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  2. Hi Cecil, My sister would like to consult you for her apartment at [hidden] Road. Can I pass your contact info to her (hidden)? Also my other friend after he moves into [hidden] mid-October. Thanks Thank you, Cecil. We appreciate just very much. You take care, too.
  3. Case Study 7A: Front Loading Washing Machine facing Stove & Oven? Under the Five Elements Concept, this is a clash of FIRE (stove / oven) with WATER (Front Loader) Fair enough, you say you provide good cross ventilation. But this layout isn't luxurious living / dining spaces. They are only just adequate or standard provisions of any normal 3 bedrooms. Not even close to DELUXE. Hey! Front Loading Washing Machine with glass bubble + water facing stove and oven. Case Study 7B: The word GRAND in the eyes of the FRENCH? This is a call-out on the above " Luxurious living/dining spaces." - Perhaps this is the reason why the developer CDL & MCL decided to call it Copen GRAND? In Hokkien the term is " HAO LIAN" = Blowing Trumpet or Hot Air. In army this is "Throwing smoke". LOL While Mike Wolfe of American Pickers reality television series often uses this term: "Throwing mud and hopes it sticks on the wall." LOL LOL I bet you did not know this! Often, I am always very curious to find out a certain word... General Knowledge: What does GRAND mean in French? 1. Sengkang GRAND Residences, Piermont GRAND & Whistler GRAND? All these three developments; CDL (a subsidiary of Hong Leong) has a hand in it. 2. While the English meaning of GRAND could also mean Luxurious or Luxury. 3. The French has a totally different meaning all together. 3.1. The adjective for GRAND in French is: Great, large, big, wide, high. 3.2. In the past, Renault has two versions of their Scenic. The larger 7-seater version was called GRAND Scenic. 3.2.1. This simply means that their GRAND model is larger, bigger, wider than the standard model. LOL Nothing to do with Grandeur.. LOL LOL 3.2.2. Citroen also calls their larger model GRAND C4 Picasso 7 Seater. 3.2.3. This is more of a French thing... 3.3. Thus if we use French, don't you think that the development's title can be misleading? 4. This is because, nowadays most floor plans are much smaller. And cannot be compared to a home built in the 1970's to 1980's. LOL 5. If one is a "French man" can perhaps go claim that the advert and the actual development's name is totally misleading.. 6. Luckily, other than our mother tongue... Singapore... is inclined towards British English... not French.. LOL P.S. Next time, if you do invite a French man to your new home... do relate this interesting fact to them... Also, I used to own a Renault Grand Scenic that is why I am pretty familiar with this word.. LOL Extracted from this previous article Case Study 7C: How come GRAND but both the SHOWERS are kinda small? Therefore, I would have hoped that the developers x 2 CDL & MCL should have been modest enough to call it e.g. Copen Residences right. What is more important is one's UNIT, first and foremost. External facilities are secondary + they are pretty standard as most other ECs. LOL
  4. Case Study 6: Falls under Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui Estimated Completion date is 31 December 2027 or under Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui
  5. Case Study 5: The Three Clubhouses +Three Mixed Agendas! Agenda 1: Hey! We love peace and quiet! And anything to do with KIDS activities is a no-no for us! Agenda 2: Three Clubhouses? WIll it be expensive to maintain? What is the monthly (quarterly = monthly x 3) maintenance costs? Agenda 3: Let's avoid low floors especially anywhere near to the public toilets at the clubhouse - if any!
  6. In my opinion such questions are highly subjective given that homes today are perhaps one’s biggest purchases. Realistically, what one should fear most is the burning of offerings. Cannot imagine finding such incense and burning of offerings smell permeating into one’s lovely home. Ostensibly, perhaps higher floor’s preferred, here. Even if a Feng Shui Master say no issue, what is there to stop others from showing their concerns or simply ignore such a unit. Especially if it is time for selling such a unit. (Overall, the compass bearings vs this temple is not an issue unlike some previous examples found under this forum.) For example, you had already voiced this out today. What about future potential buyers. Fortunately the larger Hong Sian Keng Temple is quite a distance and definitely out of sight for 908 (Hopefully out of burning fumes also - Refer to the below article on Jin Fu Gong temple) Ultimately, this is your personal stake, so do your weightage during your purchase considerations. Related: Jin Fu Gong Temple with large numbers of cauldrons or receptacles for the burning of offerings… Related: Melody Spring BTO and Devil’s Gate
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  8. Hi sir, stack 43 (block 908) high floor unit can buy? i realised opposite the shop houses on the left there is a temple….
  9. Case Study 4: Time for Sale - Lelong, lelong? Financial Future Proof of One's home? #01-44, #14-44, #01-14, #01-04 etc... The maxim "One man's meat is another man's poison" Unfortunately, sometimes we may be neutral to our unit number. But in the future, a potential buyer might not feel at ease with say #01-44 or #14-44. Thus no amount of "coercion" may make someone else want to buy that unit. Worse, LOW BALL YOU.
