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  2. Case Study? What about morning sun? 1. No issue with morning sun. 2. As common sense says... by afternoon and evening this side of the house is cooler than the west-side.
  3. Case Study: The tenth (10th) Habit of Feng Shui: You Stay There! (We don't) What this actually means is that even if we don't stay there, we should try our very best to look into every consideration... 1. Even when I don't stay in this home, will always consider many factors: Feng Shui in relation to the afternoon sun:- 2. (Above) - The study table is considered in terms of son's ba zi + direction of afternoon sun.
  4. On 29 March 2020: In many cases, say 1 out of 5 emails sent to a Microsoft account went to the spam folder. The rest have been received by clients.
  5. Cecil Lee


    A mix of pink and white...
  6. >>Hi, how about 210A 11th floor 215? Thank you. >>Hi Master, May i check with you blk 210b unit #03/04-247 and #03-245 , hows the feng shui ? How about this:
  7. Hi Master Lee, Thank for your time spend on the discussion and explanation this morning.
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  9. Hi Master, May i check with you blk 210b unit #03/04-247 and #03-245 , hows the feng shui ? Thanks in advance!
  10. Cost on website sellers is around $18.90SGP DOLLARS... Someone advertise it in Serangoon North...
  11. Most likely it is a coincidence. And unlikely a threat: Given that what’s separating both floors is a concrete level. And even if the cactus is huge, it is not some sort of exploding grenade. There must be other imbalances within your home...
  12. Hi Master, What if its your downstairs direct hdb owner that placed a huge catus. Does it affect us on the level above? Coz after i purchased the flat we have been habing quarrels at home and also sprained a leg.
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  14. A private apartment comprising 1 block of 10 storeys high. Expected T.O.P. on 31 December 2023. Falls under Period 8, Flying Star Feng Shui.
  15. 1. How to choose each fruit? 2. Press the tip. If the tip is soggy, means that water has entered this part of the fruit. 2.1. Where is the tip of the fruit? 3. And also, if the fruit is soft, most likely it is “rotten”.
  16. HOW TO KNOW IF YOU HAVE A COVID-19 VIRUS These are the symptoms: Source: Ministry of Health, Singapore Day 1-3 1. Common Cold 2. Itchy throat 3. No fever, no fatigue & good eating & drinking seems normal. Day 4 1. Painful throat, more itchy/scratchy. The body is weak, & seems intoxicated 2. Hoarseness (husky voice) 3. 36.5° body temperature 4. Start to decrease appetite include not wanting to eat & drink water 5. Mild head pain/headache 6. Mild diarrhea Day 5 1. Inflammation of the throat (You might see white dots or patches in the back of your throat-might be red & swollen). Hoarseness until you lose your voice. 2. 36.5°-36.7° body temperature 3. The body is weak (body malaise) and joint pain(the pain is like rheumatism or gout) Day 6 1. 37° body temperature (fever) 2. A dry cough (coughing without phlegm) 3. Painful throat while eating, worsens when you swallow & when you talk 4. Body malaise, nausea or recurrent vomiting 5. Mild breathing problems/shortness of breath 6. Hand & finger pains 7. Vomiting (throwing up) and diarrhea (watery bowel movements) Day 7 1. High fever from 37.4°-37.8° 2. Persistent cough with phlegm 3. Headache/head pain along with diarrhea 4. Persistent diarrhea 5. Persistent vomiting Day 8 1. Fever 38° above 2. Breathing problems/Shortness of breath 3. Persistent cough 4. Headache, more joint pain, that passes in the lower back like pain in the buttocks (lumbar strain) Day 9 1. No relief at all 2. Fever is getting high temperature 3. Persistent cough with phlegm 4. Worsening shortness of breath If you feel all these, please go to the nearest Hospital's Emergency Room for a free testing kit and medication. There is no need to be afraid of having checked on what is being felt to avoid the loss of life for no reason. Thanks a lot! This should be something everyone should be aware of.
  17. At HDB Fernvale Riverbow ... Red banners In May 2020; this development is five years old. Ready for resale..
  18. A few months to a good 5 years = resale. Southern views ... mostly of Seletar Springs condo
  19. These are some considerations: 1. It is possible to make the North side as the frontage of the house. 2. Besides tilting the door.. in Feng Shui, there is another method practised by some Feng Shui Masters i.e. that of strategically bury a piece of material below the main door.
  20. Thanks Cecil for sharing your thoughts! We are fine with staying near a hospital (not scared or anything like that) but just unsure about the feng shui aspect of it. As such, we were wondering if you can share your thoughts on the blocks/units that are more acceptable in terms of fengshui? Thanks!
  21. 1. In my opinion, there are two considerations:- 1.1. Opinion 1: It all boils down to Stigma of staying close to a hospital. 1.1.1. Frankly, often when one's mind is set, it is difficult to change it. 1.1.2. Thus you already has doubts about this development with it's North and East boundary bounded by the hospital. 1.2.3. Others may also share the same view. Unless, perhaps one works at the hospital and/or rent a unit or the whole unit out (if qualified to do so.) 1.3. Thus, without talking about the 2nd point; if given a choice, look elsewhere. Given that it will certainly affect your future re-sale value. (I am not asking how much is the purchase price asked. If it is as much as any other flats not close-by to a hospital; then I wouldn't want to pay such average price). 1.4. Okay, Feng Shui does not usually consider the price. But more often, homes with better views e.g. a condo unit facing a pool side OFTEN is priced higher than one facing elsewhere. 1.5. With this Covid-19 "curse" more have opened their eyes towards illness and proximity to hospital. 2. The other day, whilst visiting a nearby condo around Anchorvale Isles, I did not go near the Sengkang Hospital area. But was wondering where is their mortuary? 2.1. This is because every hospital has a mortuary + an identification area where one gets to confirm the deceased is theirs + a storage room. 2.2. Thus, it is to some a morbid nightmare to have one's unit close-by to this mortuary or looking towards it etc... 3. I have re-produced a past write-up of mine from HDB Towner Crest BTO.... Part 3: Any concern with the Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital & Sikh Temple? 1. Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital 1.1. In theory, the main concern is the location of the Pathology Department and the holding area of the deceased. Here, these two areas (which can be the same or close-by to each other). If so, best that one's home is not close-by to them. 1.2. Fortunately, as one can see the planners of this development has taken due consideration and placed the Multi-storey car park (MSCP), ESS, Precinct Pavilion, CCC etc.. as a buffer between the HDB flats and the hospital. 2. Stigma of one's home looking towards a hospital. 2.1. Unfortunately, there is always a group of persons or their loved ones who are superstitious and find it inauspicious for one's home to have a view of a hospital. If so, very difficult to convince such persons to look the other way. Hopefully, this is just a small group of persons. Below: Photo taken at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital looking towards Adora Green BTO: 2.2. I can recall DBSS HDB Adora Green. Two stacks of Block 348A were the highest priced stacks/units in this development. As it faces Yishun Pond but also overlooks Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH). The difference of course is the Hospital is like a kilometre away! Nevertheless, these stacks/units overlooks KTPH. 3. This photo (see below) is of Singapore General Hospital. Showing an example of the most inauspicious place at a hospital to avoid: Mortuary. Every Hospital has one.. just that some are less pronounced. P.S. For SGH, other than the nearby Clubhouse (where a client of my has a restaurant called Ka Soh with a michelin star award) no other living quarters are near to this block 9, the mortuary. Please note that SGH had recently gone through tremendous make-over. Thus things may have changed. As this resource was at least 6 years old! Source:
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