2002 (HORSE) Forecast
12 Feb 2002 to 31 Jan 2003

General Info

A Horse person is generally popular and is the heart and soul of every party.

In ancient China, the Horse symbolizes freedom and a distinguished career.

Hardworking, adventurous, fast, cheerful, popular and confident. They are lively, cheerful and sociable.

A Horse person is elegant, independent, lovest to travel. They make friends easily, helpful and loyal. They are not petty.

Horses are clever but not eaxtly intelligent and good at promoting grand ideas. They are constantly on the move and enjoys experimenting with new things or meeting new people.

Quick tempered but their heart is in the right place. Likes to take centrestage. They are also impatient, takes little advice from others. Horses are only concerned with their own freedom and do not consider other people's needs.

They are also have swings of moods and thus become inconsistent, talks too much and cannot keep secrets.

Horses tend to rush others but unable to keep to their schedules, implusive and stubborn.

Order of Animals: 7th
Hour ruled by Horse: 7th Hour, 11.00 am to 12.59 am
Month: 7th Moon
Year: 1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990
Season: Mid Summer
Direction: South
Western Zodiac: Gemini
Ruling Planet: Mecury
Lucky Gemstone: Beryl
Force: Yang
Famous Personalities: Barbra Streisand (Water-Horse), Lenin (Metal-Horse),
Nelson Mandela (Earth-Horse)
Career: Generally will do well in the chosen career. Own business, Public
Relations, Tourism and Commerce.
Romance: Make good friends and lovers but because they enjoy freedom and are
strongheaded, relationships will not be long-lasting. Tend to marry young
and divorce young.

Favourable for

Weak Fire, Weak Earth, Strong Wood, Strong Metal & Strong Water. This year is particularly good for Strong Water person as this is considered a Wealth Year.

Unfavourable for

Strong Earth, Strong Fire, Weak Wood, Weak Metal, & Weak Water. This year may see difficulties for particularly Weak Water person.

Favourable Combinations

Persons born in the year of:-



Very favourable for people belonging to any of the above Chinese Animal Sign. As they can get along well with each other.

This means that TIGER & HORSE, PIG & HORSE, SNAKE & HORSE, GOAT & HORSE can get together quite well. Excellent Combinations are TIGER-HORSE-PIG and SNAKE-HORSE-GOAT.

Unfavourable Combinations (Clashes & Harms)

People born in the year of RAT & OX will face difficulties in this year.

RAT (yang Water clashes with yang Fire) while OX (yin Earth harms yang Fire).

Year 2002 Flying Star Analysis


















Sickness and Misfortune Sectors

This year the sickness star has moved to SOUTH and the misfortune star has moved to the EAST. Take extra precaution at the SOUTH and EAST sectors.

Disputes and Lawsuits Sectors

The presence of the Dispute and Lawsuit Stars in the North & West.

Cures or Remedies

Cures in the sectors are Metal (ie. 6 Coins tied with red string). However, cures should be used only when you have consulted the 20-year flying star chart together with the yearly chart. It should not be applied independently.

Grand Duke 2002

Position of Grand Duke: South 180 Degree
Location in Conflict: North

As far as possible try to avoid disturbing the grand duke by doing any renovations in the South that is along the 180 degrees.

Wishing you all the very best in the Horse year.

Warmest Regards,


Robert & Cecil Lee



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