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  2. Another feature of a pre-year 2000 estate is that often, it has open car-park lots. And inevitably a central bin centre. Some of these bin Centres are combined with an attached Electrical sub-station or ESS.
  3. HDB estates built before the year 2000 had no precinct pavilions. Thus a funeral may be held just below the deceased block. As shown in this example: Petir Road estate. Today, depending on the size of each HDB estate or precinct; there are between 1 to 2 such Pavilions per estate depending on it's size. Thus an estate with 500 to 700 units often has 1 precinct pavilion. But another larger estate of 800 to 1,500 units may have two Pavilions.
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  5. Lots more fountains.. The more traditional type: Round shape sitting on a cylindrical pedestal (red arrow):- This variant is similar to above. But instead of a rotating ball; water spouts 360 degrees from the centre circular mass:- Another close-up photo of the above:- Other designs..
  6. The owner of this landed terrace house opted for a light-weight gate. And it provides good ventilation into the house. The only drawback is that it afford less privacy, that's all. Actually, most homes prior to the year 2000 favours well ventilated fencing similar to above. But not as cool as this modern mesh design. Many today, opted for similar design as below. The gate does allow air ventilation plus provide added privacy:-
  7. HDB City Vue @ Henderson

    This HDB development comprise of enbloc settlement managed to retain all the 60+ years old Angsana trees at the fringe of it's development. Below: trees along Henderson Road
  8. Previously Singapore Turf Club Winning Lounge was at Selegie. Today it is at Connect One, Jalan Bukit Merah. Former HDB Centre. Come and collect your winnings!
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  10. Case Study: Interested a home (landed / HDB / EC / condo) facing South? 1. Take extra care when considering purchasing a home facing South. 2. This is because most likely for such a home, the kitchen could either be at NE or NW sector of a home. 3. This unit's stove and sink are exactly on the True NW cardinal point:- 3.1. Fire at Heaven's Gate: Even if the stove and sink were to be switched, the stove would still be located at the True cardinal point of NW:- 4. What happens if the kitchen is at NW? 4.1. In many instances, even if the kitchen is at NW, hopefully we do not encounter a situation similar to the above. 4.2. Especially when the stove is at a true NW cardinal point. However, if the stove is not exactly at this cardinal point; we still need to look at each unit on a case-by-case basis.
  11. Lucky to get your advice. Felt blessed. Thank you very much
  12. I served most of my 2 1/2 years of national service in Beach Road Camp. Photo was taken sometime aroundthe late 1970's. Before Raffles City was developed. The camp's predecessor was the Volunteers Corps which later become the People's Defence Force or PDF. Today's PDF command had shifted to Clementi years ago.
  13. Hi Everyone, 1. You can now Sign in to your Forum Faster with Facebook! https://www.geomancy.net/forums/login/ 1.1. You can now use your existing Facebook account to register/ login to the resources and paid services directly. 2. Improving on content management of our huge collection of resources i. Blogs (Journal) ii. Gallery (Photos) iii. Clubs 2.1. Our forum has being in existence since 1996. And as we all know each system has it's advantages and disadvantages. 2.2. Facebook is good for daily interactions. But a lousy method to organize large amounts of resources. 2.3 Thus with new content management systems like Blog and Gallery may have it's advantages. If so, we may utilize one or both for your benefit. 3. A modernized Store is currently under testing: Shop.Geomancy.Net (https://shop.geomancy.net) 3.1. This new store is fully integrated to our Forum with a comprehensive discussion/private messaging/order management and support system. 3.2. This new store also allows for better management of our digital e-books delivery and management. 3.3. Look out for your new e-books soon. 4. Your Personalized Feng Shui reports: Online.Geomancy.net 4.1. In the near future, I hope to integrate the way you login to your Free/Paid Reports seamlessly. Hope to serve you better in the coming years! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  14. Bellewaters EC @ Anchorvale Crescent

    In my opinion, somehow the light tan Colour of The Central Rubbish bin door + no words; just a bin graphic tucked at the TOP right of the door makes it less obvious. Not perfect but so far a right move.
  15. Amber Skye @ 8 Amber Road

