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Harmonious Design Tool using The Pakua Template

Under Construction, please check back later

It is recommended you read the topic on the Eight Trigrams and The Pakua first.

The Pakua is commonly known as `Bagua' or `The Eight Trigram'. It is an octagon shaped amulet divided into eight sections. The Pakua `represents' the entire family e.g. Father, Mother, Elder son, Elder daughter etc.. Perhaps this is why with the `family component' the Pakua is `so powerful! The reflective pakua is said to drive away evil spirts and avert misfortunes.

The Pakua Template can be used to design the following:-

1. The arrangement of furniture in the living room.

2. The design of a garden, swimming pool and fish pond.

3. Use your imagination to apply the Pakua Template in thousands of ways!

I will show some graphical examples on the application of the Pakua later on when I enhance this page.

Maybe we can start a design center using the Pakua Template as a theme? Well it's a possibility:)


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