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  2. Period 8 Flying Star Feng Shui Majority of the homes are either N2 or S2 facing
  3. Completed in 2012 under Period 8 Feng Shui with a total of 330 units. Site Plan
  4. Thanks to your FS audit in 2011, my parents’ health have been relatively good & active.
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  6. Don’t seem to have any Sha qi. Even if any, is quite a distance away from neighbouring block/stack to pose an issue (if any).
  7. Hi, may we check if unit #36 on block 336b have any sha qi? We just view the unit and quite love the unit but unsure of the sha qi from the opposite angular wall.
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  9. Thank you very much for your advice. Much appreciated
  10. Modena on 28 July 2021 Much better at coping the noise from the East-West MRT trains as opposed to it’s neighbour: Tropica Spring
  11. Thanks I should probably make a rule to look at the world around me from a feng shui perspective. And pay more attention to learning the basic principles... I'm sorry if my question was naive or silly
  12. Related: What is a Feng Shui Triage? = Habit Number 1:-
  13. Frankly, you may have to go with your instincts as proper Feng Shui involves a Triage and mapping techniques. And not on superficial generalised North, SE statements to get answers. These are just too raw an information to gleam anything out of it.
  14. With precise induction control, the Full Surface Cooktop allows you to cook without boundaries. ■ Place up to six pots or pans at once, with even heating anywhere within the cooking zone ■ Large, high-resolution touchscreen displays the positions of the cookware ■ Immediate heat response and extremely accurate temperature control ■ Cooktop remains cool to touch until a pot or pan is placed on the surface
  15. 1. Frankly this has nothing totally involved with Feng Shui. 2. The concern to some is when the gates of hell is "opened". There is a concern that such an entity decide to occupy a vacant property. 3. Thus to some Chinese there is a concern that one should not be moving into that house - JUST in case the entity becomes angry that one has "intruded" into his/her home!" 4. Thus it is also a myth that one should not start renovations before 7th month and not allowed to continue renovations. The rationale is that like humans if say the home is undergoing major renovations e.g. hacking, tiling etc.. these entities like us, would prefer to go elsewhere than be constantly disturbed at such a location. 5. Thus frankly, what has incorporating a company online matter to these entities? 6. However, if one is easily spooked by comments by others. And even if offered the above explanations, still feel uneasy or break into cold sweat once too many such unfavourable comments were made. Then this has more to do with stigmas. 6.1. If one still feels uncomfortable about it, then wait till IT is over. 7. It is the same for things like installing a ceiling fan... or a mirror facing the bed. And if one tends to get cold sweat about it.. then.. again, don't. 8. Why you say Okay? But out of 10 persons I asked, 7 say it is bad? Please explain! Here, again, then don't, lah!
  16. Hello. large turtle aquarium for 120 liters, with a large turtle. The room is 20 sq.m., there is nowhere else to put only to the northwest (on a large wooden table.?), because of this will be a problem with the money? Does it have to be to the north? To the east of the toilet, to the southeast of the kitchen. On the north is the closet. Thank you in advance !
  17. May I check if it is a good day for business owners to incorporate a company online on Chinese lunar 7 mth, which is like 8th August or 9th August 2021? Thank you!
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