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  1. Dear Master Cecil: Thanks so much for your reply. According to the way I read it, the back can be a "glass wall" (meaning it is a completely sealed big glass panel, it is not a window or a door) even if there is a straight path between the front door and the back. Is it considered to be a problem with respect to Feng Shui if standing at the front door area, we are able to see the back yard through this "glass wall"? Please kindly clear my confusion. Thank you. Warmest regards, Jen
  2. Dear Master Cecil: I am taught that a house should have an exit besides the front door. Whereshould this exit be? On the same level (main level)where my front door is, I have an exit to the car garage; but this exit is not in the back of the house. The other exit is at the basement level. And this exit is in the back of the house. Does my house have proper exits? Regards, Jen
  3. Dear Master Cecil: I have been educated by this Forum to understand the following: If the front door leads directlyto a hallway, there should not be a window or a door at the end of this hallwayin the back of the house. It isone of theprimary causes of"chi" leakage. Now, I have a wall at the end of this hallway in the back of the house. In order to let natural light comeinside the back end of the house, I plan to install glasses in that wall. As you know, the glasses are not windows. We can open windows; but, we cannot open glasses. Do those glasses also result in "chi" leakage? Do the glasses must be installed at a height above the top of the front door to prevent "chi" leakage? Thank you for your advices. Regards, Jen
  4. Dear Master Cecil: If you would kindly explain what determines a fortune or a misfortune is gone or still prevalent? I saw that a sector representing a person's prosperity could be gone long time ago. 1. Does it mean prosperity will never come back to the house? 2. Why only prosperity can be gone? Why "death", "disaster", or "spook"will never be gone? Thank you. Regards, Jen
  5. Dear Master Cecil: As you know, flower or vegetable seeds must be sown about one inch or one and half inches below the ground surface. Is it considered to be inauspicious if I loosen soil a little be to put down flower/vegetable seeds in the direction where the Grand Duke sits of the year? Thank you for your advice. Warm Regards, Jen
  6. Dear Master. Cecil: My house (single family, detached) is situated on an odd shape piece of land. Nonetheless, there is no fence, no tree, or anything that delineates the boundary of my land and adjacent properties; therefore, it is not an odd shape "visually". What I mean "an odd shape piece of land" is in accordance with my knowledge. Does it still mean that my house is on an odd shape piece of land? Thank you. Warm Regards, Jen
  7. Dear Master Cecil: Here in the U.S., I often see houses are built on elevated ground along both sides of a street; that is, houses are on a level that is significantly higher than the street level. Does it mean that all those houses have wealth leak problem? Your opinion on the situation is highly appreciated. With Warm Regards, Jen
  8. Dear Master Cecil: I understand that the Grand Duke is at 240 degree (SW) this year. And the opposite direction is at 60 degree (NE). I want to plant an azalea (Du Juan) at about 60 degree in my yard. It is a small azalea bought from a nursery (not a grown up one). Is it safe to dig a hole of that size this year (2004)? Or it is better to postpone the planting? Thank you for your advice. Regards, Jen
  9. Dear Master Cecil: I am afraid that there is too much water inside my house and would like to have your advice. 1. I am a strong water. 2. The roof of my house is covered with "black" shingle. There is no way to change it because every single house in the housing development has a black shingle roof. 3. It is "blue" carpeting on the second floor of the house. 4. On the first floor, it is hard wood flooring (dark brown color) in the foyer and hallway area. It is white vinyl floor in the kitchen and breakfast nook. However, the living room, dining room and family room are covered with "gray" carpet. 5. The color of the carpet in the basement is beige. 6. It is white wall everywhere in the house. Currently, I do not have the money to change carpet. What is the water effect on the Feng Shui of my house? Warm regards, Jen
  10. Dear Master Cecil: There is a sharp edge remotely pointing at the windows in the "back" of my house. This sharp edge does not fall inside the direct range of my house; nonetheless, I am able to see this sharp edge through windows. Does this sharp edge pose a threat to my house? Is a day curtain helpful in this situation? Regards, Jen
  11. Dear Master Cecil: Thank you for explaining the idea about clear space at the center of the house; especially, an example layout is given to illustrate how chi flows via the center. The center point of my house is in a wall. It is clear space on both sides (left hand side and right hand side) of the wall. Furthermore, a clear space hallway is about 4 inches away from this center point (i.e. the center point is in a wall and the center point is about 4 inches away from the end of the wall.) Is the layout described above considered to be Okay for the flow of chi inside the house? Or the layout symbolizes some financial difficulties? Regards, Jen
  12. Dear Master Cecil: I have taken a look at the traits of the houses that are able to suck wealth from neighbors at http://www.geomancy.net/products/po-hunting/po-hunting-faq.htm I become very confused. It looks like an end house is in a receiving position for wealth from houses ahead of it at both sides. Are the corners of wealth-losing houses poison arrows pointing to the wealth-receiving house? Please help shedding light to my confusion. Thank you. Regards, Jen
  13. Dear Master Cecil: I saw your reply to Ng: "a home should not only have good or favourable Feng Shui, but it also has the ability to `suck' wealth from it's surroundings or neighbours!" What kind of traits/situating of a house has the ability to 'suck' wealth from it's surroundings or neighbors? Regards, Jen
  14. Dear Master Cecil: In accordance with your advice, there should be some free space in the center of the house for chi to congregate. May I know this free space should be around the center point of the house or in the center grid of the house? And how large is the free space considered to be appropriate? By the way, the round shape is a metal element in Feng Shui. What about oval? Is oval also a metal element? Thank you very much. Regards, Jen
  15. Dear Master Cecil: I am unable to upload a sketch of the way of my house situates relative to my neighbors' houses. Let me see if I understand your message. I cannot cover all cases. I simply try to summarize what I observe on the street I live. Primarily, the street in front of a house determines the direction of the Qi comes from. Therefore, if a number of single family detached houses situated side by side facing a street: 1. The frontage of the houses that are closer to the street collect more wealth. 2. The frontage of the houses that are relatively distant from the street lose wealth to other houses. 3. The frontage of the houses that sort of tilt away from the street, i.e. the direction of Qi comes from, lose wealth. 4. The frontage of the houses that are blocked by other houses or trees lose wealth. Are the above statements true? I do not understand "gaps between houses". On the street where I live, there is at least 8 yards distance between each of the two adjacent houses. Does wealth goes away in between houses? Regards, Jen
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