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Good and Bad Locations

The direction which the main door faces is regarded as the orientation of the house as a whole. The house is `divided' into eight sectors. Each sector has a good or bad location.




Suitable for


Very Good: Prime location, ideal for vitality.

Front door, beds and religious altars.


Good: The Best location. Money, luck and promotion.

Room doors, kitchen door, beds, working desks.


Good: Ideal for health.

Beds, bedrooms and dining table.


Good: Ideal situation for speedy recovery.

Beds, doors, master bedroom and the dining table.


Bad: Petty annoyances, disease, headaches, theft and infidelity.

Toilet or kitchen.


Bad: Uneasy, theft, robbery and financial loss.

Storeroom or toilet.


Bad: Quarrels, frustration, disputes and legal problems.

Storeroom or toilet.


Bad: Poor health, accidents, misfortune and loss.

Storeroom or toilet.


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