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Feng Shui for Children

It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with the following topics before reading this material:-

All parents aspire their children to grow up strong, healthy and intelligent. Feng Shui for children is no different from an adult:-

1. Use the 8 House Theory to find the best room for the child and the best location for the bed and study table.

2. The room should have more Yang influence (or lots of energy). Symbolic Yang influence includes:-

    a. Pin-ups or posters on the wall;
    b. Bright or colourfully painted walls;
    b. Hi-fi sets, TV or radio;
    c. Colourful bed sheets or bed spreads.

3. Look out for the following `dangers':-

    a. Overhead beams above the child's bed or study table.
    b. Poison arrows in the shape of book shelfs, sharp edge that points to the child's bed.

Illustration 4

4. Do not locate the children's room in the centre of the house or at the back of the kitchen.

5. Avoid displaying sharp objects e.g. swords, toys related to war themes or stuffed animals on the wall.

6. Ideal to have a square or rectangle room for children. Avoid rooms with an odd shaped rooms.

7. The following locations even if it is confined to a child's room is particularly auspicious for placing the child's bed or study table:-

    North - Middle son
    North-East - Youngest son
    East - Eldest son
    South-East - Eldest daughter
    South - Middle daughter
    West - Youngest daughter


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