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  2. Private estate: landed property ventilation cum privacy motifs popular in the 1970’s.. Plus inadvertently it has become a magnet for lizards
  3. Living Room at the back of house.

    In this real life example, this geomancer charges a large fee and yet.. all she does is scribble a flying star chart and some cures ... In this instance, don't even consider ba zi... as part of their Feng Shui audit:
  4. Living Room at the back of house.

    You wrote: "We notice that from the living room, We can see the lift is facing our living room. Furthermore there is a escape route in our house as we are the last floor. From feng shui perspective, any concern." This has more to do with common sense: 1. Privacy concerns 2. Fire safety 1. Privacy concerns If the living room faces the lift / lift lobby: common sense says that there will be persons waiting at the lift LOBBY. Thus if one's living room is in full view and/or dining; this is "open to the public". Thus considered as no privacy. Of course, if it is just slam-shut the main door.. then not an issue. Because of the above, as a result this leads to a stigma or "grandmother" tale that it is no good or rather inauspicious for the above. 2. Fire safety Actually, it is the other way around. In Singapore, there is a requirement of a home's main door to have at least half-an hour fire rating. This is because, if a fire should occur in a unit close to or facing a lft lobby; such a door would help to contain a fire.. AND more importantly smoke and dangerous vapours or flash fire(s). So that it things like thick smoke or fog and poisonous fumes and fire does not spread to the lift landing. All these boil down to pure common sense. And often common sense somehow; somewhere; people associate this with "bad" Feng Shui. But truly this just pure common sense.
  5. Living Room at the back of house.

    You wrote: We understand that the feng shui of the house is not entirely depend on individual bazi. is it correct ? In the attached illustration: There are three parts: Part 1: Option 1 Part 2: Option 2 Part 3: Individual and even Combined Ba Zi Options 1 and 2 not entirely depend on individual ba zi. As it involves the birth chart of the home, the eight house concept and ba zi Feng Shui. Here, each of us have a birthdate. In Compass School Feng Shui, a home or premise also has it's birthdate range. This is why one has to determine the age of the home e.g. between 1984 to 2003 or 2004 to 2024 or even 1964 to 1984 etc.. The above sample Feng Shui audit review can be summarised below:- As the above review utilises each and every best practises. As ba zi occupies the box to the right (orange colour); thus it is true that a house does not entirely deped on individual ba zi.
  6. Tangerine Grove Review

    Tangerine grove
  7. Living Room at the back of house.

    Hi Master, We notice that from the living room, We can see the lift is facing our living room. Furthermore there is a escape route in our house as we are the last floor. From feng shui perspective, any concern. We understand that the feng shui of the house is not entirely depend on individual bazi. is it correct ?
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  9. At geomancy.net for a full audit review, we always provide detailed reports such as this sample:- Many other geomancers for example, simply use a copy of the layout plan and scribble some comments. This is an actual example of what another geomancer provides their client:- Our brief scope of work : Brief scope of work.pdf Before you engage a geomancer, ask them this.
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  11. Very unusual design water tap and soap dispenser ..
  12. First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Sprouting green beans.. Most Creative.. don’t you think so?
  13. First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    Another variant .. placing a red paper before placing the fruits.. etc.. Not a must! Do what pleases the person or persons Equally no issue if purchase more Fa Gaos:-
  14. Feng Shui of Sol Acres EC

    Looks like Sol Acres is almost ready..but too bad .. not ready for CNY 2018..
  15. Part 1: Feng Shui of HDB Cheng San Court

    Block 591A Just T.O.P. Beautiful views of Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East.. a stone throw away from the MRT and bus interchange Under Flying Stars Feng Shui; the main door should not be considered as the frontage as it is dim: With a good smartphone camera, it was able to enhance the light. Else in person, this area is pretty dim:- Pretty view of the town garden:-
  16. Chinese Zodiac signs 2018 Malls in Singapore often displays the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs and .. what’s up..for each animal signs Location: Marina Bay Link Mall Lovesigns.net
  17. Moving into an EMPTY house

    Creativity at work...
  18. Relating to the 7th month festival and the gates of hell
  19. Fortunately this hideous curtain was moved aside of this toilet at a Coffeeshop in Bukit Merah..
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  21. Feng Shui of Sol Acres EC

    HDB Keat Hong Mirage.. Whenever I enter a HDB lift.. I always check the brand... as I really don’t like entering one with this infamous name: Sigma.. Last Saturday..no choice entered into such a lift at the above estate.
  22. Can you advice which stack is better?
  23. Earlier
  24. Dear Master, Q1..The bedroom is located in the North sector (House facing SE3). Period 8 base star is 4, water star 2, and mountain 4. From my understanding, I will need METAL element to weaken the earth, yet I heard that some practitioners actually use yin water in this kind of wood and earth clash condition. What should I do? Q2..this is the only bedroom, yet the shape of it is very awkward to place a queen bed here. However the directions or placements I propose are always directly facing the bathroom door and the other door is cut us in half, vice versa, or the corner angle creates sha-qi . Is there a better way to place the bed? Thank you so much.
  25. Sure, I did not see this requirement earlier. Sorry. Pls go ahead as per your usual style. Thks.
  26. Qilin on house lamp post

    Case Study: Placement of Lion statues Client: Can I put this at my back porch which should be my front door per Feng Shui principles as you mentioned the last time ? I have a pair of these stone lions and they are about 30cm talk only Reply: Ok if standing outside facing main door; this is the left piece. Client: Should the lion stand outside the kitchen/dining door facing the back garden ? My real front door is on higher level and faces a short wall, while my back dining slopes down and faces a bigger garden Reply: There is nothing magical. Reply: So Long as place as a pair be it at the main door or living side is ok Client: Ok thanks
  27. Client: Hi Master. Can i use one of these lightings for my balcony? Thx Reply: It is also about common sense Reply: You forgot of windy conditions?? Client: Ya.. My balcony quite windy Reply: Common sense. Client: I asked my wife to consider again... Thx Reply: Go look at how many others place such hanging lights? Nowadays these lights are light.... Client: Thx for the advice, Master. I let my wife know and choose again... Thx Reply: Stylish does not mean safety first Client: Thx
  28. Common sense and centre of gravity

    Case Study: Is this type of dining table okay? Client is concered with the corner of a dining table... but to me.. it is more than just this concern. Hi Master Lee, Client: Don't mind just a quick check with you. Can a corner of a table be considered a form of poison arrow? Reply: More to do with common sense. Especially if there are small children running around. Often have to later on place a child safety plastic corner pad. Since living room sofa is not close to this is okay This not so small children friendly that’s all. Reply: More importantly, please look at the type of legs for the table. Reply: For this table: "If a child climbs on TOP of table (as shown below); will this table TOP topple down?" Client: Thanks master Lee. Makes a lot of sense Client: Ok ok. Client: Will look for something that is much harder to topple. Reply: Yes function vs stylish Client: Safety first Client: Once again thanks for your advice Reply: Frankly, a lot of Feng Shui is pure common sense
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