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  2. At 17 & 19 Kim Yam Road
  3. Photos of the exterior facade
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  5. This is not Feng Shui. But many ECs have a group buy for this: most compact wired bell. The bell socket can be found directly above the cavity for your fridge in Treasure Crest: MK Wired Battery Operated Melody Door Chime suitable for BTO HDB and Condo (Door Bell Chime). Three years ago if bought from an electrical shop selling MK branded switches etc..., it was only $10/-. But today I understand the price range between $20 to $25/-. The battery compartment is at the front. And the battery can easily be changed. Needs 3 x AAA’s. Many tones to choose from. P.S. I am Erh.. hm m... selling this. Just sharing a good thing, that’s a ll!
  6. There goes our three years of peace and quiet + and mostly blocked views for those affected.
  7. This is not Feng Shui. But many ECs have a group buy for this: most compact wired bell. The bell socket can be found directly above the cavity for your fridge in Treasure Crest: MK Wired Battery Operated Melody Door Chime suitable for BTO HDB and Condo (Door Bell Chime). In the past if bought from a specialty electrical shop, it was only $10/-. But today I understand the price range between $20 to $25/-. The battery compartment is at the front. And the battery can easily be changed. Needs 3 x AAA’s. Many tones to choose from. P.S. I am Erh.. hmm... selling this. Just sharing a good thing, that’s all!
  8. Cecil Lee

    where should i place my altar table w/floorplan

    A Feng Shui expert often teach their clients the art of placing a Chinese Loupan directly (on the horizontal level) below the deity. To increase it’s power. For the novice, fool hardy to place it vertical behind the deity. To be effective, the proper settings is used. However, please don’t follow this. As it is not one size fits all!
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  10. Cecil Lee

    Preliminary application of Feng Shui Triage

    Thanks These are some considerations: 1. 阳宅三要 or Yang Zhai San Yao The three major considerations in a home: Main Door or Frontage, the Kitchen & Bedrooms ( and their suitability to the main breadwinner and if possible each family member’s) 2. You have done the comparison, that is good. 3. Many Professional Feng Shui Masters, don’t just look at this simplistic model and then come to a premature conclusion. 4. You are missing:- 4.1. Location, location and location: External and internal Shapes and Forms. This accounts for 70 percent of the considerations or decisions. 4.2. The other Compass School: What you applies Eight House concept only accounts for 15% of the total of 100 marks. What happens to the other 15% based on Flying Stars? 5. To summaries: Location, Location, Location = 70%. The bulk is the external Feng Shui, followed by the site or building. Although you looked at some smaller issues such as toilet at the centre, missing corner(s)... that is just not good enough. Eight House = 15% Flying Stars = 15% 6. Furthermore, you have not stated who is the main breadwinner. 6.1 If it is a male; are you aware that for one of the charts: the kitchen is at NW. 6.2 If not sure why, do a search for “Fire at Heaven’s Gate”. 7. Therefore, tell me how am I going to advice on such rudimentary /superficial diagnosis. Without looking at the big picture. 8. Although you made good effort; unfortunately, no offence, this is just basic or Primary School Feng Shui at the very best. 8.1 The saying goes: “This is just the Tip of The iceberg. What happens to the other 90% that is still under the water.”
  11. Dear Master, I am trying to apply your Feng Shui Triage to compare the 2 following floor plans, would really appreciate it if you can advise whether my analysis and conclusions are correct. Unit A with NE door: Negatives: Toilet in the centre, Disaster at the Door, Irritation in Master Bedroom, study in between 2 toilets Positives: Excellent in Kids rooms, Longevity in Kitchen, Prosperity at Dining Area, Health in Living Room, Death in North-West missing corner, Spook in Toilet Unit B with NW door: Negatives: Toilet in the centre, Death at the Door, Irritation in Master Bedroom, Spook in Dining area, Prosperity in Toilet, study in between 2 toilets Positives: Excellent in Kids rooms, Longevity in Kitchen, Disaster in North-East missing corner, Heath in Master Bedroom Unit A is good as it has more positives compared to negatives. Unit B is bad as negatives are more than positives. Conclusion: can buy Unit A but cannot buy Unit B.
  12. Cecil Lee

    Is new Dawson HDB flats bad fengshui?

    These are some considerations: 1. Know clearly what are and not threats. 1.1. For example it is often common to mistake a “threat” if one does not really know the science of what to look out for. 1.2 Often, for the untrained eye, even at whatever angle, one seems to think that it is indeed a poison arrow of the sharp corner of a building aimed towards, one’s home. Even if scientifically, this is a miss. Thus as the saying goes, a miss is as good as a mile. Phew! 1.3 In many past messages, I had mentioned the concept of “If it is no longer seen (assuming that this is a real threat) it is no longer a threat” applies. 2. Here, if the sharp corner of the other building is aimed towards a unit’s opening such as a window(s) or balcony (especially ECs and Condos) then this is considered a threat. 3. For bedroom windows, one may easily consider the use of day curtains or “permanent” blinds. 4. But if the threat is aimed towards a living room window especially at the centre of the living room; it is hard to cure. Since one would have to draw down the curtains. Based on above Para 1.3. As the major cure. 5. Best to get a person who is well versed in understanding the science of such poison arrow to be on-site to do such a check. 6. Surprisingly sometimes some FS masters get it totally wrong also. Thus anyone, need not be a FS master, may even have the “temperament” to guage this. 7. Thus, for now, one may have to cross-fingers and hope that Para 4. Does not apply to one’s new home. Here the term “taking a calculated risk!” Applies.
  13. Guest

    Is new Dawson HDB flats bad fengshui?

