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Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) Report

Pillars of Destiny is known by several other names such as Four Pillars Analysis, Eight Characters of Birth, and in itís Chinese form Ba Zi. However, in this website we use the terms Pillars of Destiny to represent all the above known names.

What does Pillars of Destiny Analyse in Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is about bring harmony to your environment. You can create harmony only when can create harmony with your personal self, with others, with your home and your environment.

In order to do this, you need to be able to find some way that you can categories a person, a house, an object, colours, shapes, etc into something Feng Shui can relate to.

Pillars of Destiny is one such tool which relates yourself to the envrionment representing you as one of the Five Elements (eg. Metal, Water, Wood, Fire Earth).

Why is Pillars of Destiny Important?

Simply, it is a Feng Shui Theory (Ba Zi Feng Shui) which focus on determining how you are represented in Feng Shui perspective to your surrounding and how your luck influence changes in different times of the year. These are both very important in Feng Shui analysis.

    1. How are you represented in Feng Shui?

    • Everything in Feng Shui is represented by either the Five Element or Yin & Yang in is most widest term.
      • Every House has an element
        • A North House is Water House
        • A South House is Fire House, etc
      • Every object has an element
        • A Triangle Shaped object is Fire Element
        • A Square Shaped object is Earth Element, etc
      • Every colour has an element
        • Red is Fire Element
        • Blue is Water Element, etc
    • Similarly, every individual person can also be represented by the Five element for example a weak fire person or strong water person. This is where Pillars of Destiny Report helps you determine how you are represented in Feng Shui.
    • Once you know this, you can relate yourself easily to your environment, knowing what is favourable for you and what is not. Knowing this can improve your personal harmony to your environment.

    2. What are the Luck Influence affecting you?

    • Whether you are blessed with good fortune or bad fortune is affected by how your Luck Influence fares for that 10-year, 5-year, Yearly, Monthly, Daily and even Hourly.
    • A personís luck is always changing, thus that is why every person has ups & downs in live. This is affected due to favourable or unfavourable influence affecting a particular time. Knowing this can help you try to reduce the bad influence which can improve your overall luck for that period.

These are the key importance of a Pillars of Destiny Report which are VERY important to a proper Feng Shui Analysis. Of course, there are fortune telling aspects of Pillars of Destiny, but these are not relevant in Feng Shui Analysis, thus are not the FOCUS of this report as Fortune Telling has NOTHING to do with Feng Shui.

What do you need to generate this Report?

Simply all you need are the following.

  • Western Date of Birth (eg. 12 September 1967)
  • Time of Birth (eg. Born at 1.55 am)
  • Gender (eg. Male)
  • Name (eg. Samuel Richard)

How this report works?

Simply, it takes the western date of birth and then converts it to Chinese Lunar Calendar.

From the Chinese Lunar Calendar, every year, month, day & hour is each represented each by a Pillar which totals 4 Pillars (Year Pillar, Month Pillar, Day Pillar & Hour Pillar). Each Pillar is made up of a Heavenly Stem and a Earthly Branch. Since there are 10 different Heavenly Stems and 12 different Earthly Branch, it is possible to get 60 unique combinations for just ONE pillar. As there are 4 pillars you will get millions of different combinations which is what provides the very unqiue analysis for every single person.

From these 4 basic pillars, two additional House of Life and House of Conception (which are equally important) are also deduced from the main chart, that is part of the entire Pillars of Destiny Chart.

Basing on these details many combinations & clashes will occur through the chart that will be used to determine the various analysis results.

This reports takes care of the complication to generating the following accurately & quickly without any human errors or human ommission in the analysis:-

    1. Calculations of Chart

    • The basic 4 pillars (Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branches)
    • Deducing the characteristics of each Heavenly Stem & Earthly Branches
    • Deducing the 2 additional House of Life & House of Conception
    • Calculating the various Double / Triple Combinations that occurs between the pillars.
    • Calculating the various Clashes / Harms / Punishments / Self Punishments that occurs between the pillars
    • Charting the 120 years of a personís luck period

    2. Analysis Results

    • Producing the Personal Element (eg. weak Wood, Strong Fire)
    • Favourable & Unfavourable elements to yourself
    • Analysis results of any combination or clashes that occur
    • Analysis results of good & bad period
    • Suggesting possible remedies
    • & lots more.

How is it compared to a manual Analysis?


Geomancy.Net Analysis

Manual Analysis

Is it accurate?


Our report will show you every single detail of each element, clash & combinations, relationship etc. These will be provided to you in full

Zero Errors in producing the key charts for further analysis. Thus resulting in error free analysis from wrong chart details.


They will only show you what is necessary. They will not provide you with all the details.

Possible human errors in generating the basic chart for analysis.

Human ommission as not every single combinations & clashes will be identified.

Time to analysis


As soon as you provide the date of birth details, your result will be analysed immediately.

Several Days.

We have seen some who will do it for you in a few days, to even 14 days.

Is it comprehensive


It provides you insights and details to your personal chart that is not shown by manual analysis (due to ommission in analysis).

A full report is often a minimum of 40 pages with all analysis and details.


Often it is just very basic analysis without much indepth knowledge.

Geomancy.Net uses it extensively

Geomancy.Net is one of the few websites which uses these detailed reports to aid in its analysis for all its clients and users.

Why? Simply because we developed it ourselves and the report very detailed. Often we use it to generate the necessary details for us to analysis the relationship of the results to our clients situation.

We feel it is faster & more accurate than having to do it manually which will is still possible to provide the same results but very slow, inefficient and offten not complete. Thus, not giving you a full and accurate picture.

How will you benefit from it?

  • You will be able to understand yourself better because we reveal lots of details which are otherwise not given to you by most manual analysis.
  • You will get a much better understanding of your self and how you can improve your life in Feng Shui perspective.
  • We provide you with 100% Feng Shui essential analysis, you will not be bombarded with ďfortune tellingĒ issues which are usually not true as your life is not only affected by your personal chart, but is also greatly influenced by the envrionment.