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  2. Sengkang Central Residences by CapitaLand and CDL at Bangkok MRT launching 2019 A new mixed development at Buangkok MRT Expected TOP Estimated 2022 - 2023 Tenure 99 years No. of Units Approximately 682 units
  3. This is also a charm. The only difference is it looks more classy.. or ATAS that’s all... Location: Senja Green
  4. Last week
  5. Heavy vehicle’s park no more! Approximately Three year’s of living with noise and dusts. Can actually affect Feng Shui due to “white pollution” Some may say... in the future no longer see the hospital. I remembered the two condos at Yishun: Emerald and Sapphire... where the next door neighbour’s unit(s) can see into the other development’s pool.. as if it belongs to “your” development’s facility. LOL
  6. Paid a visit today. As client just bought the tail end of a unit there. The vines are covering nicely the ventilation holes: Rounded pool bollard lights are rounded .. good passive feature...although can still hit it... but what could be worse .. that of sharp angles...
  7. Coins placement at an undisclosed commercial business entity
  8. Hi Robert, wanted to say thank you so much for the explanation . Thank you
  9. My last visit was last year (2018) where a client of mine asked me to go down to her existing home at Normanton Park to discuss the Feng Shui of her new home. These are some of the photos taken of the former Normanton Park (enbloc):- Typically HDB styled development. Built specifically to cater for the SAF in the 1970's.
  10. April 2019: "ONE NORMANTON OBTAINED A NO-SALE LICENCE" (Or rather the developer kena this kind of thing) Yes! Best not to be given such a notice... Oh Dear! "I SMELL A RAT!" as the RATs are the ones that spilled the beans on us! Thus this is why we are slap with a "no-sale" licence !!@#$##@@!@## CFO: "How come?" CEO: "I am only following SGP's culture of no blame on the HEADS!" Hit with "no-sale" licence. (April 2019) Simply means can still commence construction. But not allowed to sell any units as yet. (Or even strictly speaking.. until TOP is obtained.. Wah? Die lah?) How to get funding?? If no progressive payments from new Subsiday Proprietors... Oh-dear! The authorities had previously found this developer had deviated especially for the windows, barriers and common storey shelter at their last project "Kingsford Waterbay" in Upper Serangoon View. Accordingly URA is also getting feedback from these "TIKUS". With 1,900 units, this development is 2nd largest development while Treasure at Tampines TOPs for this year 2019. The former Normanton Park enbloc itself was a pretty site. As the blocks are well spaced out. Lots of greenery! Other than for the above hiccup! Hopefully the developer do justice to this former development. Some of the former Normanton Park photos can be found in this forum... P.S. Tikus is a Malay word meaning: Rat. As in? "I smell a RAT" LOL... Please note that the above story line about the CEO, CFO is simply pure FICTION. But unfortunately the No-Sale Licence is for REAL = obtained in April 2019. Please check with the developer for the current status as Geomancy.net is not responsible for follow-ups or sudden relaxation of rules (if any) by the relevant authorities such as URA, BCA etc..
  11. Uptown @ Farrer @ Perumal Road by Low Keng Huat (Singapore) is a mixed-development . Two blocks of 21 storey high residential in total 116 units. Plus one block that is 16 storey's high service apartments with an additional 240 units. The sky terrace for this development is at the 4th storey. The commercial shops are at ground floor. Oops... this development is not pretty close to Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple. In fact, it is just a stone's throw ... the temple is this development's NEXT door neighbour! In the early years especially in the 1966's map: New World (Amusement) Park was just five (5) O'clock or SE of Uptown @ Farrer. The other two Amusement parks were at: Gay World (Geylang). The other Great World at Kim Seng Road. Then there was no internet etc... amusement include carnival rides and even wrestling matches. Oops.. side track.. sorry! Can't help but saying something about Petain Road. Petain Road also has a history. That of the traitor French General: also with this name "Petain" during 2nd World war. As he was part of the French Vichy government that sided with Germany. In fact, Petain Road should be replaced by LOL "Traitor's Road" Hahaha...
  12. Dragon’s mouth directly facing Central Expressway (CTE):- "Bring us wealth" ....echos the MP and residents.. LOL This four claw dragon represents the rank of a prince. (Five claws are reserved for the King of Heaven or in the past represents a Chinese Emperor) This statue is as shown by the RED dot in-front of Block 85 Whampoa Drive and facing the CTE....
  13. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, even if the NE MRT track is many metres below ground, it is not adviseable to purchase (any) unit that is directly above the MRT track. Although the site plan for Parkwood Collection has yet to be published. I strongly believe that above the MRT track (as highlighed) in yellow may often be just service road / garden etc.. not housing where there may be piling work above the MRT train tracks.. oops... This is a macro map of the area in 1966:- Generally prior to the HDB Hougang New Town, the area remains much the same. With an addition of Lor 1, Realty Park service road. This road was created more as a service road for the stretch of landed homes to the NW of Parkwood Collection. Thus the estate within Parkwood Collection is predominantly a private housing estate. To South-East of Parkwook is the ground zero of HDB Hougang Town. Where Blocks 1, 2 etc. are located. Blocks 1, 2... are one of the oldest HDB blocks or pioneering blocks in HDB Hougang Town. Location: W is where Aljunied Hougang Town Council has a water feature:- Today, directly opposite this development, to it's SW is the Workers Party Aljunied Hougang Town Council (Hougang Office). Outside this office is a "Feng Shui Water feature" thing... Go take a look if you have the time... (Somewhere in this forum I have posted some photos of this water feature thing)...
