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  2. Thank you for your patience.
  3. Hi Master Lee, Thank you very much. I really appreciate the kind gesture.
  4. ** Interlude: Is this a good enough reason to buy a unit at Piermont Grand? ** Will you be motivated to buy a home simply because an ad says: "The only EC of 2019"...?
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  6. Are any of the stacks affected by poison arrows from neighbouring blocks/stacks?
  7. Part 16: Case Study of a Balcony/PES with only Three Panel Sliding Doors + more of a "pain-in-the-neck" 1. This photo is from The Terrace at Punggol which had just T.O.P. 1.1 Three panel sliding doors at the balcony/PES:- 2. As the size of flats gets smaller and smaller. There is a surge of flats with balconies that are only three (3) panels instead of the more common four (4) panels found in older condos, ECs and even HDB flats. 3. The benefit of 4 panels means that the openings are exactly at the middle. And the panels can slide to each side for ease of entry and exit of the living room/balcony. 4. Not anymore if there are instead three panels. 5. If so, it is thus not possible to have a large sofa or place it too close to the balcony sliding door(s). Plus the TV console or cabinets cannot be too thick or fully cover the sliding door panel on the other side of the sofa location. 6. Thus, this means that one has to seriously consider not only the length of the sofa but also the height of the arm-chair and the width of it. Make sure that it does not block the lock mechanism at the sofa side and vice-versa. 7. Another plus of a four panel sliding door means that often one may still leave ajar or a gap and not fully close the sliding panels. But for a three panel door; often than not the opening is close to the edge of the roof-line. And often, this is the first area where heavy winds and rains may come in. 8. For example: Sol Acres development has similar three (3) panels:- (Note: This is an acutal photo from The Terrace EC Block 88 ground floor unit PES) 9. More: An added bonus if a unit has an outdoor power socket and water-point. 10. One will only know if there is a water point or outdoor power switch after collection of keys. As often, this is not mentioned in the sales brochure. But an added bonus if your new unit has them:- 10. A Four panels balcony sliding doors. (Location: Bellewaters EC) 10.1 The advantage of this four panel balcony sliding door means that not only the middle two panels can be opened; but also either of the side or corner panels can also be opened. 10.2 Thus it incorporates the best of both worlds of the three panels with this four panel model. 11. Take a look at this sample Piermont Grand 3 Bedrooom Deluxe Type A3a and type A3a-Penthouse unit:- 11.1. Above: the sliding panels locks are at A and B not x for both the Living Room and Master bedroom. 11.2. Note: This has more to do with a pain-in-the-neck than a Feng Shui issue. 11.3. Furthermore, nowadays as most Master Bedrooms have a balcony, sliding door panels are installed. Instead of the more practical casement windows. Here, most of the time, it can be a hassle to leave the windows open.. unless one perhaps install a zip-track external blinds.
  8. Part 15: Potential Unit Interior Poison Arrow(s) from sharp corners 1. For example, so long as one does not sleep along the RED arrow line, no issue. However, this is the reason why where possible a bedroom should be as rectangular as possible to avoid such things. 2. Equally the purple arrow is not a threat if one does not sit along the purple arrow line...
  9. Part 14: Is it okay for the stove to be facing the kitchen door opening? 1. Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui it would be preferred that one's back should not be facing the kitchen door opening. 1.1. In fact, for all of these three layout plans, one will be standing to cook on the stove with one's back facing the kitchen door especially the 5 Bedroom Premium Type C2 and Type C2-PH. 2. Should I be concerned with this? 2.1. For the 4 and 5 Bedroom Premium units, it can be a double edged sword if the stove and sink are changed. 2.2. If so, in an event of the fire starting at the stove; more likely heat may be inflamed and there is a possibility of having to exit the unit via the balcony or bedroom windows instead of through the main door. 2.3. Under symbolism, some Feng Shui practitioners may be concerned that "wealth" may flow out of the kitchen. As it would be preferred that the stove faces a wall on the opposite side and not the kitchen door opening. 3. Common sense Feng Shui. 3.1. Many Feng Shui often don't link common sense considerations. And immediately gravitate this concern with poor Feng Shui. 3.2. What is this you are referring to? 3.3. We do not have eyes behind our back. Thus, when cooking, one could be handling hot stuffs and even on occasions handle hot liquid. 3.4. Thus there could be a remote chance that one may be frighten or get a shock from someone or even our pet etc... 3.5. Because of this, some simply lump this as a Feng Shui issue or concern.
  10. Part 13: Piemont Grand 3 Bedroom Deluxe Type A3a + Stove sharing the same wall as the toilet / wash basin of Bath 2 1. Shapes and Forms Feng Shui does not favour the stove sharing the same wall as the toilet /wash basin:
  11. Finding a potential Feng Shui Master? Simply Ask: "Must I buy stuffs from you?"
  12. During the preview of 15 and 16 June 2019, 15 out of 48 units were sold. This accounts for 31% of the entire units, there. Usually, small private apartments total units are based on the plot size: Often if there is just one block, there can be approximately 25 plus minus number of units. Thus in the case of Lattice One, one block consists of 24 units. Thus for two blocks = 48 units.
  13. Please go to this link for a comprehensive Feng Shui overview / review of Piermont Grand Thank you!
  14. ** Interlude: A guideline to posting messages in this forum....** Don’t worry. Even if posted, need to be actively verified before the message appears on this forum.
  15. Part 12B: Should I be concerned with the proposed new Chinese Temple? If one has the time, there is an article on Chinese Temple within this thread. Although the location is not identical, but hope that it does help to give one a broader perspective of it:
  16. Part 12A: Another consideration is a Chinese Temple site at the North of Piermont Grand. 1. In fact, Piermont Grand's Site Plan, even when I zoomed into it; shows thin and tiny fonts used to reluctantly spell: "Proposed place of worship" as shown, here.. LOL 2. Piermont Grand’s coastline neighbour HDB Punggol Bayview Site plan also shows the Sumang Link site.. which we now know as Piermont Grand. 2.1. This Site plan distinctively states that the place of worship is proposed to be a Chinese temple. 2.2. The Piermont Grand's map "sneakly" just mentions "Proposed place of worship"; in my opinion most likely on purpose. As locally, some are more concerned that it is a Chinese temple vs a church unlike that of The Flo on the opposite of Punggol. LOL The small rectangular tab to the north of Piermont Grand indeed is reserved for a Chinese Temple... one more consideration... during the purchase of a unit in this development.
  17. The main reason why many Feng Shui Masters want is to buy products.. is to enrich themselves. Ask them this: Must I buy products from you?”
  18. Do remember that the GOD e.g. Guan Yin or Guang Gong etc.. should be to the RIGHT of this illustration. And the ancestor table must be slightly lower to the LEFT...
  19. Acceptable altar with ancestor worship dimensions ... Tailor made altar not off the shelf commercial/retail purchased altar...
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