• Certificate listed here are for students between Jan 1999 to Jan 2002 (batch certificates).
  • Certificates from Feb 2002 onwards are no longer updated here automatically. We are not planning to be updating this static web certificate site anymore.
  • All new web certificates after Feb 2002 are issued on request only.
    An example: Web Certificate for a student Long Thao in 2005
    • The old system we use to prepare this was very tedious to re-update everytime new additions are made.
    • In addition, the new certificates design is different from the old web certificates. So the certificates listed here is only good for these students which is why this site is still available but not updated anymore.
    • The new certificates after Feb 2002 are in a different format. ie a full graphic is saved for each new student. However, until we have a dynamic system that can make future update easily, no more updates is planned for this site.
  • At this point, we will be focusing on preparing the print certificates and supporting the students by answering their questions/queries.
  • So no more updates planned for this student site. Web certificates will be available by request only.
Webmaster - Feb 2002

Certificates in 2002

Course Tutor

Master Cecil Lee,
Geomancy University

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