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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hi Everyone, 1) Daily.Geomancy.Net - Free Comprehensive Daily Chinese Horoscope & Ba Zi Feng Shui Forecast is now Mobile Friendly I have revamp our popular daily forecast layout to a responsive template and will now be suitable for viewing with your mobile devices. It should be easier to read and take up less space than the earlier layout. This Today's Detailed Forecast link is now available on our main page at the 2017 Forecast area for users to enjoy on the mobile browsers. However, the daily forecast chart will not be shown on the main page on mobile browser as it will take up too much display space. Previously, this link and chart was only made available for Tablet and Desktop browsers only. URL: http://daily.geomancy.net With the new responsive templates ready in the Online.Geomancy.Net, we are also ready to update more of our reports to make it fully mobile friendly just as our Geomancy.Net or Forum.Geomancy.Net websites 2) Palmistry.Net - Our Palmistry Resources is now Mobile Friendly Our palmistry site is also fully converted to a responsive template, and is now available for viewing on mobile devices. URL: http://www.palmistry.net 3) Re-updated all our other sites with a latest revision of the Layout Template As there were some further optimization tweaks and bug fixes on the Latest Website Templates and the Navigation Menu, which I removed off the Navigation Menu title, giving more space for the navigation menu especially for mobile browsers. This latest version have been updated to Shop.Geomancy.Net, Pictures.Geomancy.Net and other sites. So there continue to be a consistent look and feel throughout the site. Hope you enjoy the changes! Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  3. This is not as bad as my earlier illustrations.
  4. Last week
  5. HI, we plan to buy a house but the only place to put the bed is on the same wall as the sink....half of he headboard would have the sink opposite to it. Please see attached image. Is this okay?
  6. Dear master I am attaching plan of apartment with its north facing direction. My dad kua number - 1 My mom kua number - 2 Bed is located facing south east in bedroom which actually suits for my dad in terms of sleep and wealth wise but this arrangement doesn't suits my mom and she keeps on complaining about unsounded sleep. Can you please tell direction to place bed which can be suited for both of them or can we use feng Shui cure. And also south east is in bedroom what cure can i use to attract wealth Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, Thank everyone for their feedback and patience as we revamp our website! I am pleased to announce a New and Improved Main Page launched. Our site has a wealth of resources and tools, however it was never easy designing a main page that can bring out the contents in an easy yet organized way. However, I believe this latest layout brings out our original "Learn and Apply Feng Shui navigation menu concept" in the old site design, better than ever before. At the same time, the new layout still allowed latest updates to be featured prominently in both Desktop and Mobile layout! 1) New & Improved Main Page The new main page organizes and groups related sections together in the same visible area. Such as:- Daily Forecast + 2017/2018 Forecast Main Feature Content + Latest Site News Learning Resource + Personalized Reports + Get Expert Advice Home Consultation + SG. Property Reviews House Hunting + Auspicious Dates + Other Related Resources Each section contains all the useful resources in a list, along with related sections placed side by side (on larger devices). This makes it easy to find all the useful resources on site in that section as well, as have related sections close or next to each other to continue browsing other sections of the site. This makes all the "key" site features available right from the main page with many tools that users may use every day available at a glance. For example, those looking for the daily forecast, can focus on the daily forecast section with everything related there. Or those looking for house Hunting Resources, can zoom in to the property reviews or House Hunting sections etc. So that just visiting out main page and you will be able to find everything you need. In addition, certain features like Daily Forecast / Main Feature Content are hidden away in mobile devices since they are a little small for such contents. This makes it better for mobile browsers as well. 2) Improved Navigation Menu (Right Collapsible Sidebar) When we re-launched our brand new site, the sidebar was white which sometimes doesn't make the navigation easy to read vs the rest of the site content. And it initially I used used an accordion type layout which works nicely on desktop and tablet, but I noticed, that on some smaller mobile devices, the space was quite narrow to show the content properly. Since then, I have improved this and changed it to a more darker theme and adjusted a nice font size comfortable for both desktop/mobile devices. In addition, a floating menu is used on larger desktop, so that there is no need to scroll the sidebar just to find the next level of menu which is very suitable for browsing with the mouse. And in the mobile/tablet, a scrolling style navigation which allows for finger swiping support is used. This makes the navigation menu a lot better to use in the respective devices. 3) FengShui.Geomancy.Net & other shortcuts In order to keep a more recognizable site presence, instead of a longer "Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net", I created a new shortcut url "FengShui.Geomancy.Net", that will be the branded throughout our entire network. This is not only serve as a functional shortcut URL to "www.geomancy.net" or "geomancy.net", as well as, a shorter site branding for the entire network especially for search engines. There were also a few other shortcuts added/updated to make it easy to link to those useful sections of the sites, such as our these following useful shortcuts:- URL: http://daily.geomancy.net - Comprehensive Daily Forecast URL: http://dates.geomancy.net - Free Auspicious Dates Report 4) Back-end Server Caching and Database Performance Tweaks Since the new site launch, I have been re-tweaking the various site CDN, database and Cache performance. I believe the current setting is now very highly optimized to ensure that users will have a fast and smooth loading site! Hope you enjoy the changes! There are still more changes coming, and we will announce it as they are available. Warmest Regards Robert Lee
