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  2. Part 3 - How the future Riverfront Residences site used to look like in 1965:- Upper Serangoon Road has not changed and exactly where it is from 1965 till today. Roads like Jalan Lye Kwee and Lorong Batawi are still there. Although Lorong Batawi has been shorten to cater for part of Evergreen Condominium site. Even St. Xavier's Lane is also still around. Directly to SE of this road is part of the future Riverfront Residences. Today, Montfort Secondary School has moved to Hougang Avenue 8 and side by side with Montford Junior School. CHIJ took over what used to be Montfort Secondary School site. While the Catholic Church of The Navity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been on the current site ever since. Lorong Santun has disappeared and became the boundary of Punggol Park. While the plot directly below this boundary house the Catholic Spirituality Centre. This centre borders Hougang Avenue 8 and Upper Serangoon Road. It is always nice-to understand the history of the plot of land of one's potential home. There are several cases where some locations are on e.g. burial grounds, markets etc... Here, the potential subsidiary proprietors have peace-of-mind that the plot of land was once "virgin land". One can say that the piece of land is close to "Holy land".. to some can be good or erh... depending on one's interpretation.
  3. Part 2 - Reading between the lines of the Sales Brochure of Riverfront Residences 1. One major consideration is: "Where is the external common central rubbish bin(s) on each storey?" 2. For Riverfront Residences, the developer also `failed' to show the location of the external central rubbish bin(s). 3. Before signing the dotted line.. do check with the Sales Agent. In many recent past developments like the Hillion at Bukit Panjang and even 100 Palm Residences, many "wise" potential buyers have successfully requested and viewed the exact location of the common central corridor. 4. Don't want to get an unexpected surprise to find the central rubbish bin beside one's main door! Or possible not facing the main door. Both in terms of Feng Shui and may affect future resale value or even resale potential (if any)... 5. There are more considerations like the location of the central rubbish bin collection point(s) the electrical sub-station(s) and even emergency diesel generations etc.... 6. I have complied a useful set of key considerations.. they are not exhaustive but rather.. is good to know...
  4. Part 1 - Sales Brochure Site Plan & Introduction 1. Riverfront Residence is a road away from Sungei Serangoon. This development is on the former enbloc Rio Casa land. 2. Riverbank Residences launching in July 2018 via ballot most likely to avoid the Chinese 7th month starting on 11 August 2018. 3. Riverfront Residences consists of 9 blocks with a built up height of 17 storeys. Currently with the proximity to Paya Lebar Airbase there is height restriction as the air-base is still under operations unitl it moves over to Tengah Airbase. Then perphaps the height guidelines may be reviewed at a later date. But too late for this development. 4. Riverfront Residences also has a total of 21 cluster landed properties with their own private car-parks. All add up to a massive 1,472 units. There are a total of 6 shops, also. 5. With such a large amount of units, it is expected that T.O.P. is a long 5 years away. And the committed T.O.P. is expected to be in Period 9 2024. (Although this development may T.O.P. at the borderline or end of Period 8.) 6. First looks is that the planners seems to try to maximize for the river view which is a good thing under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. Rio Casa still stands (6 June 2018) today (Have yet to be demolished..) I was there recently to view the Feng Shui of the surrounding area. As a few clients are seeking my advice on this development. To the left of this photo is Evergreen Park condo:- These flats at former Rio Casa will Soon be demolished.. The view of Sungei (means river) Serangoon. Although the site is not beside this river, at least many stacks/units can take advantage of the unobstructed views provided it is facing this Easterly side of the development.
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  6. Thank you so much Master Cecil, for your time in replied with very details explaination and tips. Really appreciated it. I am a newbie and would continue to explore and learn more to understand fengshui. :))
  7. 1. Landed properties can take advantage of additional Water Classics. Not just whether the water (drainage or river or canal) flows from L to R or R to L). 1.1 In this sample, unlike the earlier example of a SW2 facing stack; here, this house instead will have an advantage if the water flow is instead from LEFT to RIGHT. 1.2 Thus, the Flying Star compass degree makes a whole world of difference with the flow of water... L to R or R to L. 2. Question: What happens if say a drain flows into the sea. 2.1 Reply: Of course there will always be high and low tides. 2.2 But the fact that majority of the time, the drain or river normally flows towards the sea. 2.3 The direction thus should be taken from the land form towards the sea. 2.4 For example, in Singapore, we have the Kallang River. And from a street map; we can usually trace the flow of water be it from a storm drain / canal towards this Kallang River. 2.5 The flow is thus in the direction of Kallang River. 3. Question: What happens if say a drain flows into a reservoir. 3.1 Reply: Again, as the name implies.. a reservoir is a pool of water. 3.2 Thus majority of the time the drain or water would normally flow into a reservoir MOST of the time. 3.3 Here, by default the flow direction should be from the land form towards the direction of the reservoir. 3.4 There is no excuse for water to be stagnant. If so, there is no flow direction. And GOD Knows.. a potential mosquito breeding cess pool!
  8. I am just looking at Block 637B stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32. As these four stack have the same facing directions. Under the Water Classics: 1. These four stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32 have a facing direction of Flying Stars SW2 :- 2. For a SW2 or 225 degrees facing: it is very auspicious if the drainage water flows from RIGHT to LEFT of the living room (frontage area). Or when standing inside the living room looking outwards: excellent if drainage flows from R to L. As shown below:- 3. But if the drainage flows from LEFT to RIGHT.. then Oops! Below: where the water flow as shown by red arrow(s) is inauspicious for stacks 26, 28, 30 and 32:- 4. Frankly, I have not looked at other stacks like 06, 08, 10, 12, 14 or 34 or 36. Please refrain from asking to check on these. As frankly, I have lots of other commitments and really have no time to zoom in on these stacks. 5. It is time consuming to look at the rest of the other stacks. As from the above example:- 5.1. Step 1: Plot the flying stars 5.2. Step 2: Determine the flying stars compass degree and associate it with one of the directions e.g. SW2 etc.. 5.3. Step 3: Use Water Classics to determine whether the water (drainage) or river or canal water flows. R to L or L to R. It makes a world of difference, here! 6. Question: What happens if the drainage is fully covered? 6.1 Reply: Then, the drainage becomes "neutral" or neither inauspicious or auspicious. 7. For landed properties.. there are more considerations: e.g 1st exit point (Wealth) is between 97.5 to 127.4 degrees.. etc.. 7.1 The rich or the powerful will take advantage of 2nd Exit point : Power and Authority. Here, this is where the rich and powerful gets better and better... while the poor is may be always poor...as a church mice...
  9. Cecil Lee

