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About Feng Shui at Geomancy.Net
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Auspicious Dates Services

Auspicious Wedding Dates, Selection of Caesarian Dates services

You can read more about our Wedding Dates or Caesarian Dates Services:-

URL: https://www.geomancy.net/content/products-services/auspicious-dates/auspicious-dates-or-wedding-dates

Free Auspicious Dates

If you want to check auspicious dates for the next 30 Days, you can visit our Free Auspicious Dates Report:-

URL: http://www.geomancy.net/content/personalised-reports/generate-free-feng-shui-reports/30-days-auspicious-date-for-one-or-two-persons

Paid Monthly Auspicious Dates

If you need to look up auspicious dates for the next few months, you can consider our Paid Monthly Auspicious Dates Reports:-


2 products

  1. Comprehensive wedding date service to help you find the most auspicious for ROM or Wedding Dates. 


    • Comprehensive Ba Zi Compatibility to find the most auspicious date and time for your ROM/Wedding Dates and Time.
    • Includes Guo Da Li (过大礼) / An Chuan (壓床) Dates and Auspicious Timing.
    • Includes a guide on Traditional and Modern Wedding Ceremonies.





    Sample Reports


    From 98.00 USD
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  2. Give your child the best ba zi luck for his future by finding the best date and time for your baby to be born.


    • Comprehensive search into the hour by hour analysis for each day to find the best date and time for the date range of your expected delivery date (ie 1 Jan - 31 Jan etc)
    • Narrows search to finding dates which have ALL HOURS Auspicious timing so that should there be any "unexpected" delays in caesarian operation, the child is still good.
    • Identifies the best hours with the most well balanced five element percentage to minimize potential health issues.
    • Identifies the Key Character Traits for each hour to help you look for a good overall trait for the child.



    Sample Reports

    From 148.00 USD
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