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Eight House concept

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On 22/11/2013 at 11:11 PM, Cecil Lee said:


Someone posted this enquiry:-
" Thanks for your kind help.

May I also know like all my living hall and 3 bedrooms windows are all facing the same directions South, does that mean the house of the facing are towards south and my back support will be North?

Thanks and regards,

A...... "



Dear A,



1. It depends. Usually, if you may not often leave the main door open (when at home) or when you approach a home and the area around the main door is dim; then most likely, the FACING direction in this example is "South" and not "North (assuming main door is here).



2. Safest is if not sure at the moment; stand inside the living room looking out of the windows or balcony area.



3. What is most important fundamentally; here is that why we determine the facing direction is chiefly for the purpose of calculating the Flying Star of a home. And this is the root of it all.



4. As mentioned in my link; a main door can join each stack to whatever the architect wants all stacks to be "glued" together.



5. Anyway, if the house is a North - South or South - North it still is considered better or best for an East group person.




Hi Cecil, for west clan group who is interested in a N2 facing house. Is it still possible? How to make it better if I still wish to purchase a East facing house? 

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