    Around Geylang

    Geylang has one of the highest densities of Chinese Temples & clan / business associations in Singapore. Mosque and religious facilities are also abound here. The only thing is that local banks do not provide financing for homes and apartments in this district. You have to pay cash to purchase a home, here. This has to do with it’s shady side = a red light district. Geylang also is popular with lots of unique eateries. Phitos taken around Lorong 12 Geylang. This type of iron gate is sturdy and remarkably easy to use and access: Geylang has a spread of specialised coffee shops. From soya milk to frog legs etc.... Would you believe that I went there for a home audit! Of course! It is in bright daylight.
  10. 85 Redhill is located within Valley Point Shopping Centre.
  11. 85 Redhill at Valley Point Shopping Centre, River Valley Reasonably priced + tasty fish ball / minced meat noodles. Price range from SGP $4/- to $6/-. Although their noodle chilli is not spicy; the food is tasty. And noodles smooth and texture is good. Even takeaways.. the noodles although “expanded” does not stick together. And acceptable taste = not sticky or dry. They also have assorted rice dishes. Much like another brand: Inche Tan cafe. Their Tim sum mostly baos and siew mai are also quite tasty and reasonably priced. Their Big meat Bao is $1.80 each. Nice. Large red chillies are not spicy... looks deceive..
  12. Cecil Lee

    On-site Feng Shui of a new cafe

    This is the profile of Valley Point Shopping Centre at River Valley
  13. Cecil Lee

    On-site Feng Shui of a new cafe

    Little farm’s cafe is along along this curve. It is a smaller area. Again it is nothing short of rectangular unit. Instead, it also has a triangular profile. Starbucks closer to the other side; the office lobby also has an odd shape: Just this Valley Point alone has so many examples of odd shaped units. And in my opinion; many cafes have taken up shop. Many of these shops have been in this Shopping Centre for many years already: Little Farm, Redhill 85 and Little Farms to name a few...
  14. Cecil Lee

    On-site Feng Shui of a new cafe

    Again at Valley Point, the cafe directly opposite Redhill 85 also can be found at the curve. It also has triangular interior features. Did you notice the curve .. or cul de sac type of floor plan? This cafe is called Fu Man Yuan Did you notice the external curve as well as the angled rear of the unit. This implies that this is not a rectangular plot:-
  15. Cecil Lee

    On-site Feng Shui of a new cafe

    I am at Valley Point Shopping Centre. This cafe: Redhill 85 has an odd shape. It is found at the cul de sac of this Shopping Centre plus there are several triangular curves. It has been around for many years already. You can see clearly the curve or cul de sac:- To the extreme left of this photo, this side of the premises has an angle:- Even the ordering counter is curved at an angle; plus there is a beam:- To the rear of the unit, it has several angles:-
  16. Master Cecil, would appreciate if you can advise on the stacks with maindoor/balcony facing the drainage/水沟, are they inauspicious (割脚水)? How about those facing the Eco park/ Mrt track? Many many Thanks.
  17. How to understand key areas of your individual ba zi, through illustrations:
  18. Cecil Lee

    Front Entrance Steps

    At Thomson Road
  19. Case Study - Spice Garden With the requirement of weekly fogging to prevent mosquito breeding, herbs or spices planted in a condominium cannot be eaten. Location : Prive EC.. no more herbs.. just regular shrubs planted where the spices were suppose to be. Even if herbs or spices are available: the maxim - see but not eat applies, here
  20. Old Airport Food Centre: Kim Chinese Style Satay Consistent standards..peanut sauce added with pineapple ..although too little of pineapple. My favourite is their chicken satay, tender and moist.. melt in the mouth.. Their side dish Muah Chee is equally good and popular. Usually opens around 3.30pm .. can order over the phone. Closed on Wednesday’s. Although there are at least another 4 more satay stalls.. this is my first choice. Once upon the time Fatman Malay halal satay was also sold at this Food Centre.. somehow...their minced meat Chicken is more dry or not tender at all.
  21. Authentic Soup Prawn Noodle Frequently Long queues.... Locatrion as circled...
  22. Can I change job in 2018? Mr Ba Zi at Age 37-45 (2017 -2026) with Major Career Movement Luck
  23. Cecil Lee

    Is this style of headboard ok for good fengshui?

    Do you know that from statistics: it was found that the two areas with the most accidents in the home are: 1. the Kitchen and 2. the toilet(s) 1. Common sense says that kitchen involves: heat / fire and sharp objects. There were more accidents involving young ones in the toilet especially drowning cases, also. 2. But do you know.. my home has a THIRD unsafe area: my master bedroom. Due to falling objects.... above my head...
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