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  2. Dear Master, I know this is quite old post and I'm not sure if it's still valid. But I'll just try my luck posting a quick question here. i've recently bought a bokken (japanese practising samurai sword made of hard plastic), which I'm keen to learn sword technique martial art. Does this consider bladed weapon as the edges are blunt except for the tip which a bit sharp. If so, what are the precautions to take note or fengshui figure to place in my room if I'm keeping it in my wooden wardrobe/ drawer ? regards, Chris.
  3. Additional resources on understanding Time Zones etc...
  4. A person bon between 11pm to 1am. Should I change my birth day? For example, in this illustration, a person was born on 6th February between 11pm to 1am. Is this person born on 6th February or suppose to be 7th February?
  5. It is good to give the time of birth as in some instances it might affect the favourable elements &/or colours for individuals. Time of birth can be given between:- 1 to 2.59am or pm 3 to 4.59am or pm 5 to 6.59am or pm 7 to 8.59am or pm 9 to 10.59am or pm For example:- Cannot be between 2pm to 5pm thus should be either:- [ ] 1pm to 2.59am or [ ] 3pm to 4.59pm
  6. 1. Some geomancers insist that if a person was born on the RAT hour (11pm to 1am) or 2300HRs to 0100HRs the birth day will have to be changed. 1.1 Thus if a person was born on 6th February between 11pm to 1am: the geomancer claim that the birth day is now 7th February. 2. However, there is such thing as the RAT hour shared between TWO days:- 2.1. Thus if one was born on 6th Feburary at 0000HRS, the person will always be born on that day. 2.2. Or if the person was born on 6th Feburary at 2359HRS. It is still on the 6th Feburary and not 7th February. 3. This is an expanded view taking into consideration 5th February:- 3.1. Same thing, If born within the 24 hours of 5th February will remain a 5th February birthday person. No such thing as changed to 6th February:-
  7. The young and not so young love this...
  8. Yesterday
  9. "Question: 1. You have seen so many developments. Should we give this development a miss?" For units facing "easterly" with a commanding view of the sea and no afternoon sun. Many of my clients both in Regentville or at this 100 palms HAVE a primary motive of a school with the motto "Ready to serve" aka Royth School. This site is not fantastic. Overall an average site: where there is a busy Yio Chu Kang Road; and North facing stacks face into Regentville. And there are some poison arrows from Regent ville towards several North facing stacks/units + some lower units face the MSCP or Regent ville. From a Feng Shui perspective, the 3 bedders facing Salvation Army are acceptable so long as high floors are purchased. As there are roof-lines that can cut into several units, here. Pool view facing units are acceptable. I know of several clients who had previously explored purchase of Regentville for an ulteriol motive: a popular school with the moto "Ready to serve!" Let's hope that school Roysth does not move into another premises.... then Oops! In my opinion, this year's best development or for that matter for quite sometime would have to be this development:- For units facing "easterly" with a commanding view of the sea and no afternoon sun.
  10. This roof-line (red arrow) is considered a poison arrow. Fortunately, it is not aimed towards any stack/unit. Thus pose no threat to any unit.
  11. Pavilion roof-line's poison arrow from the sharp edge is shielded by the palm tree. As such, even if it is aimed towards a unit, so Long as the tree is there. There is no cause for concern, here.
  12. Sha Qi and Poison arrows from sharp corners of buildings. It is preferred to get a better understanding looking at a TOP down or helicopter view of the map. Take for example this illustration of HDB Punggol Sapphire:- Blk 266C, 266D and 265D are at a distance to cause a poison arrow from the sharp corners of their buildings. In this illustration, even the furthest purple arrow is also within the distance to cause a poison arrow. Thus this is the correct distance to cause a poison arrow.
  13. Thanks Master Lee for your help.
  14. Well said Master, better avoid the trees all the time.
  15. Pictures of the Substation built, facing Stack 10. Looking at the Site Plan, looks like the Bin Centre will be built next to the Substation too. Understand that Substation and Bin Centre are not ideal in terms of Radiation and Smells. Any other concerns in terms of Feng Shui? If interested on Stack 10, above how many floors will be better? Would Stacks 9, 16 & 15 be affected by Substation too?
  16. Unconventional wave-form or bicycle racks. Looks overbuilt. And there are no visible bolts on the cement floors. Location: Boon Keng
  17. Many thanks for your advice and provision of many additional help, including choosing the unit number.
  18. More crucial is the unit's main door above the roof-line of the opposite block. If it is above the red-line then no issue. Given that it difficult to judge from that photo etc...
  19. Thanks Master again for your help. Even the building is many block away can still be considered as poison arrow ? Is there anyway to fix this poison arrow ?
  20. Okay thanks! Earlier.. cannot see clearly the photo clearly. Actually the purple pointed zone is bad sha qi or poison arrow. The good news is that these two buildings are quite a distance away as far as the 2D photo shows or suggest.
  21. Thanks Master for your advise. We would like to check how about the building behind as highlighted in red ?
  22. Hi Master Cecil Tan Can I have your view on the Eight Riversuites developmemt? Thank you.
  23. My husband and I are interested in giving our front porch a much needed makeover. I have been interested in Feng Shui for a very long time and I definitely want to do this right. We removed the bush this afternoon and would really like some advice before moving forward. Our front door faces northeast (34 degrees). I am thinking of painting the front door orange and adding some type of water wall and possibly a pergola. I would greatly appreciate any direction provided. Thanks!
  24. As the photo was taken at an angle; so Long as the red roof line is below the corridor "yellow" strip-line is no issue.
  25. We are interested in one of the unit. However, From the main door, We kind of saw there is a sharp cones object facing the main door. We would like to check whether is the pics we took really show poison arrow facing main door. If yes what is the remedy.
  26. Last week
  27. If the trees are higher than the lightning rods, there is a high probability of lightning striking the trees. In a few places, I have been; I have seen how lightning strike a tree. And near to this tree, lightning took a chunk out of the side brick.. as it tries to find it's way to the earth. The danger of lightning is that one will never hear it coming. As by the time it does strike... the sound of it will come too late. Thus, if there is any sign of potential rain, best to keep clear of the sky garden! Pronto! If one should be caught in a thunderstorm... the safest is to go into that trellis area. As it's roof would have lightning rods that have metal trailing towards the ground....
  28. Close up shots of the Sky Park, touted as the "Younger Brother" of MBS Sky Deck.
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