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Center for Applied Feng Shui Research (Singapore) since 1996 - FengShui.Geomancy.Net

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Check out what's installed for 2018 and a sneak-peak into 2019-2030!

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Posted on 02 Dec 2017 (Sat)

Enjoy Savings On Your Onsite Feng Shui Today!

Posted on 03 Jan 2018 (Wed)

Geomancy.Net - 2018 Chinese New Year Operating Hours

Our Comprehensive & Professional Feng Shui Consultation

Our Comprehensive Singapore Feng Shui Consultation

Comprehensive Professional Feng Shui Consultation - FengShui.Geomancy.Net

Geomancy.Net's Onsite Residential Feng Shui Audit is the most AFFORDABLE yet COMPREHENSIVE on-site audit in Singapore.

1st visit - to collect all necessary information and perform a comprehensive survey (1 hour)

2nd visit - to discuss with you all findings (ba zi of all family members, exterior & interior house fengshui, room-by-room house explanation, funiture placement, colour scheme etc.) (2-3 hours)

Detailed Explanation & Reports for your reference and understanding

Feng Shui audits do not need extensive renovations or hacking of wall(s). Also, authentic Feng Shui does not require you to purchase any modern commercial products.

International Feng Shui Consultation

For our international clients, we also have the same detailed review package (except without the onsite visit)

Our Comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading Services

Our Comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading with Expert Review

Comprehensive Ba Zi Life Reading with Expert Review  - FengShui.Geomancy.Net

Geomancy.Net's Ba Zi Life Reading with Expert Review is the most COMPREHENSIVE Ba Zi Service.

  • Over 100+ pages reports to understand about yourself, health, career, romance and relationships.
  • With comphensive 120-years of luck forecast reports that helps you plan any upcoming career/business changes.

Self-Help Ba Zi Report Bundles

If you don't need our Expert Review Advice, you can consider our Ba Zi Life Reading Report Packages.

Latest Feng Shui Property Review

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This website has grown a lot since it started in 1996, and has helped millions of people all around the world. Winning numerous Awards & Recognitions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, make use of our SearchSite Map to assist you in locating what you are looking for. Enjoy your visit!

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