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Our split level house (Period 7) and my husband (the breadwinner) are both NE -our house being NE1(30). His Flying Star report, the Eight House Theory and the Five Element-Cures are the following:-

Question 1: South (master bedroom above and business office below) is under the Fire element and a Disaster area.

For the master bedroom, let the other partner who does not have the disaster or the death line sleep closer to this line.

As you have not mentioned both partner's Pillar's of Destiny information: e.g. husband = strong fire or wife, it is difficult to analyse further. For example if the husband = strong fire and the bedroom is at the south i.e. a " fire" room, being a strong fire,+ the room is also a fire element, this may lead to keen competition and work pressure etc.. Worse still if the bedroom is painted `pink'. In such an example, after anlaysing the wife's element and if it does not affect her, it may be good to even paint the room light blue to cool the husband down. This is one example.

Question 2: Southeast (part master bedroom/ my son's bedroom above and business office below) is under the wood element and a Death location. The office door is located here. Most of my time is spent here.

Hope you can clarify? Do you mean it is a Death location for him?

Question 3: East (partly my son's bedroom and my daughter's bedroom above and partly business office and den below) is under the metal element and an Irritation area.

For each family member's room, it is best to look at their personal intangible force in relation to the room rather than the breadwinner or the husband or wife.

Question 4: North (living room) is under the Water element and a spook area.

Can you clarify who the spook area refers to which member of the family. Preferby for rooms other than bedrooms, it is best to look at the breadwinner's.

Question 5. On top of it all, our house falls under the Earth element and the breadwinner's birth element is Strong Earth.

Here, do take a look at the breadwinner's luck pillar. For example if in the chart it says that between 1998 to 2003, the period is governed by Earth then, indeed this would be too `tense' a period for him and we could try to reduce the Earth element. However, if the period is a period of Wood element, then as Wood destroys Earth, this period, his Strong Earth is thus `neutralised' and there is no problem in having a house of the Earth element and even, getting a dinning table e.g. square or rectangle to enhance his Earth element.

Therefore, the `trick' in using the Pillars of Destiny is that:

(1.) It is used to find the " true element " of the person. Here, as you have correctly done, compared it with the element of the house.

(2.) The second `trick' is to look at the period where we are now and look at what element is `affecting' that particular person. Eg. the report will say.. this period is "governed by" the Wood element of ABC. Please note that this will differ for each person.

6. According to Ba-Gua, the magic money point is on the far left from the entrance door. This area is South-Disaster to us. Aside from applying the color code on this location and on each other areas, how can I achieve a positive chi' here?

There are many good Qi enhancers. This range from a fountain to use of crystals (suitable for some).

Therefore, as the breadwinner's element is strong earth, do first try to determine which element is affecting him and check out the Productive and destructive sequence first and see if the element affects him or can help to enhance him during the period of 5 year intervals.

To do so, go to Click here to 5 elements concept.

Question: * Can you please explain and interpret the relationship of each of the above and how our house would be able to help us gain harmony,prosperity, and success?
All the designated rooms have to stay as they are since our house isn't very big that's why i just have to rely on the cures for these bad locations.

Since most houses are not very big, it is ideal to keep inauspicious areas `bright' e.g. netural colours like white or let light into the area. Alternatively, nowadays it is popular to use a 5 element `fix' e.g. placing symbolically each of the five elements in a particular location. E.g. one easy method is the use of a hanging lamp with 5 bulbs. Each bulb supose to represent each of the 5 element. Some feng shui shops also sell `crystals' in the 5 elements or a plate of beads + ribbons + a candle etc.

* I have a Pakua. Where can I use it? If in case your advise would be on top of the main door, should it be inside or outside?
* The NE,our front door/living room, is aligned with the SW, our back door/kitchen area. Both are divided in the middle by an entrance space to the kitchen. Since the good chi' goes away easily, can I hang a metal wind chime on top wall of the kitchen entrance?
* Where else can I hang my wind chimes (1 metal type and 1 ceramic type)?

Please note that it is very inauspicous to use a Pakua inside the house. A pakua must always be hung outside the house preferably above the main entrance door.

Cecil Lee
Center for Feng Shui Research
January 1999

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