Finding a Suitable House for your Family with House Hunting Service

Floorplan Review Services

1. About this popular service

" A good home is very important. Why discover that your home has problem after you bought it when you can avoid it before buying the house? "
- Master Cecil Lee

2. What can this service help you?

2.1 Check for any Feng Shui Flaws :-

 Toilet in Center of House
 C'hi (Qi) Leak
 Missing Corner
 Suitability to Family
 Wealth collection potential

3. Information Needed from you

 Layout / Floor Plan of your home
 North / South direction marking on the layout plan
 Name, Gender, Date & Time of Birth of Family members going to stay in that house
 Indentify who is the Breadwinner for the family
 Contact Number (if in Singapore)
 Full Address (Unit Number, Block Number etc)
 Map view of the layout (ie in Singapore use
 Highlight the block which your unit is located clearly on the map view so that we can see exactly where it is located on the map.
 Year house was built
 Brand New or Resell House
 Any Renovations done to existing house or do you plan to do renovations after you move in.
 Any additional information you want to provide.

Download House Hunting Information Form [ .DOC / .PDF ]

4. Key Features

 Leave it our Expert (Fax / E-mail / optional Onsite Visit)
 Review Floorplans by Fax or E-mail to see if there are any flaws or problems (Does not include any review for corrections or proposed best layout placement. etc)
 100% Done by Master Cecil Lee

NOTE: Service completion time depends on when you provide all the required information. ie if all information is provided on 1 Jan 2003, and you obtain 24HRS service, you can expect to receive the analysis on 2 Jan 2003.

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To avoid delay, please e-mail or fax us the information required as soon as you have purchased the service.

Package 1

Get your Layout Plan checked within 1 Week (7 days).

Package 2

Get your Layout Plan checked within 96HRS (4 days).

Package 3

Get your Layout Plan checked within 24HRS (1 day).

Package 4

Get us to personally go down to the house to evaluate.

Service Only available for Houses located in Singapore

Request for Custom Quote

For any custom quote or services not available, please e-mail or call us at (65) 9785-3171.


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