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  2. 1. Does NW = Fire@Heaven's Gate affects everyone? HDB Toa Payoh Kim Keat Beacon BTO launched in May 2018 + indepth understanding of Kitchen at NW = Fire@Heaven's Gate. Affects everyone? - Singapore Property Review - FengShui.Geomancy.Net 2. The impact is greatest if the stove is directly on the NW cardinal point. 3. It is harder to cure if the stove is directly on the NW cardinal point as shown by this magnified image (below):- 3.1. This is the full Off-site house hunting report:- 3.2. Note: Above is an extract sample from a condo unit that will almost T.O.
  3. Hi Master Cecil, I read that it's not ideal for kitchen to be in the north-west direction as it means fire at the heaven's gate & is bad for the family man. I've also seen some who mentioned that as long as it's not 300 and 330 degrees NW of the house, it's ok - and Sun Sails' 5-room stacks seem to be slightly below 300°. May I humbly ask for your opinion and advice regarding this? Thank you!
  4. Case Study 4: Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui 1. Varying Flying Star directions.
  5. Case Study 8: Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui of HDB Sun Sails BTO 1. Majority of stacks/units are either NW3 (West Group) and SE3 (East Group).
  6. Case 5: Based on Estimated Completion Date of 2Q 2026 falls under Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui 1. Majority of facing directions (West Group persons) are either NE1, NE3, NW3 and SW1. 2. East Group are SE3
  7. Case Study 4 (For those who understand Flying Star Feng Shui): Period 9 Feng Shui where Estimated Completion Date (ECD) is in 2Q2025 1. There are many stacks/units for both East and West Group persons. 2. For the East Group: Lots of SE3. Very few and for certain bedroom types N3, S3 or E3. 3. For the West Group: Many NW3, certain bedroom types one W3 4. This analysis is in preparation of clients that are seeking House Hunting services from us, also.
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  9. Case Study 4: Sha Qi or poison arrow from roof-line of Drop-off-Point {DOP} 1. Based on existing examples at many existing HDB estates, the roof-lines often affect only the 2nd storey units or rather of #02-550 , #02-552 and #02-618 only:-
  10. Case Study 3: Flying Star Feng Shui of HDB Garden Terrace 1. Estimated Completion Date (ECD) is 1st Quarter 2024. If so, the Flying Star Feng Shui falls under Period 9. 2. Varied Flying Star facing directions of:- East Group = N2, S2, SE2. West Group = NE2, SW2, NW2, NW3.
  11. Case Study 5: Any issue if my unit faces or near-by to a Precinct Pavilion? 1. Stacks #486, #486, #504, #506 and #508 are extremely close to one of the PP's (962). While #464 is the furthest. 2. One day, I was walking near-by to a HDB estate pavilion and recorded funeral prayer "music". Which can be found under this link:- 3. Below: Stacks in pink #402 and #454 are closest to the PP. While those in green also are in close proximity and some like #448 and #450 has a direct view into the PP. 4. Strongly recommended to get high floors, here. Good to do so, give
  12. Case Study 4: Common Bin Lobby (CBL) and the two bins are in close proximity of the master bedroom window area. 1. Stack #400 is the only one in this development where the CBL is in close proximity of the master bedroom window(s). 2. As the CBL often is an open area ... not that great under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui! 3. Okay... some don't mind this because they always close-shut their master bedroom windows. And turn on the air-con 24/7. (Even bedroom 2's closed).
  13. Case Study 3: Period 9 Flying Star Feng Shui with expected completion date of 1st Quarter 2025 1. For this estate there are varying Flying Star Feng Shui directions: East Group: N2, S2, SE2 West Group: NW2, NE2, SW2 and W2 2. And these are true cardinal points e.g. 0/360, 180, 270 etc.. What's good about this is that under Flying Star Feng Shui, it is close to 100% certainly that these homes's Flying Star chart are absolutely correct, here.
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  15. On 22 Nov 2020 Another wake, another Lamp + strip of white cloth
  16. Case Study 7: Less common interior layout of 2-room Flexi (Type 2) floor plan where the kitchen shares the frontage of the unit. And there is a shoe-box area for either a dining table or even a Hong Kong style small bedroom for short lease. Shapes and Forms Feng Shui preference is for the kitchen to be at the "rear" of the unit. In addition, if one meets a Conservative or Ultra Conservative Feng Shui Master, they will usually cry fowl of the toilet + WC beside the front door! LOL!