    Hello Master Cecil Lee, I am looking at the SkyOasis @ Dawson unit Block 43A stack 318 and stack 316. I will like to enquire if it is being threatened by the poison arrow from the new ongoing Queens Peak just opposite these block. Is there anyway to counter it if it is being threatened by the poison arrow. Regards Jj1991
  14. Cecil Lee

    First Time Open Door Procedure: New Home

    In my open, this is the largest sprouts of green beans that I had seen = massive! Location: Treasure Crest! Huat Ah! It’s size when compared with a small sized Huat kuay:- Size in relation to the home:- A Diaso $2 plastic container. The size in cm can be seen from this label:
  15. Whistler Grand by CDL Pegasus Pte. Ltd. (Subsidiary of City Developments Limited) at 105, 107 & 109 West Coast Vale 2 Blocks of 36-Storey Residential Buildings with 716 Residential Units + 2 Shops An arrow-head site. The site belongs to the fire element.
  16. Hi Everyone, 1. Online.Geomancy.Net - My Feng Shui Report Management v15.20 is now live and active. 2. Now nearly all the free (public & member area) have been migrated over to the new version with about 80% of the reports migrated over to the new version. 3. Only some of the 20% of paid reports (ie Ba Zi Reports, Flying Star, House Hunting) is still using the old report system. This is to ensure that we do more testing before we completely replace them. 4. There is also integrated links for Admin to cross-check the New and Old Reports so that we can ensure UAT before the new reports are replaced and/or double check the reports. 5. There is also a lot of back-end cleaning up of codings, cleaning up of templates, and removal of old codes/old templates/old url links/old scripts no longer in used. This will improve the coding structure as well as improve performance of report generation and prepare for more improvements in generating more complex reports. Hence, you will noticed the entire member area and report generate a lot faster than before. We are still actively monitoring, tweaking and improving the system. Thank you for your patience as we upgrade the system! Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact me!
  17. Cecil Lee

    House Numbers

    1. You can actually use Geomancy.net's Free report:- https://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/free-feng-shui-reports/house-number-report/about-house-number-report 2. The above is based on Vertical Flying Star Feng Shui for high-rise buildings. It does not look at block numbers. But rather unit numbers e.g. #06-29 or #012-29 etc... 3. Frankly, this is more for brand new developments where there are many new units for selection. Thus one can check eg. #06-69, #07-69, #08-69 etc... 4. More critical in Feng Shui is Location, location, location with Horizontal Flying Star (Fei Xing) Feng Shui and other considerations like bedrooms/frontage/kitchen suitability etc... 5. I often, give this very low weightage if any. And am not too worried if the significance or meaning is not auspicious. 6. My rationale is because, some homes even HDB and condos/ECs have different heights, plus some homes are at elevated ground. By the time we count level #3, it could in-fact be level #9. As the ground is elevated etc..
  18. Cecil Lee

    House Numbers

    1. Please re-read what I wrote earlier. 1.1 For example: "Para 3. From now 2004 to 2023; the above two stars #7 turns bad. And becomes "Theft or robbery star = lost opportunities" and PAST PROSPERITY." The clue was that "the above two stars #7 turns bad from now to 2023. This shows that luck change during each period.
  19. myfs_140190

    House Numbers

    So the real question is, if a house is built during a bad period, does the luck change when the period changes? Right now, for this specific house, the period is good, but the actual year it was built was bad. Does the luck change during each period, that is the question.
  20. David79

