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  2. Wang De Fu Prawn Noodles at Shun Li Industrial Park Big $4/- with generous portions of prawns. Chilli not spicy could have been hotter. But filling.. or rather a comfort food. Most importantly, passed the test. Erh what test? No strong after taste of spices after the meal. As in many instances... garlic aroma still permeates in one’s mouth. Slightly sweet because I added an extra generous helping of chillies:- Took a snapshot of the customer in front of me collecting the soup based version:-
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  4. Case Study 2: Waste Collection at Forret using the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) [Case Study: A recent development is the use of the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) in some developments: ECs/condos and even some new HDB BTOs.] 1. In my opinion, Hong Leong /CDL seems to be an early adopter of this Pneumatic Waste Collection System in many of their new developments. 2. For example, when The Venue (a CDL project) had just T.O.P. 3. This signage was displayed at the common bin. There are like Twelve (12) cautionary: what not to:- 4. There was a cautionary sign with lots of Don'ts. 5. A while back at The Criterion also by CDL. This notice (User guide) was displayed at the common bin area:- 6. Hopefully, the residents may come to terms to avoid doing all these... 7. If managed properly, one can understand the savings in terms of maintenance costs (if any)... and good for the daily Cleaners. 8. Presently not all other Developers follow this lead. Thus with the manual system, although there are occasional issues; but less so. Case Study: Plight of residents of HDB Yuhua BTO which was installed also with the Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS). 9. As expected. It takes just one or two inconsiderate residents to make a mess of this system... 10. Imagine 4 years and more of tolerance. 11. Residents reported persistent odour and foul smell exuding from the centralised bin centre at Blk 223A of Jurong East Street 21 has been a persistent problem in Yuhua since the PWCS started. 12. According to a recent report from the Chinese evening newspaper Lianhe Wanbao, residents have been bearing with the smelly environment for the past four years. 13. Some residents also feedback of bulky items such as large soft toys, cardboards and mattresses, which choke up the pipe network. The cleaners will have to manually clear these items from the PWCS. 14. The success depends on the users of the PWCS. 15. There is no other choice for such estates. 16. Even if no stack/unit at Forett faces the bin centre. As a precautionary side, my suggestion is to get a unit as far away as possible to it. Especially units that are up or down wind of the bin centre facility.
  5. Case Study 1: Lift and Refuse Chute Location 1. Kudos for this developer who is up-front with the location of each blocks Life and refuse chute location. 2. So far, other than HDB sales brochure and just one more site, no other developer has made an effort to be as transparent as this. 3. Is the Sales Brochure Useful and Topic 1A & B: Common Rubbish Bin:- 4. Thus there will not be any surprises during key collection. 5. As recently, some clients started discussing with me the Feng Shui of the Rivercove Residences and were crossing their fingers hoping that the rubbish bin(s) are not either beside their unit's main door or facing the main door...
  6. Thanks to a kind gentleman, have just received a draft copy of the Sale Brochure. Thank you Sir!
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  9. 1. Quite sometime back (cannot remember the exact date. It was mentioned in one or more articles in this forum); where a HDB unit's windows was connected to the roof-top garden. 2. To the resident's horror, after staying there, their unit had termite infestations. As somehow the roof-top garden was infested with termites. 2.1. Due to the close proximity and a "land-bridge" between the roof-garden and their unit. 2.2. Here, most likely the termites were trying to venture overseas and found refuge into this poor victim's home. 3. Frankly, this alone is always on the back of my mind. 4. Furthermore, if the sky garden has both greenery and soil via landscaping, if the floor has defects or wear-and-tear of the waterproofing... I won't want to be staying below this garden. 4.1. Although based on the law, for a private condo or housing, it is the responsibility of the MCST to make good any waterproofing issues. But sometimes it is easily said then done. 4.2. Where is the house or unit in relation to a temple matters. For example, is the unit aligned at a NE or SW direction? Reference:- 4.3. All temples has a huge receptacle bin often at one of the corners of their property for their devotees to burn offerings. 4.4 Thus is no in such thing as demanding the temple to stop such a practise. Especially if one's home is unlucky to be within the down stream smoke of a temple. 5. In several past postings.. I mentioned that one location a home should never be close to is the Pathology department of a Hospital or the collection area of a deceased. 6. Not forgetting that if one is unsure of these issues. There will always be others who may also have such a concern. 7. Thus eventually if one were to one day sell such a home... may find it difficult to sell or get low-balled.
