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  2. Hello, we intend to build our house this yeatlr (2021) and designed thenplan according with period 9 ( i know we are in P8 but we are so close to P9). Is it possible to let me know If I did the plan ok? I also considered our personal breaker for each member of the family. I put here only the ground floor, there is also first floor where bedrooms are located. house facing S3 home Gua - Kan front door - SW 2 kitchen - sw3, W1, W2 living room - from sw1 to SE 1 small missing corner in SE 2 +3 many thanks for your help
  3. Ideally best not to have chiller behind cashier
  4. You may want to read this post on the section "Applying Location Factor into the Ba Zi":-
  5. Hi Master, So no problems with the chiller located behind cashier?. Yes you correct, people come and told not to have chiller behind as it will flowing out the cash. That’s is I seek your advise on this matter. rgds, Damien
  6. Hazardous waste box... “Warnings lighted like Christmas tree”.
  7. Block 470A ... Mandatory for common lobby area staircase door to be closed at all times
  8. Most homes are governed by the Bell Curve. I do have audited several homes in the vicinity and did not encounter the supernatural at most of these homes. Even though there was an instance of .... occurring at The Cathay many years ago. Most importantly go with your feel. Normal persons have sufficient aura ...
  9. Upper Serangoon - DBSS Parkland Residences MSCP cum shops... Mutton gravy is fragrant and nice 1 Egg with onion + 1 pain with onion = $3.50
  10. Pointed should not be an issue. Sometimes can be a blessing in disguise.. as a protective external feature. Yes, we do International Off-site Feng Shui.
  11. There are many Indian Chiefs on this topic. Some Feng Shui Masters will certainly say can. While others no. Or somewhere in between. However, even if it can be done. Do plot two Flying Star Charts to seriously map all sectors on the mock layout plan - if any.
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  13. Off-site Can or cannot buy Brand New - Just Launched home: Overview of the Three Types of House Hunting Services: https://www.geomancy.net/forums/blogs/entry/6-on-site-or-off-site-house-hunting-can-or-cannot-buy-overview-1-eyeing-a-few-homes-2-onsite-re-sale-3-brand-new/
  14. Frankly this is not traditional Feng Shui. A form of highly commercialised commercial product. Is like asking many people. And there will be lots of opinions. As there were no precedence in the past. The only symbolism in Chinese culture is that charcoal is considered as “black gold”. Much like the Romans. Who in the past value salt. This is where the word “salary” derives from.
  15. Many of one of those... First of all, I would like to say that I really like your articles and the quality and wide range of information presented on geomancy.net I would like to publish an article (content provided unique, niche, well informative for any order of blog posts) with a permanent Do-follow link If you are interested in my offer, please let us know your terms and pricing. I look forward to hearing from you.
  16. Leedon Residence Site Plan
  17. Period 8 Flying Star Feng Shui
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  19. Yes, possible, because some days (all hours, with only a few hours will be completely opposite luck). So if a person is born on that date and timing, then most of big luck will not with him. However, in 120 year big luck cycle, there will usually be 3 big luck with them no matter how unlucky. Just whether these 3 big luck comes in early or late. Of which the 1st 80 years would be generally of bigger interest, since most average life span is around there. If happen, it comes in early, ie 1st 3 big luck, then the rest usually 6 or 9 periods will be inauspicious. The better ones is where at
  20. Is it possible for an entire day of a particular year and month to be entirely inauspicious (irrespective of time of day)? So everyone born on that particular day/month for that specific year is not very lucky in general. Cause I checked the calculator for all the times for that particular date/year, and they all had the same general luck result.
  21. Frankly, I have no idea what your chart looks like since I haven't done a review on it. I was replying based on what you asked about the inauspicious big luck info. So based on that info, it does mean that you do not have much big luck on your side. So compared to say another person who has big luck with them in the same date range, yours will pale in comparison. However, there will still be some luck that is auspicious for you, and/or some luck with medium+small luck which will still bring you luck. As far as what you said, the difference in big luck may likely be due to your birth eleme
  22. Thanks for your reply. I actually got a reading done a few years ago and they said that I had a really good chart for the future and that my childhood was unlucky. It wasn't a roadside fortune teller either. It was from a legit place with a good reputation for good readings. The thing I remember is that he said that I had a really good birth chart because of the time I was born...they said my childhood was unlucky but the rest of my life was lucky. so i found it puzzling that on the online reading, my childhood was good but the rest was "inauspicious". which is opposite to what the f
  23. Unfortunately, this is quite common there are many people with such types of chart. This just means they don't have much big luck with them throughout their life. They will still have some 5-yearly medium and yearly small luck from time to time, and/or major/minor wealth/unexpected wealth luck etc. However, generally without big luck means their overall luck score won't be as great probably would be around probably around 10%-40% range compared to a person who has big luck with them where their highest luck score close to 90%. Those with big luck with them generally whatever things they d
  24. Hi, I just entered my birth details on your Free Personal Ba Zi / Feng Shui Element Report and it showed inauspicious overall luck for my entire productive life. Literally from the age of 20 to 80 (which is pretty much the age of someone's entire life). I only have good luck at the age of 90 to 100 Does that mean I have a really bad bazi chart and life would generally be unlucky?
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