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1. It is expected that you should already know some basic Feng Shui concepts before reading these " Photo Tours ".

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Tour 2: Buildings


The architect of this housing unit cleverly avoided a `T' junction by siting the house away from the `T' junction. Only the main gate directly faces the `T' junction.


The architect of this housing unit also cleverly avoided a road facing the entire building. Notice that only the dustbin area faces the road junction.


It is inauspicious to have a building sloping towards the sea. This means that whatever wealth owned will be `washed' to the sea. Picture one show a side profile of the building. Notice the sloping building as `highlighted in red'. Picture 2 and 3 are other profiles of the same building.



The building project (see below) uses many pointed roofs. The buildings are of the `fire' element. The shapes of the roofs are neither auspicious or inauspicous. One future worry is the repairs needed for `leaking' roofs since there are so many of such mini roofs:-



The building (see below) is `rounded' and  is considered a `water' element building:-









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