What are Charms?


Picture showing a portrait of Chang T'ien Shih is placed
on a wall to protect the home. 

1. It is interesting to note that Chinese practise using charms for various reasons. Charms is not directly related to Feng Shui. But rather `protection/shields/cures' originating from the Ancient Chinese Alamanac.

2. Charms are written on yellow paper or very thin paper. Some charms are written on red paper.

3. Below are samples of charms used for various reasons:-

3.1 This charm is used to protect a house against evil influences. It is written on red paper and stick on a wall:-

3.2 This charm is used to purify a well. It is written on yellow paper, burned and the ashes thrown into the well:- 

3.3 If a person has a fever (alternate hot and cold) and the illness gets worse, burn the paper, put the ashes into the water and drink it. Alternatively, carry the charm in a pocket or hang it round the neck with a string:-

3.4 This charm is used to place at the part of the house where one feels of a strange feeling or bad vibes:- 

3.5 According to the ancient alamanac, this charm is used to protect a pregnant lady by burning the charm and drinking the charm in a glass of cold water:- 

3.6 This charm is good for eye ailments and abdominal pains. Burn it and put the ashes in a glass of cold water. For the eyes, use the water to `bathe' the eyes. For abdominal pains, drink the water:-

4. These two charms are to `protect' the mother and child during foetus development:-

5. Charms are not widely used today especially the charm for the `well' as wells are now very rare and many calligaphers no longer know how to write these charms. Of course, one can print it out but would it be as effective as written ones? Well, your guess is as good as mine:)

6. An amulet with the eight trigrams with an inscription `May you have good fortune like the Eastern Ocean and long life like the mountain of the South':-

Please note that the author does not suggest that you use any of the above charms. But rather think of it as `educational' or a glimse of ancient Chinese culture i.e. the use of charms. Please do not try it.
The author does not personally use any of the above charms. Neither is he to be held responsible for any wrong use of the charms.
I repeat: "Charms are not part of Feng Shui practise."




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