    8 Amber Skye has stacks that either face Flying Stars Period 8: E1 or W1. Stacks 4, 5, 6 and 7 are E1 facing. The frontage has the auspicious flying star numbers and it is good to have open spaces in this home. The only concern is that other sectors have imbalances and need to be looked into; if possible. This is template for stacks 1, 2 and 3:- It is unfortunate that the frontage W has the Mountain star 4 with Water star 3. Here #3 represents quarrels, conflicts and legal entanglements. In addition if the master bedroom is at NW. It has the mountain star #5 = misfortune/sickness with #2 = sickness star. When these two combines, be extra careful of health concerns for the lady of the house. Unfortunately, the current prosperity wealth stars from now to 2023 is located at East. Where there are the double 8's. Thus as this area is often the rear of the unit eg. Kitchen/yard/service yard. It is wasted, here.
  16. Amber Skye @ 8 Amber Road (Recently T.O.P.) The wavy pattern of Amber Skye represents the water element. Thus this tower is considered a "Water building". This art-decor design belongs to that of the early 1950's. The RC ledges makes each unit cooler especially the units facing the afternoon sun. Good newd is that these RC ledges does not count as a unit's floor area. Thus not taxed. The main concern is that it may be a blessing for birds which like to perch/rest in these ledges. Including depositing their bird shit. It harmonizes well with it's immediate neighbour the older King's mansion which is circular representing the metal element:- While Amber Park is has sharp corners and each block is like a siamese twins of two triangles: Illustrations from the sales brochure of Amber Skye:-
  17. Case Study: Is there an issue if my unit directly faces the cross on a church's roof? Depending on where the church places a cross. Some churches place it on the tip of their buidling or on the face of their building. There could even be a possibility of such a cross facing a unit at either Block 653B stacks 56 or 58. If so, this is considered inauspicious. In this example: If the above cross is shown as a red marking X, below:- Then it could be at the same level of a specific floor of stack 58, then this is considered inauspicious to face such a "church cross-spine"
  18. HDB Waterway Sunrise II BTO launched in February 2017 The planners of this estate literally took advantage of it's 1-storey basement car-park and placed both of this site's Precinct Pavilion at this basement. The good thing is that the precinct pavilions are out-of-sight of all units. Thus whenever there is a funeral, it will be a "below-the-ground" event. This is not-common but lets see. Hopefully the incense or such burnings would not trigger the smoke detectors. Alternatively, the authorities may just ban such things during a funeral. Frankly, in Singapore, precint pavilions does not hold any "exciting activies" such as concerts, maybe Malay weddings. It is interesting to see what the atmosphere is like during such an event in a basement type enviroment vs on the street level. Circled in red are the two precinct pavilions of HDB Waterway Sunrise II at Block 653 x2:- Kind of odd to name both precinct pavilions Block 653. But at two different ends..
  19. Lunar 7th Month, can move in furniture/curtains?

    Yes, this is a common advice or practice in the past. Note: Unless one encounters an over-zealous conservative; then nothing is okay for THEM.
  20. Landed Properties in Marine Parade

    Yesterday spotted, yet another of this sign at the junction of DUKU Road and Joo Chiat Road
  21. Lunar 7th Month, can move in furniture/curtains?