  17. Case Study 6: How do you Feng Shui a home? Use the front door? Who are the conservatives and the modernists? Is Feng Shui only about the front door? True / False / Maybe?
  18. Case Study 2: Stacks #418 and #420 does not face any junction. 1. Stacks #418 and #420 (at an angle) faces a continuous Bedok Reservoir Road. There are no T-junction or major cross-junction, here. 2. Thus no cause for any concern or taboos (other than traffic noise along this stretch of road linking Bedok to Tampines).
  19. Case Study 1A: Any concern if I get a unit that is facing a Health and Medical Care centre? 1. Many of such buildings are often low rise (other than polyclinics). Thus high floors are preferred to have a clear unobstructed views. 2. They don't look intrusive. 3. More of a stigma than anything else. Thus harder to shake-off especially if it is out of one's control. 3.1. Let's say after the M.O.P (minimum occupation period) of 5 years, some potential buyers may (or may) not find it a taboo to buy such a unit. Case Study 1B: A close look revealed that only tw
  20. Dear Master Cecil. I plan to take 5 room stacks, but it seem most of it are bad, do you have any advice? Thank you
  21. Case Study 2: Should I be concerned that the units facing the inner court yard does not have sufficient air-flow or qi flow? 1. There should be sufficient air-flow especially for units facing the inner court-yard. As both of the "twin" court-yard designs have sufficient gaps especially around the East-West or West-East directions or openings. 2. Want to know what is considered an enclosed area? 2.1. In Singapore, there are many examples of which just look at the Block/Stack layout of HDB Rivervale gardens: 2.2. For example Block 119A and 119B are literally conne
  22. Case Study 1: Technically, it is still safe to live close-by to the future Petrol Station as shown below, nevertheless best to play it safe if possible to avoid low floors of stacks #530 and #532. 1. For the more kiasu, then best to also try to avoid #544. Resources related to petrol stations: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/7569-living-near-to-a-petrol-station-plus-fuel-leak-at-shell-station-in-sembawang-road-on-may-27-2013/?tab=comments#comment-15614 https://www.geomancy.net/forums/topic/17602-is-it-ok-to-purchase-a-house-near-to-petrol-station/?tab=co
  23. Cases Study 5: Potential Sha Qi from vehicles turning into HDB Sun Sails from Sembawang Avenue. 1. Best to avoid units #02-101, #03-101 and #02-103 with #03-103 due to sha qi from vehicles turning into the estate.
  24. Case Study 4: Is your neighbour a durian lover? Pray also that durian season is not all year round? 1. Excuse me, Sir! What has eating durians or all year durian season got to do with my potential unit? 1.1. Okay, okay. Not really. Unless your neighbour(s) has a habit of leaving the durian shells at the bin area. Instead of bringing it down to the bin chute area. (As often a plastic bag full of some shells cannot go into the bin chute.) LOL.. 2. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is not great to be sharing the same wall as the common bin lobby. What more is the living ro
  25. Case Study 3: Is it a good idea to have my unit facing existing private housing? 1. Okay for once, lets not consider the drainage reserve. 2. Stacks like #261, #259, #267, #267 and more faces either the yard or the side of landed homes. 2.1. It is actually not a bad thing especially if one is able to purchase a higher floor unit. Else often at lower floors one has to be extra careful of facing the 2nd, 3rd floors of such homes or even meet with the roof-lines of such homes. 2.2. It would be inauspicious if the roof-line of such homes slice or aimed towards a unit's o
  26. Case Study 2: Is it okay for HDB Sun Sails stacks #131 and #133 facing this "junction?" 1. The above site map can be misleading especially since it does not show the whole picture:- 2. These two stacks are further enveloped by a slip road (in blue) and thus in this instance is not really at the fringe of a cross junction:- 3. In a similar vein, these stacks of HDB Block 302 Canberra Road although in theory faces a traffic cross-junction, but it is also buffered by a slip road of vehicles turning from Sembawang Road towards Canberra Road. 4. In another thre
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