  10. Hi Cecil, in your experience, have you come across any information about fighting fish ( 打架鱼) being bad for Feng Shui? When I was a kid, I’ve heard keeping fighting fish will result in husband and wife ( or father and mother for that matter) to fight
  11. Please refrain from posting duplicate posts with similar topic at one go..
  12. These are some considerations: 1. Many times, everyone of us seems to assume that this and many other concerns are or belong to Feng Shui. 2. Frankly, it is far from it. 3. More to do with common sense. Why? 4. A unit main door facing a lift means that the home owner or residents often feel uncomfortable leaving their door open. As others can see into the unit. 5. Thus it boils down to the term Privacy concerns. 6. So tell me what has it got to do with Feng Shui? 7. It has more to do with Stigma + feeling uneasy and more to do with Human or Man Luck factors. 8. What is Human or Man Luck? 8.1. Man or Human Luck = Personal relationship with family and friends especially bonding and or personal feeling of good, happy or being stressed. 9. One often shifts the blame to Feng Shui if because of things like a family member wanting to or had a previous habit of leaving the main door open.. but no longer able to do so etc... 10. When it is time for sale of the unit; if you are concerned with this. Others may equally also have this same fear or concern. 11. Thus if later on one finds it difficult to sell the unit.. again.. go blame it on poor Feng Shui luck. Why this house so unlucky? 12. Do you know that 70 percent of the time, this and many other concerns has more to do with common sense then Feng Shui... 12.1. Imagine, I can even write a book on Common Sense... erh.. Feng Shui based on common sense....
  13. Hi Master, If the main door is facing 1 of the common lift, is it bad SHA QI? Any remedies?
  14. Hi Master, I am interested in buying this unit however the main door (North facing) faces 1 of the common lift. Is it advisable to go ahead with the purchase? Any remedies for this?
  15. Master, any concern with having sky garden right above the ceiling of the particular unit? And the whole area has a large hospital, a lot of temples, old age home, usually all these not as good feng shui because a lot negative aura?
  16. There are many related resources. For example, I did a quick search for "Feng Shui ruler"..
  17. These are some considerations: 1. Many hardware stores located in HDB estates do sell the Feng Shui ruler. Do get one. And use it for your reference. 2. Also many experienced contractors or so happen majority of the time, these contractors also carry a Feng Shui ruler. It costs roughly around SGD $5/- for a 5 metre one. 3. If some of them do not understand the use of the Feng Shui ruler.. in previous messages, I have given examples of how to use it. 3.1. For example, there is a top red line = Yang Feng Shui. And there is a bottom line = Yin Feng Shui. 4. SUGGESTED APPROACH FOR D.I.Y. 4.1 For an altar, try to get most of the tailor maded altar measurements BOTH within the red line. For example 35", 42" etc... 4.2 Thus, work with your ID or contractor on this basic rule as mentioned under Para 4.1 above. 5. This is another example of how another client sent this to me for vetting...
  18. Hi Master Cecil I saw the above picture in one your reply. You mentioned that the length is 41cm to 43cm or 59.5cm to 69cm or 71cm or 89cm or 107cm or 148cm. Is this the length of the whole altar from one end to another end? If yes, and using 107cm as example, what measurement to use for ancestor table and chinese god? If the measurement is for the ancestor tablet and the chinse god tablet respectively, then can we use a combination of say 41cm for ancestor table and 59.5cm for chinese god? Appreciate your thoughts on this.
  19. A visit to Kovan Melody on 1 July 2020
  20. Hi Shifu For these blocks at Plantation Grange and Garden Vines do you have the NSEW North South East West thing that you have drawn for Plantation Village? My appointment is in 1 week time and all the flats that are good for my fengshui is all taken up at Plantation Village. I would like to live above the 8th floor as well. When I look at my charts.. For housing this is what i should look out for: My wealth is Metal - North-West or West. My other top 2 is Earth - NE/ SW and Water - North. What blocks should I look out for instead at Plantation Grange and Garden Vines if I want to face the NW or West? I would really appreciate it, thank you!
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  22. Thanks for the reply, really appreciate it.
  23. 1. Replied your question. 2. Please check out what is Habit Number One. 2.1. For example, Habit Number One involves a Feng Shui Triage. 2.2. Just because you post a one liner question, you mean presto! One has an answer for you? It sounds too good to be true that it is so easy... no need ....? Case Study: How suitable is this stack/unit to the main breadwinner? + Toilet at Centre + Kitchen located at Fire @ Heaven's Gate. All the Odds stack against the potential buyer of the stack/unit Score is ZERO = Very unsuitable for main breadwinner
  24. Hi Master Lee, So are you not recommending to purchase this property at all? Rgds, Lina
  25. Thanks! Yes can see the neighbour’s roof. It extends throughout the frontage of this cluster home. As there is a also a gate at the PES, which is also facing the roof-line.. harder to cure. Cure should be at the PES compound. Given that this is the living room/ dining area or “opening.”
  26. Dear Master Lee, We are currently looking at strata terrace (cluster house) where there is entrance from basement where the car will park and ground floor will be the living room, dining room and kitchen. With that, I believe the main door would be the the glass sliding door at the living room facing the outdoor patio. From the patio, we can see there is an entrance roof to the other development which looks like poison arrow. Seeking your opinion if this is harmful. We are keen with the unit and wanted to see if there is any remedy to this. Many thanks.
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