  14. Parkwood Collection is a vacant plot of land Sold to the developer by Government Land Sales. Although the site has been fenced up. At the time of writing, this development will be launching soon (2nd Quarter 2019)
  15. Revisited.. this sign is near to the coffee shop within West Valley Actually the coffee shop’s advertisement can be seen behind this photo at block 447
  16. Jervois Prive (Former Jervois Green) = Freehold with a total of 45 units. Location: The site has not changed since 1966:- Location, location, location = Fairly good Shapes and Forms location. Today, predominantly surrounded mostly by landed properties and private apartments.
  17. 35 Gilstead at 35 Gilstead Road by Tee Land (formerly Casa Contendere) Tenure: Freehold (Estate in Fee Simple) Address: 35 Gilstead Road, Singapore 309079 District 11 Units Mix: 1 Bedroom + Study (14 Units) 2 Bedroom (27 Units) 3 Bedroom (24 Units) 3 Bedroom Penthouse (5 Units) Total Units: Around 70 Units No. of Blocks/Levels: 3 Blocks, 5 Storey Car Park Lots: 70 Car Park lots + 2 Handicap lots Expected TOP Date: 31 December 2022 Site Area: Approximately 37,972 sqft Architect: Metaphor Design + Architecture Pte Ltd 2019's street directory map of 35 Gilstead Road In 1966, the location where 35 Gilstead sits on has not changed very much. Gentle Road has been straighten but still where it is. While the original curved Gilstead Road that meets Dunearn Road has replaced Buckley Road making the Gilstead estate larger/ more internal developments:- Otherwise, the area around 35 Gilstead Road is / was predominantly private housing estate. One distinctive feature is 10 O'clock from 35 Gilstead Road: where Anglo-Chinese Secondary School is now no longer at Barker Road. Location, location, location: Overall has good Shapes and Forms Feng Shui.
  18. Since 1966, the plot (RV Altitude ) and its surrounds and roads have not changed at all. This side of the land to the North of River Valley Road is predominantly purely for housing. High marks for Location, location and location.
  19. RV Altitude at River Valley Road by Proxy-Pacific Holdings (Freehold) via private land sale Consists of a single tower block: 21 storeys high with a total of just 140 units. One single Tower block is one of the safest Shapes and Forms Feng Shui design. This allows for the flow of qi around the entire block/stack.
  20. Hi Ludovico, 1. Ideally, the goal of feng shui is to harmonize yourself to your environment. And given that a person's luck is influenced by three forms of luck:- 1.1. Heaven Luck - Luck you are born with and supposed to have. 1.2. Earth Luck - Luck from your surrounding environment. 1.3. Human Luck - Luck from your relationship with others and own hard work. 2. Hence, there are many things around you that influence you. So ideally, you want to try to balance as much as possible where possible. However, you don't have to go overboard in that you look into the feng shui aspects of things. Feng Shui should be like find out the issues, fix it and move on with life. As ultimately, the human luck which depends on your own hard work plays the final influencing factor. 3. So as long as, find suitable house/sectors of rooms to use, or you fix up most of the issues such as the leaks and problems in the earth luck, activate the good areas in the home. Generally, everyone staying in the house will already benefit from it. Especially, when you fix up the sectors with colours to help balance the sector etc. Finding the best sleeping/work/study position for each person to use. This will already improve the luck as people spend time in the area. So this is something you can already do for your family without them having to do anything on their own. 4. As for the individual ba zi, yes colours/shapes of clothings etc are certainly something that's easiest to consider. This is again only one aspect, there is the career element, the people around you, favourable directions and so forth. So the goal is just to try to have more of certain elements etc. However where decor colour scheme of room/office/common area that they use are balance generally, even if you don't wear the favourable colours all the time, there is no big issue. 5. In terms of feng shui, everything can be broken down into five elements. If you really want to do, this, you could also may consider some gemstones jewellery:- Garnet - Fire Amehyst - Fire Aquamarine - Water Diamond - Metal Emerald - Wood Pearl - Metal Ruby - Fire Peridot - Wood Sapphire - Fire Opal - Earth Topa - Earth Turquoise - Water 6. However, Feng shui is not about any specific items or jewellery etc. So you don't really have go to the extreme to specially make or wear a certain jewellery just to add the elements they miss. Generally, if you fix most of the feng shui issues especially the earth luck that should be enough. The rest, while it is good if they can follow, but it not, shouldn't be an issue as well. Hope that helps. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  21. Things haven’t changed for this provision shop frozen in time... This shop looks run-down. But since it is located in an old HDB estate... in fact, it brings character to the whole area... Hey! I am not stooping down to do toilet "business".. don't get me wrong! Looks like may survive.. although the shop does not look modern, yet the goods are displayed in an orderly fashion.. and the shop also looks neat and spacious... This lady was seeking advice from the shop-keeper. And I heard, she very much took the shop-keeper's advice.. Thus nothing beats "expert" advice.. Which one can no longer find in a convenience stall. Try asking a 7-11 person.. and most likely one may get the stares.. LOL... She stood down.. her body language says.. she respects the lady shop-keeper's advice.. And the buyer asked for advice ... on this specific type of biscuit...
  22. Geomancy.net also has a fair share of commercial/retail audits... Commercial Feng Shui audit today at Great World City... and it’s surroundings Others include the Jewel at Changi... etc...
  23. Iconic Blocks 620, 621, 622 at Bukit Central Link With their distinctive “circular” facade tubings.. And their plain jane “rear”...
  24. Just T.O.P. And it’s surroundings... surroundings: beautiful English school
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