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Because of severe space limitations, I have to have my desk and computer in my bedroom. I have placed the computer in the east corner and my bed in the west.there's really no other way I can arrange them. Is this placement OK, or are there any cures I can use for the room as a whole? It is best not to sleep with the air-conditioner blowing towards your head from behind you or in-front of your bed. (Opposite direction)

It is understandable to find computers in the bedroom. Personally, I also have 7 PCs connected in a network in my room. (No kidding!) Not including a TV set and two hi fi set. maybe this is how I create a more YANG environment so that I can stay glued to answering the constant `flood' of e-mails both in this forum and personal e-mails without the need for drinking coffee. *JOKE*

The main points to note are:-

1. Try to make sure that the edge of the computer table does not point at the bed especially the head or body. This is considered adverse sha. (poison arrow)

2. Most new computer monitors have `matt' finish or `anti-glare' screens. This relates to the `problem' of having mirrors face a person while he/she is asleep. According to many Feng Shui Masters to be bad. If the screen is `non-reflective', this is a plus point.

Currently, I see no other `harm' in placing PCs in the bedroom. However, there are some overly concerned Feng Shui practioners who would advise their clients to place e.g. a lily or a cactus plant behind their work area to `absorb' `bad' shar from PCs.

Personally, I don't think you need to do so as we have had TVs for quite some time and the main interface is of the PC is also the VDU screen (an equivalent or near equivalent of the TV set). There are so far no known `ill effects' of TVs on us as yet.

You have asked whether it is ok to place the computer at the East area. This is because, electrical items are considered a water element. Under the 5 elements concept of the productive cycle (reference: ../fs/5element.htm ) you will notice that WATER supports Wood and is favourable to Wood element which is at the EAST location.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
February 1999

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