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Quite a good Compass

View 1: Showing the top view of the compass

Quite a good compass

Brand: SUUNTO, Made in Finland

View 2: Showing a `slanted view. Did you notice the lens on the side of the compass? 

Quite a good compass

View 3: Showing the side view where there is a lens. If you look into the lens, you will see the exact compass degree of any direction.

Quite a good compass

Please note that I am in no way connected with the company but have enjoyed using this particular brand of compass as the compass has good mass and easy to use.

If I am not mistaken, the one have comes in a black plastic protective cover. Cost approximately US$100 or less. There ia another model that comes in aluminium die cast body. I think this one costs more. Maybe US$150 (not sure the price).

Where to buy? Hmm.. good question. I found their website at www.sunnto.fi for precision compass. Besides this, they also have a range of less expensive field compasses.


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