Traditional  Feng Shui Practioners

These sites practise Traditional Feng Shui such as Shapes and Form and the Compass Schools e.g. the Eight House Theory, Flying Star Theory.

Danny Thorn

Feng Shui New Zealand


Traditional Feng Shui

Danny Thorn, Director of Feng Shui Consultants New Zealand and The Feng Shui Academy of New Zealand has spent many years living and working in Asia where he first came across the principles of Feng Shui being applied by both friends and business aquantances.

Feng Shui Consultants New Zealand  and Feng Shui Academy of New Zealand were both established to meet the growing demand for authentic, traditional, Chinese Feng Shui  services in New Zealand.

Feng Shui Creations

Traditional Feng Shui

Feng Shui Creations' aim is to promote the effectiveness of Classical Chinese Feng Shui,  using authentic methods, to the wider  community. Location: Austrailia

Helen and James JayFeng Shui Designs

Traditional Feng Shui

Helen and James Jay. Courses and Consultations. Includes a List of practioners in USA.

Issac Chung Fortune-Master

Traditional Feng Shui

Issac Chung. Consultations. Location: Canada

John MausolfPure Feng Shui Adelaide Australia

Traditional Feng Shui

John Mausolf, Principal and senior consultant for Pure Feng Shui. A student of Master Yu. Pure Feng Shui Old Site

Kayren Ayers

Traditional Feng Shui

Karen is a Feng Shui consultant in UK. She provides consultations in many areas including the balanced home, the stress-free home and more!

Koon Lung Feng Shui Institute



Traditional Feng Shui

Koon Lung: "My view is that  the real Feng Shui concerns the external environment and internal  arrangements of a house, and the orientation and the timing of it. For example, the main wealth point should be located at the main entrance or by the desk of the office manager. Hence, people walking  pass the entrance will cause an in-flow of the wealth energy (money) to the owner; while the main health point should be located around the bed of the master bedroom to bring in the health energy so that members of the household can sleep better, be healthier and have good  relationships." Location: Hong Kong

Lee Siou Foon Feng Shui Innovations

Traditional Feng Shui.

Lee Siou Foon. Professional Feng Shui Consultant. Location: Australia


 Member of Wind and Water Ring

Linsey Franklin International Feng Shui Research Design Centre

Traditonal Feng Shui

Linsey Franklin, Executive Director. The International Feng Shui Research Design Centre is a  full service Feng Shui facility located in Boulder, CO USA.

Mai'a Denise Martin

Feng Shui Institute Of New Zealand

Traditional Feng Shui

Mai'a Denise Martin, to provide  personal consultations in addition to Feng Shui training

Pang AdelinaWind & Water Geomancy Centre

Traditional Feng Shui

Adelina Pang, Feng Shui Consultant,  Singapore. She is a representative of Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Centre of Excellence. Location: Singapore.

 Member of Wind and Water Ring

Raul Harmonia Feng Shui Design

Traditional Feng Shui

Raul. Text in Espanol. Location: Brazil

Feng Shui with Ronald Faber

Traditional Feng Shui

Ronald Faber is practicing FengShui  according to the modern methods of the FengShui School of Arrangements. He provides educational tours. He has another website  called Chi Instituut Feng Shui- School in Nederland

Member of Wind and Water Ring

Sang Larry American Feng Shui Institute

Traditional Feng Shui

Master Larry Sang. The American  Feng Shui Institute is the only center in the West that is dedicated  to teaching the practice of Feng Shui as a scientific discipline. It is where reason replaces ritual, and the ancient tradition continues  of utilizing Feng Shui as a tool for creating harmony, good health,  wealth, and peace of mind. His site has information about Feng Shui,  books, the luopan compass, seminars and services.

Sophia & Chris 168 Feng Shui Advisors

Traditional Feng Shui

Sophia Tang Shaul & Chris  Shaul. We are a Traditional Feng Shui Consultancy. Our specialty is  in performing detailed analyses for Homes, Businesses, and Land. (Students of Master Larry Sung.)

Suzanne Harper, Feng Shui Consultant

Traditional Feng Shui

Suzanne Harper, Feng Shui  Consultant. Location: UK

The Geomancer

Traditional Feng Shui

Dr Michael Oon, Eddie Wong, James  Lye and Dr Rhey Choy. The Geomancer is an international Feng Shui  organisation run by Malaysian Chinese who are brought up with this ancient philosophy. Consultation worldwide: Britain, Europe, Middle  East and USA.

William Spear

Traditional Feng Shui

William Spear's teachings include  feng shui, death and dying, personal transformation, macrobiotics,  Oriental philosophy, natural architecture, ocean noise pollution, and  environmental health. Author of "Feng Shui Made Easy".

Yap Joey Chinese Feng Shui Consultancy

Traditional Feng Shui

Joey Yap. Offers Feng Shui consultations. Location: Austrailia Related website: Yap Cheng Hai Feng Shui Center of Excellence


Yu Joseph Chinese Astrology & Feng Shui

Traditional Feng Shui

Master Joseph Yu. Teaches Feng Shui. Has also correspondence courses on Feng Shui. Location: Canada


ZiWei Enterprises

Traditional Feng Shui

Feng Shui Consultations and Courses.

Member of Wind and Water Ring

Traditional Feng Shui

These sites practise Traditional Feng Shui e.g using the Chinese  Luopan or Compass

Nine Star Ki [ and Traditional Feng Shui are one and the same ]

Blooming Grove Studio

Nine Star Ki

The Blooming Grove Studio. 9 Star  Ki Feng-Shui & Macrobiotics

9 Star Ki Authors and teachers,9 Star Ki- FAQ

John Bethell Feng Shui World Wide

Nine Star Ki

In conjunction with Feng Shui World  Wide, John Bethell, trained in Feng Shui and 9 Star Ki.

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