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Various Feng Shui Articles and Reviews on the Internet

CNN - 'Not So Big House' leads big fall book mark URL: " - 'Not So Big House' leads big fall book mark URL: "

CNN Food and Health News: 'Feng Shui' URL: "

Points of Interest URL: "

Feng Shui - Healing - 01/02/98 URL: "

Temporal Location Theory, Kan Yu (Feng Shui) - An ancient Chinese Theory on Site Location URL: "

Kan Yu - The Book of Change Conceptin Enviornmental and Architecture Planning, "Greening to the Blue" conference, Yale University, USA. Thomas Lee May 1996 URL: " (Formerly The Mining Co) New Age a short article with links to various Feng Shui sites.

Looking to increase ChiTechnology Tidbits #30 URL: "

Feng Shui to the Left, Feng Shui to the Right URL: "

Skeptic's Dictionary: Ch'i (Qi),Feng Shui

A discussion of Feng Shui amongst members of the American Association of Oriental Medicine. David Molony "It seems to me that we have to seriously look at how to use this tool in our patients best interests."

AdZe's Zine - Short Article An English Astrology Site Review on Feng Shui.

EcoBuilding On Eco-Building, Sustainable Architecture, Non-Toxic, Bau-Biologie, Feng-Shui? What are these? More. Holistic Homes Design&The Spirit of Homes

An Eight Aspirations Chart inprintable form.

Fabulous Fun Feng Shui by Donna Lypchuk @

Feng Shui ("Wind and Water") by Ozzie Jurock

What'syoursignRecommended sites to visit by Pacific Internet Ltd.

In the Limelight - Sites of the Month - Oklahoma Recommended Feng Shui site.

Why does Feng Shui seem so confusing? Short article on Compass School and Shapes and Form

SF Weekly | Feature :August 26 - September 1, 19,SF Weekly | Feature:In the Money Corner | August,SF Weekly | Feature : August 26 - September 1, 19 , SF Weekly | Feature :August 26 - September 1, 19 . SF Weekly | Feature : August 26 - September 1, 19 ,SF Weekly | Feature : August 26 - September 1, 19SF Weekly | Feature : August 26 - September 1, 19

Low-Budget Decorating - is mentioned as the Top Five Sites.

The Feng Shui of PhysicsA letter to the editors of The New Straits Times, a Kuala Lumpur English-language broadsheet. More. Prosperity and luck in the very near future&Are you afraid of the dark?

ZodiacMore than 11- of 125-million Japanese are boars, followed closely by oxen, rats and dragons.

Feng Shui Puts You in Your Place URL: "

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