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Q1: Our house is facing NE and the breadwinner is also NE. Without using the compass, can I follow the 8 house theory based on NE?

Yes, you can use the 8 house theory by determining the direction of the most suitable house from your date of birth. However, please note that the Eight House does not consider time factor which is why it is only able to determine a general direction for each person. In order to know the actual feng shui that affects the current year, you need to apply the flying star theory.

Q2: NE house is Earth element but our roof is slightly pointed (Fire or Wood Element?), how should I correlate one from the other?

It is actually common to have the roofs that have a bit of wood or fire elements, but the main consideration is the main entrance. For example, if your main entrance is at the north, the house element is a Water house.

Q3: What is its significance of the 8 house theory and 5 elements of cure?

The 5 element cures is useful for determining the cures for a particular element type. The 8 house will only show you the 4 good and 4 bad directions ..

Our office is in the ground floor, left side of our split-level house (garage section converted into office by the previous owners). The office entrance door is in left wall side of the house. Should I consider the office a separate part of the house.which means another 8 house theory since the door no longer faces NE and work the cures from there?

No, you should consider it as the main house.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999

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