  8. Earlier
  9. Clusters of bamboo and banboo stumps. Some of the stumps have cavities. And potential for mosquito breeding.
  10. 6 new Build-To-Order (BTO) projects launched in February 2017 Northshore Cove and Waterway Sunrise II in Punggol Clementi NorthArc Clementi Peaks Tampines GreenBloom Tampines GreenFlora
  11. This Coffeeshop at Canberra, Sembawang made offerings of Five(s): Five generous cups of coffee and Five cups of tea. Here, they are praying to the Five gods: North, South, East, West and also to the centre god or god if the earth = 5 gods
  12. Poison arrow from clubhouse roof-line. When I visited The Botannia @ West Coast recently; The trees have grown so high that they are higher than the roof-line of the clubhouse. As such, the sharp lines of the clubhouse roof-line no longer pose a threat to the 4th storey units...
  13. Poison arrow from hanging lamp post balcony light (Self-inflicted poison arrow) or "score own goal"
  14. Master Cecil Lee, I am in the midst of selecting a unit in Punggol Northshore Trio Bto release. Currently I am interested in 2 particular units (BLK 410A #24-538 & BLK 411A #25-500) and hope to receive your general feng shui advises on these 2 units Attached is the site layout and I have highlighted the 2 units in red circles. Thank you for taking your time. Vanessa
  15. Hi, i would like to seek your opinion whether stack 20 or stack 13 of the highline residence suits me better. I am born in 1974. Female. Based on your diagram above, stack 20 is N2 and stack 13 belongs to S2. Stack 20, the door faces south with balcony facing north. Stack 23 has its door facing east, and balcony facing south. I read some articles that my kua should avoid having door facing the east, as it could lead to total loss, ie bankruptcy. Does it apply in this case?
  16. School of Manpower Management was formerly housed in Seletar West Camp
  17. 1. This is considered as 16 steps. 2. Outside or outdoor steps are considered as " Nice-to " and not a Must-do.
  18. Thank you Sir! My apologies for the rough drawing I earlier sent. Here is another perspective view of the same porch stairs. From my understanding, this is considered 16 steps. I actually still have the flexibility of adjusting the steps since we are not finished with the construction. Would you then suggest that I add one more step to make this 17? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks again. Very much appreciated. Best Regards, Cristina
  19. This "new A marking" Another main consideration is the walls (of any) and the flow of Qi Here, after a re-look; IF there is no wall at marking A to allow Qi to turn to B; then it should be 16 steps and not 17th. Further more,if there is also no wall directly opposite marking B to force Qi to flow to B; again it should be say 16 steps. These were not considered in my earlier reply.
  20. Please refer to illustration: Blue arrow = step 1 If both A and B pathway tiles looks identical even if slightly different material then can be considered as "flowing" or added as a say "17th". But if the Colours of A and B are so different then A should not be counted.
  21. Dear Sir, thank you very much for your quick reply. It was very helpful If you could indulge me with one more question please.... I'd like to know if our stairs leading to the porch is counted as 16 or 17 steps. Should I count the 1 step from the sidewalk, leading to the ground ( garage level ) inside the property? Thanks again. Best Regards, Cristina
  22. Yes, it can be considered an additional 10th step if the material looks the same material. But have to weigh safety considerations of tripping (if any)
  23. Sorry about that Sir. Attached is a photo of our side entrance/stairs. I'd like to get your valuable input as to whether doing the half step will make the steps count auspicious. Looking forward to your advise. Thank you and more power. T.
  24. Frankly, without a photo it is difficult to say for sure.
  25. Good evening Sir! I have a question about counting steps and would very much appreciate if you can help me get some answers. I am confused whether our house is a 9-step or a 10 step. There are 9 steps before you enter the door. But a total of 10 steps if I include the step once I enter the door. I understand 9 is inauspicious while 10 is auspicious so it makes a lot of difference for me. Hope to get some enlightenment on this as our house is still being constructed. Thanks for your time. Best Regards, T.
  26. Source: thenewpaper All three family members started to fall sick...
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