    House Numbers

    Hi Master, my humble 3 HDB flat built in 1967 and the block number is 56 house number got 0629. Is okie? House main door facing north west have affect the numbers? Pls advise. Thank you Master
  21. Part 5: Reading between the lines of the Parc Esta's Sales Brochure
  22. Part 4: Case Study: Shapes & Forms and Flow of Qi 1. In general, Blocks especially 902, 908 & 916 are truly North-South facing. 2. While the rest of the other blocks may not be exactly true North-South facing, but still generally aligned around this Northerly and Southerly directions. 3. This is a plus point. Given that if one studies geography: High and Low pressure zones can affect the wind-flow in a development. 3.1. The sea is directly facing South. While inland is North. 3.2. If one had studied geography, because of the sunshine and temperature variation cause High and Low pressure zones and vice versa between inland and the sea. 3.3. Thus for Parc Esta, this is what one would often get: windy conditions as shown in the wind-flow. Thus the wind will flow North-South or South-North directions. 3.4. Thus pockets of gaps between each block is good. But the gap should have been wider. Overall, kudos for this. Instead of con-joint blocks like the previous enbloc layout plan. Winds in the East Coast of Singapore often flows in a North-South (vice-versa) direction. Unlikely for winds blowing East-West (vice-versa) 3.5 Block 908 with stacks 39, 40, 41 and 42 has it's plus and minus. Plus because on normal days, it has good Shapes and Forms due to it's commanding view (other than the guardhouse). The minus is sometimes too "EXPOSED" and should there be STRONG winds; fortunes can wane for the owners/tenants. 3.5.1 It is just like a home on a hill with barren ground : no trees etc.. to tame the winds. Thus during very windy days, best to control the luck by reducing the amount of strong winds forced into the unit.
  23. Part 3: Red Flages = Close proximity awarness of faciliies in the development: close to bin centre etc... 1. Low floors facing or next to Guard Post are often the last few to be sold. 2. Red flags especilly Bin Centre view, close proximity 2.1. Substation & Transformer Room (Stigma associated with this) 2.2 Shoppes (Dirty, insects, rodents etc) 2.3 Vehicular Ingrees and Egress (Poor Shapes & Forms) 2.4 Grill & Dine Pavilion (Smells) 2.5 Multipurpose Court (Noise pollution after 10pm?) 2.6 Clubhouse - be careful of roof-line as sha qi (if any) 2.7 Beside or looking towards the Changing Rooms 2.8 Tennis Court (Noise pollution) etc... 3. In addition, IF the central rubbish bin(s) [sometimes there are two: common & recycle (if any)] are located at the common lobby; before signing on the dotted line, insist from your ERA agent to get a copy of the common lobby layout plan to determine where the rubbin bin (is/are). 3.1. Avoid purchasing a unit with the bin beside the unit or directly facing the unit's main door.
  24. Part 2: Symmetric block layouts such at if one were to fold the site plan into half and open it up, each half's tower block is a mirror of the other. 1. This is the typical old style block layouts. Much like a symmetric human's face of a beautiful or handsome person.. found in nature. 2. Under Shapes and Forms, this is favourable and thus the estate is pleasant to the eyes whichever direction one drives past it. 3. In addition, although the sides of the blocks are relatively close to each other, there is adequate space between blocks to consider them POINT Block (Tower Blocks). 4. POINT Blocks (Tower Blocks) usually means safe qi flow around each block. And blocks on opposite sides of the pools and facilities are furthest away from each other. 4.1. Reminds one of the simple straight forward point blocks of Laguna Park/View, Principal Gardens, The Crest, Tanglin View, Dover Parkview etc... 5. Negatives are the Changi Road, Sims Avenue & MRT Train noise. Hopefully MCL can follow the que of The Visionaire by installing sound buffers especially above each of the balconys of the ""North" facing units (Sims Avenue) to absorb part of the above noise levels. 5.1. And MRT place the newer more quieter trans. Much like at The Visionaire, where even without the noise deflectors at the tracks, the noise is thus futher minimized. 5.2. South facing units e.g. Changi Road, should also have false ceilings at the balconys of these units to reduce the deflected traffic noise. 5.3. Indirectly, white pollution such as traffic noise can also be considered as a kind of Shapes and Forms Feng Shui good or bad. 6. No wonder with uniform many uniform blocks: T.O.P. is expected to be fast at end of 2022. Given that there are a total of 1399 + 5 shop units. Thus this development is said to belong to Period 8 Flying Stars Fei Xing Feng Shui. P.S. This is not Feng Shui. But once upon a time Sim Lian was a main contractor for MCL in some of their past projects in the 1990's.
  25. D-Day countdown by excited ERA agents... yells "Soon! Soon!" Yeah! "It's ours" Not Huttons! Hahaha! Yes, often, the standard is commission is not paid by the purchaser. The Parc Esta Site plan:
  26. Cecil Lee

    House Numbers

    These are some considerations: 1. A Period 7 home will often continue to apply the same Period 7 Flying Star chart unless circumstances range from a total rebuild to major renovations. The later will not be covered as it depends on varied interpretations by the conservatives to the more liberal Flying Star views. 2. In Period 7, the current prosperity wealth stars Mountain #7 and Water #7 are the current prosperity wealth stars during that period : 1984 to 2003. 3. From now 2004 to 2023; the above two stars #7 turns bad. And becomes "Theft or robbery star = lost opportunities" and PAST PROSPERITY. 4. Thus from 2004 to 2023: a Period 7 home still use the same Flying Star chart. But by now the wealth stars are Mountain #8 and Water #8. One can check where these two stars fall today (up to 2023). These Stars will affect the luck on that specific period.
  27. myfs_140190

    House Numbers

    Hi, If a house is built in a bad cycle, for example 147 spruce Street, built in 1995 during period 7 and is bad. And now we are in period 8. Does the house’s luck change with the new cycle 8?
  28. First spam using WhatsApp. Next spam email despite asking to post to the forum. LOL Nothing really to do with confusion. What confusion. LOL LOL That’s Life!
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