    Hello Mr Lee, my contractor has started minor hacking work on 11/8/17 to signify the Reno already started before the ghost month. He will then resume the hacking work from 22nd Aug onwards. In this case, can we consider that the Reno work already started before the ghost month? Thank you
  22. Case Study: Car Park and service road design of HDB Waterway Sunrise II , Punggol Drive Another BTO which was also launched in February 2017 was HDB Waterway Sunrise II. This development has a total of 1014 units. 200 plus units more than HDB Northshore cove. Please take a look at the way the carpark entrances are organized:- There are two separate entry/exits and they are close to the entrance. Systematic and seems well organised. Even the DOP is well designed much like those found in a Shopping Centre: along the main road on Punggol Drive. Instead of having to deeply into the development and having to compete in a chaotic criss-crossing of I give-way, you yield type of situation found at HDB Northshore cove haphazard service road design.
  23. Case Study: Tampines GreenBloom BTO and the maxim: "Shapes and Forms prevail over the Stars (Flying Stars)" What this means is that Location, location, location prevails over the use of Compass School Feng Shui which includes both Flying Stars and Personal Eight House concept. Best stacks/units generally are those facing neighbourhood park such as stacks: 107, 109, 111, 209, 211 and 213 Of course there is the concern of indirect afternoon sun all year round at the frontage of these stacks depending on the floor level. Frankly, there is no issue or concern of the proposed nearby church close-by to stack 111. The next best stacks for 5 bedders are 217 and 219. For 4 bedders they are 201, 103 and 105. Preferred high floors as low floors may over look the Precinct Pavillion (PP) and the noise when a wake occurs at the PP.
  24. Case Study: Location of Central rubbish bins (recycle + common) for Blocks 874B and 874D 1. Block 874C's central rubbish bins are located in the most common location: centrally located facing the twin lifts at the lift lobby. 1.1. This block layout design or trend started in the mid 1980's and continue till today. Thus, many flats constructed in 1990s and even 2000's are similar to that of block 874C design. 1.2. The difference is that in the last 3 years, many HDB BTOs began to have two bin chutes: Recyle and another for common waste that's all. 2. Block 874D's central rubbsh bin location means that the leasees of stacks 32, 34 and 36 ; plus future tenants would have to live with such a configuration for the rest of their lifes if they chose to stay in the same unit:- 2.1. Please take a look above illustration. 2.2. The main entrance door of unit #32 would be facing the exposed two central rubbish bins on a daily basis. 2.3. Stack #34 also don't fare too well. As the central rubbish bins are also in full view if their door is ajar or leaving the unit. 2.4. Stack 36: Need to pass this central rubbish bin to get to their main door. And just when one stands in front of the main door; to the right is the open area where one of the bins can be seen. 3. For Block 874B (see below): 3.1. The worst stack has to be stack #14. Where the main entrance door opens to one of unconcealed rubbish bins. 3.2. Stack 12 is also not that ideal. But is much better off than stack #14. Since the central bin area is enclosed by a solid wall. Thank God, it could have been worse. If we follow the earlier Block 874D's design.
  25. 1. What makes you think that these Two homes belongs to the Roman Emperor and his sons? 2. Your home's main door better steer clear of these two roman Guards wielding their swords.. 3. It is the equivalent of your neighbour pointing two cannons at you (your home)! Bad luck! 4. Equally bad karmas for the owners of these two homes. 5. It is like the devil patting itself on the shoulder...
  26. Case Study: Before signing on the dotted line.. check where the central rubbish bin is! Under Shapes and Forms : "OOPS!" Why did I fail to see this when I booked my unit at stack #74! In addition, my resale value is a question mark, also...
  27. Case Study: Is it inauspicous to live near to an Eating House? Frankly, this has more to do with common sense... 1. If one often visits an Eating House close to a HDB estate, one may see signages similar to this one:- 2. There is even such a sign at a basketball court which is next to a HDB stack/unit. 3. Besides noise pollution, there is also the smell of cooked / frying coming from these Eating Houses. 4. Several years ago, I have a new client. She told me that she regretted buying her HDB flat directly above an Eating House. 4.1 This was because in the day-time; all the pests such as cockroaches ran-up to her unit. 4.2 And often when she opened her rubbish chute, sometimes cockroaches would crawl or even fly out of it...
  28. Case Study 4: What happens if the Block and stacks are parallel to the MSCP? How do I determine whether my unit is affected by Poison Arrow from a lamp post? 1. In this sample illustration, assume that stacks 48 and 50 is parallel with the outline of Block 463 MSCP. 1.1 Again stand inside an opening in the unit looking directly outwards. 2. If a lamp post is level to the unit plus at marking "X" and if it is aimed towards an opening such as the living room window; then this is considered a poison arrow aimed towards stack 48. Note: The above has been altered and not the actual block / stack facing direction.
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