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    Few That are new in District 15. Feng Shui also does not take into consideration proximity to an MRT station especially when they are underground and zero noise affecting the development.
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    Clue: Water or rather water classics
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    Sometime around 1976, the government standardised the numbering of homes. Around the British times, a ground floor unit for eg. Is numbered say No. 20. A unit above this is numbered 20A, the 3rd storey is numbered 20B. But the folly of this is if it is a high rise exceeding 20Z, what happens? Before 1976 (thereabouts): a flat address could be Block B, unit 508. But after 1976 onwards this flat is known as Blk B, #06-08. The government added an additional storey: the ground floor unit or for HDB flats with a void deck is added to the count. This is why 508 changed: where the 5 = 06 and 08 remains as the stack number. Photos of homes numbered under the colonial days. These homes are at Katong, Chapel Road.
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    Uniquely in land scarce Singapore, landed premises are for child cares or child development Centres.. While homes are up their in HDB blocks... Location: Rivervale, Sengkang, Singapore Credit: Streetdirectory.com
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    Pictures of the Model at Showflat near Aljunied MRT:
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    Yes slowly... Recent pics taken from the top of Block 122, the view is disappearing floor by floor.
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    Another angle taken from nearby HDB Blocks, so far built up to around 6 storeys.
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    Haha, in my humble opinion: Small = 99 units or less, Medium = 100 - 499 units, Large = 500 units or more.
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    Recent Pictures of the Development:
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    If there are any thread on nearby TRE Residences, I don't mind share some pictures too. :-)
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    This plot reminds me of the Tip or apex of Upper Serangoon Road. Where around 3 or 4 years ago the last few developments had maxed out the apex of Upper Serangoon Road e.g. HDB Hougang Capeview. Both this plot and HDB Hougang Capeview have in common is that they are on the "morning sun side". This Yishun plot is also at apex of Yishun Ave 1 before it turns towards Seletar west aerospace industry. Thanks to the Seletar Highway..and Seletar aerospace industry the accessibility to this site is a plus point. The difference is that water view units would have to content with Yishun Ave 1 /Ave 8 traffic noise. But a wonderful morning view of Lower Seletar Reservoir. Once this site is up; majority of the once virgin land at the upper stretch of Yishun Avenue 1 would be almost built-up. Good Luck to all new purchases of these four new plots. Overall, there four plots don't look too bad based on Shapes and Forms Feng Shui. In particular the Marsiling plot is squarish. Except that one has to be more careful of units close-by to the petrol station and the spine of the cross on a church. As this can be considered as a poison arrow.
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    Geylang Plot: Although this site is within Geylang zone; but at best it should be called the borderline fringe. As in my opinion; it seems to be closer to the electorial boundary of Mountbatten (f I am not mistaken) As the major point of entry is from Old Airport Road / Mountbatten vs Guillemard. Next to the vacant former 1st SIR camp. Overall, location, location and location.. worth looking into..
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    Such club-house / facilities flat-roof lines is like a horizontal guillotine. What is the impact? Depending on the distance of the roof-line to the nearest block/stack; it may in fact be a poison arrow or "guillotine" aimed towards e.g. a unit's opening such as a window or balcony.
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    Are you a left or right brain person? Frankly, it matters less once one sees the bold outline in red. (See attachment). For some of us it looks like an axe or some type of a weapon : and Yes! the distinctive handle of the weapon. So, any impact on which unit I should buy, here? Under Shapes and Forms Feng Shui, when it comes to just this outline; it is more of an holistic symbolism: "Don't be on the opposite side (site) at the blade side of this weapon"...
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    Park Place Residences "down-under" neighbour : Paya Lebar Quarter Three under construction ...
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    Nowadays, it is a trend of many developers to use dry walls for some of the interior rooms/bedroom partitions. Thus, be careful of emf radiation (if any) with the bed-head sharing the same wall as the mounted TV ...
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    Please note that I am not advertising for this development. As I stay in District 15; this flyer was posted to me a few days ago....hmm... I guess this is Targeted marketing... Hutton assume you stay in...
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    Seaside Residences & shared common rubbish bins on each floor All HDB sales brochures will specifically mark the location of the shared common rubbish bins at each floor. Nowadays, many newer developments HDB and private apartments may have two sets: Recycle and common rubbish bins. Here, many or rather so far, all private developments always never ever highlight this to their potential buyers. Can't blame the developers. As they rather not highlight this else to them, it may most likely impact on their sales. A quick scan of a few layouts and it is evident that there is no internal rubbish bins. If your concern is having a rubbish next to your main entrance; remember: do insist on getting in this case the Hutton's representative handling Seaside Residences to get this information from the developer.... before you readily sign on the dotted line...