  10. Cecil Lee says: " Proper Feng Shui is not like throwing mud on a wall and hopes that it sticks. "
  11. Sample of a Proper Traditional Feng Shui Diagnostic Applying: 1. Eight House Concept - Good to find out which sector is favourable, best bed-head and who sleeps where. 2. Flying Star Feng Shui - For eg. at SE sector = [5] & [2] - Sickness or illness. Stomach, hands and legs injuries. and 3. Ba Zi Feng Shui - Recommended colours and colours to avoid e.g. at SE = Avoid: BRIGHT YELLOW AND WARM WHITE LIGHTS ELSE CAN FALL SICK (Below) Binding Element: Ba Zi Feng Shui Once map out, proper and precise cure(s) and enhancements can be consdiered.
  12. Frankly, the main Feng Shui tool is to map out the Flying Star of the home + one's Ba Zi element e.g. Strong Water? etc... And with this information, one can specifically use the proper cure - if any. However, based on what you wrote, one can only provide rudimentary advice based on the Five Elements Concept. Here, if say there is "too much water", under this Five Elements concept: "WOOD element is often a consideration. Excluding the Ba Zi consideration. Thus due to the limited information, take the above "cure" as a pinch of salt.
  13. Case Study 3: What's in a Name? COPEN is a valid scrabble word! First Search found COPEN Daihatsu car! A Japanese-based car company which is 2 door convertible first introduced in 1999. Source and Credit: Google.com Search Definition of copen : a variable color averaging a moderate blue that is redder, lighter, and stronger than pompadour, bluebird, azurite blue, or Dresden blue and greener, lighter, and stronger than luster blue. Copen Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster https://www.merriam-webster.com › dictionary › copen Source and Credit: Google.com Search https://www.howtopronounce.com/copen
  14. Revisited Skyline I on 23 September 2022 The iconic rounded disc shaped seat…the most recent copy cat is at Tampines Greenview…
  15. Case Study 2: Is the Copen Grand Sales Brochure Useful? Don't end up with a surprise like this! [Note: Above Not from Copen Grand) For example, it is a reminder to ask for the block plan showing where the common bin lobby / bins are located!
  16. Case Study 1: A triangular plot of land. Any concerns? The planners did a fairly good job with the block layout: Orderly (pleasing to the eye) and functional: FAVOURABLE QI FLOW WITHIN THE PLOT More pronounced outline: Good Shapes and Forms Planning: Especially thought went into circulation + greenery Learn more:
  17. I heard that the water element is bad to have in the bedroom recently and it made me think. I have a couple as upstairs neighbours in my ensuite apartment who constantly shower several times a day so I constantly hear the sound of running water in my bedroom. At first I didn't think much of it but they have been living there more than two years now and over time I have been feeling more tired and low on energy and generally apathetic like the life force is being drained out of me. I wasn't like that before they moved in. Is there anything I can do feng shui wise to counteract negative water energy in my bedroom.
  18. Heard a recent Gossip? HDB Chief Planner: "Sir, it will cost us a bomb to plan a development on a triangular plot of land. As you can see we were mostly given rectangular plot." (As the HDB Planner is the boss favourite) HDB Boss says: "No worries, I will tell my buddy, buddy at SLA to DUMP this plot for PRIVATE SALE!" HDB Chief Planner: "Thank you UNCLE!" Now you know how the site became an EC called Copen Grand! A Classic case of Civil Servants TAI-CHI at work? LOL To be fair, in my opinion, there are far worse-off sites: Blossom Residences EC at Segar, Ecopolitan (Punggol) & Bellewaters EC (Anchorvale - Sengkang) which have an expressway as their companion. Copen Grand, slightly out of the way but flanked by two new u/c MRT stations. P.S. Please note that above is not real - No such conversations ever exists. Please don't PERFOMA me will do.
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  20. Quote: Every few weeks, I see people either locked in or locked out due to faulty smart locks. Just want to remind people to only get smart locks that has a mechanical override at ALL COST - meaning that you still can open it with a key. You don’t want to be stuck outside after a long day outside at 11pm, end up calling up a locksmith who would reluctantly arrive only 2 hours later and charge you $500 to open it because you are desperate. Or taken hostage at home with a door that won’t open. Even those with a emergency charging port, may not help because it may not be a battery issue. Source and Credit of the above extract:
  21. Or it should be the other way around? Black stout disguised as Carlsberg “black?” Is there such a Carlsberg beer?
  22. 1. Frankly, not perfect but the overall development is in an orderly neat arrangement with parallel service roads. This is a plus. 2. The house is in a favourable rectangular profile. Thus as mentioned is not perfect but in my opinion not a fatal error.
  23. Hi Master Lee, may I check with u, would it be ok if we swop our sink & stove position? Thank you Bad choice: 1. Above the current sink are wonderful waste pipe of #07-9xx where their sink deposits .. gold... sludge directly above it. This means that the stove will be directly below this lovely waste pipes. Hopefully can add substance and food can taste better. 2. Common sense says no to a stove with it's backing with windows.
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