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  3. Is there a need to put aspicious fu dog or anything at the main door?
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  5. Further to this, often once the home is passed down to a 2nd owner, none the wiser, and if they practice or hires a FSM. May wrongly assume the home was still under Period 8. Okay, I get it... the first owner has washed their hands! It is to say that who in the world places a momento plague to celebrate such an occasion. LOL
  6. The logic stems from the idea that there should be an element of human Yang Qi. Or rather, when does a home get occupied by human beings? This based on this premise, one may consider it as when humans moved in.
  7. Hi Master thanks for this great reply. This project looks like it will likely TOP before 2024. So in this instance then I should be looking at the thread of period 8 house in period 9 I guess? Also saw your discussion on what date to use. If in this instance I don't move in until after 2024, this will be a period 9 house? Thanks!
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  9. The Esparis EC Flying Star Feng Shui Period 8. Either N3 or S3 facing directions. Do you always use the main door for Flying Star Feng Shui?
  10. 99 Years Leasehold w.e.f. from Year 2002. T.O.P. in year 2005. A small development with five blocks of 10 storeys high. A total of 274 residential units.
  11. Firstly, one has to be accurate in determining what is the compass degree of the house. As even a NE home can come under NE1, NE2/NE3 as the chart shows:- 2. In addition, in Singapore, one has to determine either the Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.) for private homes and HDB it is the Lease Commencement (Start) date. 2.1. Here often a home comes under: Period 6 = 1964 to 1983 Period 7 = 1984 to 2003 Period 8 = 2004 to 2023 Period 9 = 2024 to 2043 (For newly built or going to be built homes where key collection may be expected to be on or after year 2024). 3. Plo
  12. 24.2.2021 Harder to find coconut filling pancake. A small piece today is $1.10/-. Peanut and red bean at $1/-. (At some other places may find it for $0.80 to .90 cents.) Eaten, here before. Okay...
  13. Good if outlined in red is a solid high wall. If one encounters a Conservative Feng Shui Master (FSM) who eats, sleep on the front door. And if standing onside the unit’s front door cal look into the bins or bin lobby, then it becomes a no-no for them. And or a stigma to some with similar thoughts. Less likely for a Modernists FSM Reference: The Conservatives and the Modernist...
  14. Hi When will u be free for lunch at grand hyatt orchard ? Regards
  15. Hi Master Lee, just want to say thank you. You are the first feng shui master i engaged that is quite details & patient to explain. If im fated to get the house, will engage you again for the renovation etc.
  16. Hi Master Lee, can help to check for BISHAN RIDGE which unit is best :- 1) UNIT NO 120 (NE3 facing), living & all rooms facing kallang river but main door facing the lift lobby 2) UNIT NO 118 (NE3) & 510 (NE1), living & all rooms facing kallang river but main door along the common corridor 3) UNIT NO 520 (NW3), living & all rooms facing kallang river but main door next to staircase & facing neighbour's main door (UNIT 522 - SE3) Or you may advise which is the best unit for 4-ROOM. tks Cindy
  17. Master Lee, just to check with you. If we want to get the Buddha statue or any Chinese god statues, can the statue move in on the same day same timing with us or the status have to be in the new house earlier then the move in date? Usually preferred in the same day or once settled down then bring in. If earlier...not too early... at most a week earlier
  18. On 23.2.2021 HDB CityVue, Henderson This brand NIKAWA is seen on a few of the letter boxes
  19. Hi master You mentioned S1 . S1 The combined auspicious wealth stars MS#8 + WS#8 are at the "rear" of the unit. Such a waste as usually this is the kitchen & yard area. 11. It will be good if a bedroom is located at East sector: good for studies. 12. If the main entrance is located at NE, this will be excellent as there are good combinations of MS#1 with WS#6 in this sector. What are the MS#i And WS#'8 stars and what can I do to maximize luck for a NE entrance apartment?
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