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  3. 1. Please note that there is already an existing thread:- 2. New Here?
  4. Hi Master, What do you think of kebun baru new BTO project - stack 123 (main door facing ne)? Stack 127 and 125 highest floor is 4, thus Stack 123 has west sun facing the main bedroom wall. Is it true that for period 9, ne facing is the most inauspicious? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks. Attached site and floor plan for stack 123.
  5. Hi Master, What do you think of kebun baru new BTO project - stack 123 (main door north east facing)? Stack 123 has west sun facing main bed room door tho. Is it true that for period 9, ne facing is the most inauspicious? Looking forward to your advice! Thank you.
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  7. Question: Both my live-in girlfriend and myself are ox, and next year is ox. I'm hearing from friends that there are feng shui related tasks we should do to prevent any clash. Can you please advise , or if there's an extra report we need to purchase, we can do so promptly. Please note that traditional and authentic Feng Shui is purely scientific. The rest of your questions are based on non-traditional stuffs be it taboos / superstitions or a means for people to push commercial products. Often "the Feng Shui related tasks" is the recommendation to place something at e.g.
  8. Question: (1). Just out of curiosity, do house numbers have or dictate any element to them? If so, is it the entire number, the last two digits, etc? (2). What are the numbers for: Water Wood Earth Metal Fire Landed property house numbering is also subject to different interpretations = especially based on someone applying certain formulas under Chinese Numerology or even use of Gua (Kua) numbers. As a result, if asked for an opinion, there will always be lots of conflicting signals either positive or negative. If so, then you migh
  9. Case Study: "What empathy? Just give me what I WANT!” Dear Master, I am female Yang Wood Rat applying for 2-Room (Type 2) flat. May I know:- 1) Among units 301, 303, 305, 181, 183, 185, 187 which few units are best suitable for me? Or if not, which other units do you suggest? 2) Blk 909A or 908A which fengshui is better for me? Thanks. Let me show you my true colours, here: "Although I can delete my account. Instead, I want YOU to do it for me!"
  10. Hello. i am looking forward to purchase #06 stack. Could you elaborate more on this unit? its a 2+1 Bedroom. Thank you.
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  12. 1. Many Feng Shui Masters are actually a Feng Shui Store in disguise.
  13. Case Study: Do you know that even if a geomancer says that the site is excellent, all sites are govern by the concept of the Bell Curve 1. Remember, even if a geomancer says that this is a good development. However, a good unit also depends on where it is within the development: 2. Is your potential unit under the Good, the Bad or the Ugly? 3. Often if one is lucky, even if the unit is not so fantastic superficially. Some units are like an unpolished gem. While others unfortunately may be a hopeless rotten apple. 3.1. Just imagine, if the unit is like a 10 year
  14. Please do a search in this forum for "Quantum Leap" and this is what Location, location, location or Lx3 looks like in Feng Shui:- more...
  15. No, no! It is the External environment, the Site, the Block, the Unit. Here, in Feng Shui, it is literally or better known as Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. Aiyoh! Feng Shui is not about accessibility and convenience. This has more to do with Real Estate ... Good if so. But a secondary consideration only. Feng Shui is about Earth Luck and potential Wealth / Health luck. LOL
  16. Hello Shifu, Thank you for taking the time to reply so promptly. Truly appreciate it. For reference this unit is at xxxxxx By location, are you referring to accessibility and convenience? I'm planning to view the unit again in the evening (around 6pm) to feel whether the soak-in effect is really an issue. P.S. Appended by Cecil Lee. For privacy, I have masked out the Block and location. Best of Luck! Yes, it is the smart thing to do-:)
  17. Currently in Singapore there are two classifications of Feng Shui Masters. 1. One group only eats and sleeps on the Front door. 2. Thus unfortunately, often the assessment differs from whom you may want to seek advice. 3. Before engaging a FSM, always check their inclination: Is it the Front door? Hmm.. LOL
  18. You wrote: "... would like to check whether the layout and facing is suitable?" One must do due diligence with a Feng Shui Triage. For example: The main breadwinner's birth date + exact compass readings + lease commencement date are some of the considerations under such a scientific Feng Shui assessment. And the marks awarded in terms of suitability can consists of:- 1. Location, location, location = 70% 2. Frontage = 10% 3, Kitchen = 10% 4. Main Bedroom
  19. 1. This unit potentially every afternoon till roughly 5.30pm on a sunny day will have the afternoon sun rays soaking into the master bedroom wall. 2. HDB walls are often able to as mentioned above "soak-in" the afternoon sun heat and often even as late as 8pm, the heat could ooze out of the master bedroom wall. 3. It is because of this reason that is why many experienced persons who had such experience will testify that if they had known, they would try to avoid such a home like "the plague." 4. Through the course of my Feng Shui experience, when I do an audit review, I of
  20. Hello Shifu! I'm considering to buy this HDB unit and would like to check whether the layout and facing is suitable? I was told that west sun shining into the master bedroom is not ideal at all. I've also attached a picture of the vicinity and the general orientation of the unit for your reference. It's basically located at the corner of the L-shape configuration of the building. Thanks in advance for your guidance!
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