Luopan & Compass


Luopans & Ordinary Compass


American Feng Shui Institute

Sells low cost Luopans.

Dragon Gate

Sells a Luopan.

Suveyor's  and Ordinary Hiking Compass

Check out an accurate way of using the Ordinary Compass using  Cecil's method. Click here to find out.

SUNTO Suveyor's Compass




Recommended by Cecil Lee

I enjoyed using this particular brand of compass as the compass has good mass and easy to use.

If I am not mistaken, the one have comes in a black plastic protective cover. Cost approximately US$80 or less. There is another model that comes in aluminium die cast body. I think this one costs more. Maybe US$120 (not sure the price).

Where to buy? Hmm.. good question. I found their website at www.sunnto.fifor precision compass. Besides this, they also have a range of less expensive field compasses.


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