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  2. Cecil Lee

    The cure that rules them all

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  4. Cecil Lee

    Making Home Choices

  5. Cecil Lee

    Making Home Choices

    In my opinion, for 364 or 366 at least 5 or 6 storeys or higher preferred. If it is me, between 366 or 364, I would prefer 366 between these two. As for 342, expect some traffic noise especially up to 5th storey. Hopefully there is not much construction noise from the opposite construction site to the right of the stack/unit. The Jalan Kayu Road is not a concern for 342 For this 342 stack/unit, firstly higher floors + if on days of very windy days, control the wind with the casement windows. As too much wind can affect both health or wealth. However, with such a heavy built-up from Punggol towards Sengkang.. nowadays don't expect gale force winds unless it is the monsoon season. Personal, I prefer more privacy .. higher floor, service road in the estate no issue. I may personally consider 342 my 1st choice, 366 2nd. Again, only if higher floors for 342. Best of Luck!
  6. Cecil Lee

    Bedroom makeover help

    These are some considerations: 1. Often when we step into a bedroom, instinctively, many of us immediately have an idea especially of where our bed should be placed. 2. Shapes and Forms prevails over the Gua. Here, the Gua bed-direction is considered as "nice-to" and not a "must-do". 2.1 If we encounter a situation like what you are in now: "How to fit a Square Peg in a Round hole".. then DON'T! 3. Thus refer to Para 1, above!
  7. Hermenegilda

    Bedroom makeover help

    Hi. I am new to this forum and to the idea of Feng Shui. And TBH, the more I read about it, the more confused I am. It just seems that there is no good bed placement in my bedroom. The room is pretty small and narrow, the window is more or less in the middle of the narrower wall and it's facing southeast. The door is placed opposite to the window, closer to the right side of the room. Also my Gua number is seven, so my head bed should be facing southwest but then I would be sleeping right between the window and the door... I just can't figure out what would be best in my case. Please help.
  8. Singa Hills @ Eunos is a freehold development with blocks each 5 storeys high.
  9. Straits Mansion is a boutique development with just 25 units. Site plan with a total of 6 stacks: Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, it is always good to live in a single tower block home.
  10. L x 3 Could have scored higher if not for Keramat (graveyard) at a distance = rear of the development.
  11. Could have been higher if not for SOHO and CONDO = specific stacks facing West Coast Highway and direct afternoon sun.
  12. In 1966, the Daisy Suites site was virgin land. In the 1970’s the landed estates sprouted. Today, the development is beside ECON Medicare Centre. ECON has a fillet of private ambulances. Otherwise, this is a private landed estate.
  13. Flying Star Feng Shui of Sorrento This development has majority of the stacks/units facing either N1 or S1 directions. While the remainder faces either NE1 or SW1 favouring the west group persons. Under Period 8, N1 has the auspicious double 8s at it's frontage. Good if the frontage has a water position. Good if the master bedroom is located at NE sector. As it has good auspicious star combinations of MS#6 + WS#1. If a bedroom is located at East is good for a bedroom cum study. The rest of other sectors has inauspicious stars. And may need to be disarmed. S1 The combined auspicious wealth stars MS#8 + WS#8 are at the "rear" of the unit. Such a waste as usually this is the kitchen & yard area. It will be good if a bedroom is located at East sector: good for studies. If the main entrance is located at NE, this will be excellent as there are good combinations of MS#1 with WS#6 in this sector. The remainder of the stacks/units: NE1. Has the auspicious water wealth #8 star at the frontage. Thus, units with water position at the frontage (balcony side) can enjoy good Feng Shui. If so, the sum-of-ten can be activated for : Health, wealth and family luck. If the unit is not facing a water position, then best to place a water position at the balcony area to activate the luck. On the downside; the other sectors in such a home has bad stars that best to be disarmed or neutralised. SW1. As the water wealth #8 is at the frontage; water at the frontage is good. It will be advantages if the unit faces a pool of water or activate a water position at the balcony area. As such overall, the unit can activate the sum-of-ten. Need though to disarm bad stars in many sectors of the home. To disarm health related considerations.
  14. A single freehold block 5 storeys high. Under Flying Star Feng Shui, the stacks either face Period 8 N2 or S2
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