Miscellaneous Services and Products

This includes products on losing weight, links, music, gifts and bookstore etc.

Astral Plane

Product on losing weight

Lose Weight With Metaphysics, A  NewAge, Holistic, Spiritual Approach, or on any page of the websote http://www.loseweightcrystals.com should be considered only after first consulting with your health practitioner.

ASIA 110:

Five Elements Page

Student Cyber Project

ASIA 110. Students projects: Introduction to East Asian Culture and Society, offered through Case  Western Reserve University's Asian Studies Program. This semester,  Spring 1997, the class is taking a Cyber Expedition to China and Japan.

Arto (Chy Po) Feng Shui Association

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Arto (Chy Po). Consultant. Location: UK

Body Mind Soul


Music, Gift & Bookstore

A music, gift and bookstore that makes a positive difference. It says that it is devoted to helping  you create inner peace, serenity and ultimately - a better you. Our goal is to heal the body, illuminate the mind and lift the soul.

Cinnabar Swan Healing Arts


Traditional Oriental path to wellness. Includes Tai Ji, Ji Gong and other Oriential Healing Arts.

Christine McAnaney

Celtic Feng Shu

Mixed Form of Feng Shui? Unclassifed.

Christine McAnaney. A blending of  ancient Celtic Wisdom and Chinese Feng Shui principles to create  Simplicity, Balance and Harmonious Living The space is looked at as an outward manifestation of any problems in the client's life and  suggestions are made to help alleviate this.



Books on Alternative medicine. Line  of Spiritual & New Age Books & Tapes on the Net.

Feng Shui Architecture

Products and Services

A design firm specializing in  beautiful, harmonious homes and businesses. Beverly Hills, CA, USA

The Feng Shui Directory of Consultants

The Feng Shui Directory of Consultants is a world-wide network resource for those in need of  Feng Shui help. You may get consultants either Traditional or Black  Hat Sect or others? Choose wisely!

Feng Shui Professionell

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In Danish. A few broken links. Most  likely `mirrored' resources in Danish.

Feng Shui Interactive Consultant

Eight House

An Eight House Homepage? Regular Membership is Free. Consultant Membership - $25.00 (You will receive payment instructions via email after registration is received.)

Gems for Friends

Give Advice

Loretta Elaine. Gems for Friends is  an alternative medicine directory. We do not sell any products  directly though we have many recommended books and magazines in order to help your discovery process.

Geoprana Geomancy


Eight House ONLY

Elson Kok. Geoprana is similar to  Chinese Feng Shui. By the placement of specified articles, certain  vibrations are generated to be beneficial to certain individuals. Prana accessed by  meditations and combined with feng shui principles, formed the foundation for a system of feng shui called Geoprana? Looks like no Shapes and Form School is involved??

Glykon Alternativ medicin

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Dr Laurentius Dumitrescu. No, there  is no spelling mistake. This site "GLYKON" decided to spell " alternativ medicin" without the " E ".  (Scandinavian way?). Bli medlem i Scandinavian Association  for Modern Feng Shui.

Golden Dragon Tao  Health Association


Golden Dragon Tao Health Assoc.Oriental Medicine-natural health resources, news, articles, information, classes-workshops-retreats, hyperlinks to our affiliates and other interesting sites, exotic Feng Shui tools, unique herbal remedies, natural health and bio-magnetic products. Location: San Diego, CA. USA.

Interior Design Directory

Paid Listing

An Interior Design Directory.  Includes a page for Feng Shui Consultants to list themselves for a FEE.

FengShui & Earth Design


Home of Jami Lin's EarthDesign.  Bringing practical Feng Shui and Design Home to the Spirit. Website

Maria Joao Bastos - Feng Shui

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Maria Joao Bastos. Location: Rio de  Janeiro, Brazil

Paul Lam's Feng Shui

List of Sites Recommended  by him

Paul Lam's list of recommended Feng Shui sites.

Reiko Nakayama Feng Shui by Reiko

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Reiko Nakayama. Feng Shui  Consultant. Location: San Jose, California area.


Spiritual Network : Feng Shu


The Spiritual Network. Source for  spiritual web sites and related information on the internet. Includes  Traditional and Black Hat Sect Feng Shui.

T'ai Chi Glossary


As the name suggests, it is a  glossary of T'ai Qi terms which includes Feng Shui.

Talismans For The Interior


Indonesian handicrafts.

Taoist Restoration Society


The Taoist Restoration Society's Website. A site of Chinese Culture and Arts resource page.

The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive


The Lucky Mojo Esoteric Archive is a cache of captured internet text files pertaining to occult and mystical subjects.

The Feng Shui Center and White Tiger Gifts

Mixed Services

Classes in Feng Shui in Missoula County and sells "White tiger gifts". Most likely Traditional Feng Shui.

Usui Shiki RyoHo Ki


Hosted on a Tripod homepage. Reiki:  Usui Shiki RyoHo. This page is a sub-section of the main page on Reiki. According to the website, Provides method of healing,  apprenticeship training, or receiving a healing yourself. Location:  San Francisco Bay Area.

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