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Center for Applied Feng Shui Research (Singapore) - FengShui.Geomancy.Net since 1996

2017 Chinese Horoscope & Feng Shui Forecast

Check out what's installed for 2017 and a sneak-peak into 2018-2030!

Our Comprehensive Professional Feng Shui Consultation


"16-Steps Feng Shui Review"

Home Consultation

Trusted by Millions

Geomancy.Net's Onsite Residential Feng Shui Audit is the most AFFORDABLE yet COMPREHENSIVE on-site audit in Singapore.

We will provide our Professional Feng Shui services to those in need (sometimes even free, or at a fraction of the cost). Contact us regarding your case.

Our Comprehensive Singapore Feng Shui Consultation

1st visit - to collect all necessary information and perform a comprehensive survey (1 hour)

2nd visit - to discuss with you all findings (ba zi of all family members, exterior & interior house fengshui, room-by-room house explanation, funiture placement, colour scheme etc.) (2-3 hours)

Detailed Explanation & Reports for your reference and understanding

Feng Shui audits do not need extensive renovations or hacking of wall(s). Also, authentic Feng Shui does not require you to purchase any modern commercial products.

Learning Resources


"Introduction to Feng Shui"

Fun with Feng Shui

Viewed by Millions
  Fun with Feng Shui (5th Edition)

Learn about Feng Shui from our easy to understand Free Fun with Feng Shui (5th Edition) website!

  Major Feng Shui Theories

Learn about the Shapes & Forms Feng Shui / Eight House Feng Shui / Flying Star Feng Shui / Ba Zi Feng Shui and  more.

  Feng Shui Articles

Various Feng Shui articles about you and your home, home audit, controversial issues.

  Calendar of Events

Learn about the various Major / Minor Chinese Festivals.


Encylopedia of Useful Feng Shui Resources.


Our Forum contains lots of Feng Shui Advices from real-life situations.

  Handbook of Chinese Customs

First-time open door Procedures / Start of renovation Procedures / Move-In Procedures / Get Auspicious Dates.

  More Learning Resources

Learn more from our Feng Shui Resources section.

Personalised Reports


"Element, Bed Position"

Feng Shui Reports

Used by Millions
  Your Personal Ba Zi Element & 10-Yearly Big Luck Forecast

Find out what is your true element, chinese horoscope sign and 10-yearly big luck forecast.

  My Gua (Kua) Number & Lucky Number

Find out what is your Personal Gua Number which is also your lucky number.

  Are you a East or West Group Person?

Find out if you are a East or West Group Person.

  Your Favourable Sleeping Position

Find out which is your most favourable sleeping position.

  Your Favourable Study Position

Find out which is your most favourable study position.

  Your Favourable Work Position

Find out which is your most favourable work position.

  Ba Zi Life Reading with Monthly/Daily Forecast

Need a comprehensive and personalised Ba Zi Luck forecast for better Health / Wealth / Career / Love.

  Online.Geomancy.Net - Member Area

And many more free reports (Ba Zi compatibility, Flying Star house report etc) in the Free Member Area

Latest Feng Shui Posts

Award Winning

"Reliable Feng Shui Advice"

Expert Advice

Trusted by Millions
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Posted on 05 Feb 2017 (Sun)

  Thanks Robert For Your Speedy Report, Really Appreciate It - by Master Cecil Lee

  Thanks For Your Assistance Cecil - by Master Cecil Lee

  Thanks Robert And I Am Grateful That You Reply So Soon And Efficiently. - by Master Cecil Lee

  You Are So Efficient... - by Master Cecil Lee

  Thank You For Your All The Good Advice, My Son.. - by Master Cecil Lee

House Hunting


"Step-by-Step Evaluation"

Survey Your Home

Viewed by Millions
  Survey Your Home

Step-By-Step Guide to survey your Home Feng Shui.

  House Hunting Guide

Our house hunting guide to help you with what you should look out for in your house hunting process.

  Singapore Property Review

Learn about the Feng Shui of the various Singapore Property Reviewed by Master Cecil Lee.

  Can or Cannot Buy: Onsite Audit

Buying a property is an expensive investment. Why not get Master Cecil Lee to review the property before you sign the option?

   Can or Cannot Buy: Option 1 New Launch

Interested in a New Property Launch? Which are the better stacks/units in this development?

   Can Or Cannot Buy: Option 2 Left-Over or Re-Sale Home

Narrowed down to One (1) to Three (3) stacks, but not sure which is better?

Auspicious Dates


"Perfect day for you"

Wedding Dates

Used by Millions
  Free Auspicious Dates for ONE or TWO person(s)

Plan your next 30-days auspicious dates for any important events.

  Monthly Auspicious Dates

Need to plan your important events for any months in the future? 

  Auspicious Wedding Dates

Our Auspicious Wedding Date service can help you plan for Auspicious Wedding Dates / ROM Dates / Guo Da Li (过大礼) / An Chuan (壓床) Dates for the next 2-4 years ahead.

  Traditional & Modern Wedding Procedure

Geomancy.Net's free guide to traditional & modern wedding procedures.

  Auspicious Caesarian Dates for best Baby Ba Zi Luck

Planning to have a C-Section? Why not find the best date and time for your expected delivery to give your Child the best Ba Zi for his/her future.

Other Related Sites

Large Collection

"Chinese Culture"

Photo & Pictures

Viewed by Millions

Collection of Photo & Picture Resources about Feng Shui and Chinese Culture

  Lovesigns.Net - Fun with Chinese Horoscopes

Learn about Chinese Horoscope at our Fun with Chinese Horoscopes website.


Learn about Palmistry at our Plamistry.Net website!


Encylopedia of Useful Feng Shui Resources

Our Founder's Words

Master Cecil Lee, Geomancy.NetYou will find over several thousand of Authentic Traditional Feng Shui Resources & Articles, FREE Professional Feng Shui Advice, many Feng Shui ON-THE-FLY ANALYSIS (Ba Zi & Xuan Kong), highly comprehensive onsite or online Professional Feng Shui Consultation, Certificate Online E-Learning Feng Shui Courses, Fun with Chinese Astrology & Horoscope & more.

This website has grown a lot since it started in 1996, and has helped millions of people all around the world. Winning numerous Awards & Recognitions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, make use of our SearchSite Map to assist you in locating what you are looking for. Enjoy your visit!

Warmest Regards,
cecilseal  Robert Lee, Geomancy.Net