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Choice of Site

The Rule of  Thumb in choosing a site
either for dwelling or burial site

The best shapes of land  are either square or rectangular. The following plot of land are acceptable:-

A graphic illustration of best shapes of land

Avoid irregular shaped plot of land as it can affect fortune and health. Do avoid land  especially with many corners or triangle shaped:-

A graphic illustration of unfavourable shapes of land

In general, there are  several rules of thumb to assess a site. Some of these are:

1. The front portion of  the plot of land should be lower than the back. The back should preferably face a hill, mountain or higher ground. This forms a  `protective' barrier for the back. The front should preferably be facing a pool of water e.g. swimming pool, a serene lake or slow flowing river but not a pool of stagnant water or a well. As a well is thought to harbour `spirits'.

2. Site must have good drainage, dry and with clean top-soil. I once remembered renting a  house at Saint Michael's Estate, Singapore: The house was `damp' as it was near a canal and it was infested with termites!

3. The site have a `perfect' natural scenery where the front should face the sea, valley or lower ground with a fairly good view in front and slightly  elevated ground at the back. Many old Chinese Temples in Singapore  are located on a hill overlooking the sea.


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