mall hours.. and not 24/7. Still, the air and often the fans are working.. and may emit noise....

4. Avoid an unexpected shock on key-collection to find out the not one but several banks of these VRF outdoor cooling towers is just beside your unit... 

5. Furthermore, the older the development gets... don't dream that the MCST or development will change these VRFs. 

6. Saw this ad: Toshiba VRF cooling towers.

7. Quite bulky even for a medium sized VRF unit:-


P.S.  VRF stands for Variable refrigerant flow. Invented by Daikin https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variable_refrigerant_flow

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 18A: Good intelligence fact finding by client who wants to buy a potential unit at The Tre Ver.

"for tre ver. it is facing the work waters. I am worried if it is ok for health."

Sometimes, such information may not appear on a street map.


Case Study 18B: I always thought HDB's Sales Brochures are very thorough and very detailed and careful. Or rather a tad kiasu especially with their advice. But I was wrong, this time...round...

HDB forgot to add this line in RED:-


Hey! HDB, you forgot this... "Applicants are also encouraged to try out Sengkang West LRT before booking a flat." [Implied clue = During peak-hours to really get a feel]

Since you want to be kiasu.. be more detailed, lah! LOL

In addition. If HDB portrays or adopt a more "KIASEE" approach should also include:  "Applicants are also encouraged to try out Sengkang West LRT & the Circle line before booking a flat during peak-hours."

Why Circle line? For some, this is one of their life-lines... Got it? Get it? Another LOL, here.

Hey! You failed to mentioned about the NE line? Are there any secrets?

Many residents at Sengkang and even Buangkok learned the “trick, here”. Take the opposite train to Punggol, seated, and onwards to their journeys! LOL

This is what had happened at Pasir Ris, Tampines and even Simei! Got it?

[Note: Extracts above from HDB Fernvale Vine BTO review at Geomancy.net]

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 18: Staying in a unit directly above the domestic transfer water tank & pump room.

1. For re-sale flats, it is easy to spot such units.

1.1. Usually it is a 2nd storey unit directly above this pump room.

1.2. For under construction HDB flats, hopefully the Sales Brochure site plan would highlight this. (Unfortunately, I have not come across this information on many or all of their site plans).

1.3. Instead HDB do highlight the Electrical Sub-Station (ESS) and Consumer Electric Room). These are fortunately in a separate 1 storey building within the development.

1.4. The same cannot be said for condos especially private condos. Where I often see the development's smaller capacity e.g. 45KV directly below a unit in the development. So look out for this!

Open this link to hear the sound of these working pumps...



Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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  • Staff

Case Study 20: 7 Commandments of Stove Placement

1. Understand that this may be out of one's control.

1.1. As it is not like one can built the home from scratch.

1.2. Most of us may still have a choice in the selection.

1.3 For example, I am sure that not all stacks/units has a kitchen/stove at the inauspicious NW = Fire at Heaven's Gate. (Do check out: Case Study 3.)

The 7 Commandements of Stove Placement:-

1. Shield from vibrant wind. Avoid having a big window behind the stove.
2. Do not place next to sink. If you have to leave a gap or distance between the two.
3. The stove should not face the main door, a toilet door, a bedroom door and the kitchen door.
4. The stove should not be under a beam or below sewerage or drainage pipes.
5. Do not place it in a corner.
6. It should not share the same wall as the toilet bowl or toilet sink.

More advice:

On the location of the kitchen and stove:
- Avoid placement in the North which is associated with the water element: water drowns fire
- Avoid placement in the Northwest or Heaven's gate as it also represents the head of the house, that is, the father.

On the location of the fridge and sink:
- Avoid placing them next to the stove as this can cause a conflict of water versus fire.

- Avoid a fridge with a water/ice dispenser unit directly facing the stove
- Avoid a wine cooler-fridge facing the stove. As often it's door is made of glass and the wine bottles placed within it clashes with fire.
- Avoid a front-loading washing machine which has a glass pot-hole: directly facing the stove.


Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.Net
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