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    Further to what I had mentioned; If I were to make a guess... Lets say you post this question to 10 geomancers. And each of them come back to you. My guess would be:- A to B = 3 out of 10 C to D = 5 out of 10 E to F = 4 out of 10 Well, I could be wrong.
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    A. Please refer to my earlier posting of 5 December 2016 (see above). An extract is as follows:- These are some considerations: 1. "the opp blk is too near to this and therefore no privacy..." This is subjective. And based on personal and family preferences. 1.1. From a Feng Shui point of view, at least there is a "BRIGHT HALL" effect. As there is a pool between the two "sides": there is sufficient qi at the frontage. 2. Under Flying Star Feng Shui: 2.1. Based on initial compass measurement; refer to attachment. For example Stacks 58, 59 & 62, 63 have compass readings at the frontage of 337 degrees or Flying Star NW3. 2.2. And the corresponding stacks 56, 57, 60 & 61 faces SE3 or 157 degrees. B. Above is my preliminary consideration of the facing direction of say stack #57. C. However, in the world of Feng Shui where there are many "Indian Chiefs..." - In Feng Shui: as you quite rightly pointed out there can be generally THREE (3) view points:- I. A to B II. C to D or III. E to F [I.] Standing at A looking out towards B. 1. Here, this will appeal to the conservative Feng Shui practitioners who always "go by the book". 2. This category is not wrong. If say the area outside the main entrance is bright and if majority of the time one leaves the main entrance door of the unit OPEN most of the time when one is at home. 2.1 But in reality....often.. this criteria is not meet in a condo unit. Where many often slam-shut their doors. Or it is simply not possible to leave the door open 24/7. 2.2 For the above reason, in my opinion: the likelyhood is either one or the other option mentioned, below. [II.] Standing at B looking out towards C. (This appeals to a geomancer who although is not "ultra" conservative.. but who would prefer to be less "creative" and more Kiasu approach.. given that this is considered "the next SAFEST" bet.. I hope you know what I mean, here...) 1. There is a high possibility that this could be the frontage. As often, when one is at home; one would most likely leave the sliding door of the living room balcony open or let light into the unit. 2. However, some decide to install an external blind and for some stacks.. either for privacy or shield the partial afternoon sun. Then.. if so.. Standing a E looking out towards F.. could INSTEAD be the frontage... [III.] Standing at E looking out towards F If a geomancer were to argue on the basis that the purpose of Flying stars is to find the location or facade that has the most YANG qi = be it light coming into the home and whether or not one opens the windows to allow qi; then three is a higher possibility that this could be the frontage. B. As I mentioned above: the views on the above are diverse. And that there are lots of Indian Chiefs.. and to say who is absolutely correct or wrong is unproductive. C. Moving forwards.. as mentioned above: one has to understand the life-style of the home occupiers. D. For example: if the habit is to draw down all the day curtains and depending on the thickness of the "shut-off" light .. and if all the bedrooms are so.. then.. even E to F may not apply. E. But, if one always leaves the windows open or airy or only draw down the day curtains .. and this E to F stretch is always bright .. then it can be a potential frontage of the unit. F. Again, if we were to strictly say that the frontage has to be standing at C looking out towards D. But, the owner install exterior curtains at the balcony. And so happens that the external blinds are those chocolate colour and if one were to leave it "closed" all the time and or turn aircon most of the time and close the balcony... then this C to D may not neccessary be the "traditional" frontage. G. In fact.. one may even have to draw a few flying star chart and look at each sector. In some instances.. For example, please see attachment. I am trying to study and provide advice on each sector. But at the same time draw three charts for which this home could fall under:- Thus trying to study a chart with all three period charts in each sector is akin to this situation of which chart to use. In the above example: MS 1 WS2 = Period 6 chart MS 4 WS1 = Period 7 chart MS 3 WS4 = Period 8 chart Thus for this sector: #3 and #4 are something to consider when enhancing or neutralising the sector. Here #3 and #4 are wood elements. There is also a #1 that can be considered ... If need be; as I had mentioned: have to plot two charts:- 1. C to D and 2. E to F Most likely I will not plot the A to B chart.. as I feel that this appeals more to the conservative or ultra conservative Feng Shui practitioner. Naturally, if one post your question to different practitioners: logically, do expect different answers to the above. That is why.. we have this concept of Too many cooks spoils the brooth... = Too many Indian Chiefs... [IV.] Based on Shapes and Forms Feng Shui: One will expect that some geomancers will tell you.. AVOID this type of unit: as it has poor shapes and forms. And this confusion of the flying star facing direction is to them... an omen that says: "Avoid like the plague.." = On this point.. in my opinion.. such units will in the life time of stay can "enjoy" what we know as seasonal extremes.. of luck.. And for the already down and out.. can be pretty bad.. for those who have lots of buffer in their overall luck.. can be the opposite..

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