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  2. HDB Alkaff Lakeview Nice lakeview and no afternoon sun..for stacks/unit directly facing this pond... sorry, I mean the tiny lake...
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  4. Hong Ji Mian Shi Jia wanton mee at Telok Blangah One of the best authentic 1960’s traditional “tick-tick” mee Style noodles. The chilli sauce is what one would have in the past. Mild spicy. Another stall in the same market; facing the field and Block 78B is always forever busy. They sell Prawn noodles or fishball noodles: See the Long queue? Used to be my favourite especially when raw fish was served. However, porridge is not always filling. And does not provide enough energy especially if this meal is going to last me up to 3 or 4pm.. These are the three best stalls, here. Frankly, have not eaten at this stall. But this stall seems popular...
  5. I have actually given clues on this. Where previously I wrote:- Previously, I wrote: Petain Road also has a history. That of the traitor French General: also with this name "Petain" during 2nd World war. As he was part of the French Vichy government that sided with Germany. Please understand that this forum is not a spoon feeding session + to encourage those who are interested to do a further search/research into it. As I have given pertinent clues already: petain, Vichy, French, 2nd world war, Germany...and Google one or combination of these words! To find out “betrayed”....is all about. If one had made an effort (see above) for example: I simply typed “Pertain” into Google search and this pops up:- https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippe_Pétain See underlined in red... means? To the French, he is a traitor to their people as he collaborated with Nazi Germany. (Axis powers of Germany, Italians and Japanese). He should have instead during World War II be on the Allied powers side. If not sure what Allied powers means.. go search... Mo For me, if I want to buy a home for stay, I very much like to find out the history of the site. And even what is the significance of the street name of my potential new home. Your 2nd part ... too vague.. At best: “ It depends”. Again, if not sure what this means... go search... temple? Now I say.. go search for Melody or Temples and there are examples of it.. or search for devil’s gate.
  6. Petain rd mean? will be betrayed? Does it means fengshui no good if unit is back facing temple? Attracted by the amenities here but wonder how far should one get away from in densely populated Singapore?
  7. More photos of flamingo flowers (Red variety). The white flowers are less common or rather less popular.
  8. Advice client not to purchase fake products sold in the name of Feng Shui. As most shops will entice a person to buy them...
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  10. Can I convert this same Yard WC into a space to place a frontloading washing machine. (a washer + dryer) or a single top loading washing machine? This is better than turning it into a store room with just a piece of membrane covering the WC hole. The reason is that the frequent use of the washing machine means that this U trap will always be filled with water and thus a "permanent" seal.
  11. Updated initial post with an updated version of the demo report, based on v16.8:- URL: https://www.geomancy.net/demoreports/bazi_v16_demo/qmdj_with_bazi_divinity_chart_v16.8.html This version includes:- improved background/text colours, to make the information more readable. Added Yin & Yang at the bottom left of each compass so that, can see the yin & yang interaction of the 4 compasses. More interpretation analysis added and coded into the system. This QMDJ version is now incorporated seamlessly into our Ba Zi Premium v16.8 report. Seasonal Calendar difference is also now shown if there is a difference between the Lunar Calendar vs Season Month (which usually affects the Month/Year Pillar). Seasonal calendar is used where necessary. Pretty much, the QMDJ basic chart is now ready for us to focus on the more complex interpretation analysis modules and to enhance some of our existing reports such as the Yearly, Daily Forecast analysis. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  12. Case Study: Can I convert my yard WC into a store room? 1. The yard WC as highlighted in yellow:- 2. Frankly, no issue if one wants to convert this yard WC into a store room. 2.1. Generally it is considered a plus if the WC is beside the main entrance. As often the main entrance is in some instances critical to the Feng Shui of the home. 2.2. The concern is how the WC hole has been covered up. 2.2.1. For example, the correct way is to cap the WC hole as shown similar to this:- 2.2.2. Even if the capping is lower, this cap will still protude above the floor. 2.2.3. Thus if this is so, the floor has to be raised to make the new toilet cum store floor nice to look at. Instead of something like this protuding from the floor. 3. Another situation is that the yard WC ceiling is often low .. as low as the height of a condo kitchen ceiling. 3.1. If so, really, this store cannot really store much. Even that the volume of space is just too small. 4. Unfortunately, often the contractor just level the WC pipe/hole and place a plastic membrane over this WC hole. 4.1. And since the WC is no longer in use, the water trap seal does not act as a barrier for other unit's gas to flow into this hole. 4.2. On many occassions, a new client of mine invited to to audit their home. 4.3. And coincidentally, when I reach this store room, I could smell a very bad "sewerage" type of stench in this yard store room.
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