Payment method

Besides online secure payment via Credit Card, we also accept payment via the following options.

  • Bank Draft (for international clients)
  • Money Order

Instructions: Follow the online secure payment system by selecting the various products you wish to purchase, before it proceeds to making the online secure payment, it will provide you an option to pay via Bank Draft or Money Order.

All you need to do is print out that page with the list of items you have selected plus the account name.

Otherwise, you need to list down the following on a separate piece of paper with the following details.

  • My Account Name (eg.
  • List of Items you wish to purchase
  • Total amount in US dollar value

Make the Money Order or Bank Draft payable to Dyn Pte Ltd.

Send your details and Money Order or Bank Draft to the following address:

    Dyn Pte Ltd
    83 Duku Road #01-02
    Singapore 429247

As soon as we receive your payment, we will credit the paid credits into your account and e-mail you of the status.

Ask a question?

Call us at (65) 9785-3171
or drop us an e-mail at

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