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    Grandeur Park Residences It is good that in this development, the bin centre and sub-station are clearly defined. And right at the corner of the development. This leaves less of a mystery of finding these two essentials out. Unlike some other developments where I have tried searching for clues from their sales brochure and frankly unsuccessful. grandeur park residences bin centre and substation.psp
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    Grandeur Park Residences & Shapes and Forms Feng Shui 1. Type 5L - 5 Bedroom Premium 1.1 Many of Grandeur Park Residences layout have the Living Room sharing the same wall as a bedroom. 1.2 In this instance with bedroom 3. If this section of the wall is a dry-wall. 1.3 One would have to be extra careful as to where one mounts the TV. As the contractor would usually mount it on an additional piece of wood which offers not much protection from EMF radiation. 1.4 As there are many brands and models of TV sets; majority of the TV sets do have EMF as high as 20+ milliGauss (mG) or more. In this instance, my EMF meter only reads up to 20+.
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    A recipie for cancer or put in in a nicer way... potential for cancer when the washing machine ... In the past this was unheard of until recent years. Even if the unit is not a shoe-box size.. the kitchen indeed is... [ ] Looks like one has to have a habit of making sure not to use the washer or washer cum dryer or a standalone dryer especially during cooking. Especially if there is a function to increase heat causing the vapours to deposit onto food etc... Must adopt a habit of cleaning table tops before placing cooked or food preparation... As most units have the washing machine in the same kitchen space. Depending on the layout; some even have the washer beside the stove... Only a few bigger stacks are more fortunate with the washer on a separate room/area.
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    Grandeur Park Residences It is inevitable that whenever the archiitect or designer places a block such as Block 5 as shown, below; there can be a possibility of a poison arrow. The exception is when the layout is in a "smooth" U shaped such as The Tropica in Bedok. Potential poison arrow from Block 5 stack #25 aimed towards Block 3 stack #19 and Block 5 stack #24 aimed towards Block 7 stack #29
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    Seaside Residence located at East Coast Road. This development will have stacks that over-looks the sea. Will be reviewed at a later date...
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    Bedok Residences Condo of club house and barbeque pit (barbeque pit maze) There are many considerations when choosing an apartment. Nowadays, one of the most important considerations are: 1. If the unit does not have indoor rubbish chute: where is the central rubbish chute(s). 1.1. Here I have seen some new developments having two rubbish chutes: normal and recycling chutes. 2. There was a recent incident where some had purchased a "premium" unit and later found that there was a rubbish chute next to their new unit's main entrance door. 2.1. Even if this is not bad Shapes and Forms... Ouch! This will certainly also affect future resale value of that home. 3. Other considerations include things like where is the afternoon sun; Flying Stars: Eight House = how suitable to the breadwinner etc.. 4. For low floors especially 1st to 3rd storey; other concerns include the sharp-roof of a club-house/function room (if any). These are sha qi and some are hard to cure. Not like one can totally shut off the frontage of the flat. 5. Another thing that some of us overlooked is the barbeque pit. Here, just imagine especially on a lovely Friday evening; Saturday / Sunday and Public holidays where one's unit can literally smell barbequing ... etc.. 6. Unit located or facing the guard-house, drop-off point and vehicle Entry / Exit ramps. 7. Unit located or facing the central rubbish bin centre / transformer room. To name a few.. more...
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    Bedok Residences Condo, mounting a TV set on a wall (solid concrete or dry wall) and common sense. 1. Please see sample attachment layout type PH10. 2. In this illustration, the TV console was (purposely) mirrored to the same wall as bedroom 4. 3. Based on the layout; one can tell that the wall between the living room and bedroom 4 should be "solid" as in concrete/pre-cast wall instead of dry wall. Therefore, there is reduced concern of mounting a TV on the wall and emf radiation if any leaking out onto the other side i.e. towards bedroom 4. 4. If one does not intend to place a bed-head as shown in the sample of bedroom 4; then the above + especially a dry wall would not apply.
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    Bedok Residences Condo, the layout of the kitchen and common sense. 1. Please take a look at this kitchen layout plan. 2. Although the sink and stove should be "separate" or rather kept at a distance e.g. of around 60 cm if they are on one straight line; 3. In this layout = PH11; what was observed that the stove and sink are on separate islands. In theory this is good or excellent. 4. In this kitchen, just imagine after cooking and how one has to sometimes bring e.g. the wok for washing. This layout does not offer good flow. 5. Some owners have a habit of removing the kitchen door or changing it to a sliding door. Or for example, placing a "barn" type of door at the exterior wall of the kitchen. 5.1. One has to be extra careful when doing so. Due to common sense, as the stove is just at the edge of the kitchen opening; on a windy day; wind depending on where it blows from may be a safety hazard. 5.2. For example: if a person or child were to walk into the kitchen and if strong winds blow air towards the opening; then it can be dangerous. 5.3. If say, strong winds were to blow in from the kitchen (and it is a sliding door or no door at all); then the wind vortex may blow hot air to the person standing at the front of the stove. 6. There is a danger of "flame-out" at the stove especially if a regular gas stove is used. This would not occur with an electric stove or induction type.
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    The Water Dragon Classics (600 AD) deals with REAL water and MACRO Feng Shui. Some of the inauspicious shapes found in this caricature are meant for large districts not just a single home senario.

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