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  1. Dear Master Cecil, If we discovered that our name doesn't sure our ba zi. How does one change its name? as our name is already fixed in our identity card. Moreover, our family member and friends have been calling our name since we born. What should be done to effect the change of name, is it through donation, praying.. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  2. Dear Master Cecil, Is a house having pearl string combination flying star chart (i.e. a set of continuous number in each sector)really enjoy good feng shui for the whole house. The combination will have good and bad star. Does this combination cure majority of the affliction by star #5, #2 and #3. I doubt how well is the feng shui of this type of house. Hope you can clear my doubt as my current house is a SE2 facing house and the period 8 chart is not very favourable except the central spine. Someone said that once we step into period 8, all the energy of period 7 house will become weak and even good star's energy will be weaker. How true is this? TQ & Regards, Fiona
  3. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a 2 storey terrace house attached with same houses on the left and right . The house is facing southeast 2, but but main door is facing northeast and a wall sharing with neighbour (7 feet apart). Whether my house is belong to east house or west house. My husband and I belong to weak fire and strong water respectively and both of us are west group. We need wood to bind us. Whether this house suits us? Thanks & Regards, Fiona
  4. Dear Master Cecil, My husband is a weak fire and he is engaging in business dealing with supplying & installing air-conditioning, ventilation and building services. His company always encounter cashflow problem. Does it mean that his business has clash with his personal element? is his business belong to water or earth element? TQ & Regards, Fion
  5. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a 2 storey terrace link house which was built during Period 7. The house is facing southeast sub-direction 2 whereas the main door is facing northeast 2. In period 7, the flying star chart consist of pearl string combination i.e. a set of continous number in all sectors, which is considered auspicious. I am doubt whether my house should fly to period 8, because the flying star chart for the front and back center of the house consist of water and mountain star 8 which is very auspicious, but the rest of the sectors seem not good. My question is whether the existing pearl string combination chart will cure the affliction by star #7 in period 8. Need your advice. My husband and I were belong to weak fire and strong water where our binding element is wood. We belongs to west group. My question is whether our house suit us since it faces southeast which is also wood, but we use northeast main door which is good for west group people. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  6. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a double storey terrace house. At the ground floor, my backyard was extended by erecting a wall on the left and right covered with awning, but the back is only covered with 2 feet concrete wall and grills up to the awning level. I didn't do any hacking at the back when I extended the backyard. Which means all the original structure and backdoor to the backyard remains. Whether the backyard is considered as part of the house when we apply eight mansion/flying star feng shui? I use the backyard as wet kitchen and hanging wet clothes. In the front part of my house, my car porch is located here and attached to the house without wall & door enclosed. Whether this car porch will be considered as part of the house when applying feng shui analysis. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  7. Dear Master Cecil, My sister was born in rat year and her husband was in sheep year. They've been married for about 10 years and over the past 8 years, they've been quarrelling. Is this because of their incompatibility of animal sign. They've stayed in four houses before, is their hostile relationship relates to the house feng shui which they stayed. Will there be any cure to improve their relationship. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  8. Dear Master Cecil, If I change 20 pieces of roof tiles and lay new floor tiles, but do not change the main door. Will my house fly into period 8? Need your advice urgently. Thanks & Regards, Fiona
  9. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a 2 storey terrace house. My house is facing southeast 2, but our main door is tilted 90" facing northeast 2 which is also facing a wall sharing with my neighbour (7 feet apart). If I stand at the main door inside looking out, on my left is the wall (outside the house) and on my right is also a wall 4 feet width (inside the house). My question is whether all the above will obstract chi coming into the house? How do I counter this problem. Can I put a portable round water fountain (3" diameter) with concrete stand directly in front of my main door with some plants as well to increase my earning power. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  10. myfs_100352

    Wu Lou

    Dear Master Cecil, My husband and I has Kua No. 6 & 5 respectively. We have a small toilet at the northwest sector on both floors. I always keep the toilet bowl cover and door close. My friend told me to tight a dry wu lou with its mouth facing down at the pipe between the toilet bowl and water tank to prevent our luck being flush down. Will this help? or there are other method. Your advice is much appreciated. TQ & Regards, Fiona
  11. Dear Master Cecil, Thanks for your earlier advice. My doubts is that can I just change 20 pieces of the roof tiles on the first floor? What is the minimum portion of roof tiles must be changed in order to fly to Period 8? What about ceiling board? Can I not to change it but to allow the sun shine on the floor through the an opening of the ceiling? Currently, my backyard and a small room is cement floor, If I lay new tiles on it, will this considered as one aspect of changing the earth chi to period 8. Thank you. Regards, Fiona
  12. Dear Master Cecil I live in a 2 storey terrace house. I intend to change the roof tiles so as my house would change from Period 7 to Period 8. The major part of the roof is on the 1st floor, but there are small portion of roof at the ground floor which consist of about 20 pieces. My question is, can I change the roof tiles at the ground floor instead of at the first floor. The roof at the ground floor is on top my our home altar. Need your advice urgently before proceed to do so. TQ & Best Regards, Fiona
  13. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a 2 storey terrace link house. My front main door is facing left side, a high wall sharing with my neighbour which is 7 feet apart. Is this bad feng shui? Can I place a small water fountain here to face the main door (distance is only 7 feet) and also to reduce the bad effect of heavy metal as we usually park our car here. At the back of my house, there is a 4 storey building (40 feet apart from my backyard), there is a drainage between the 4 storey building and our backyard. The drain is very small but it was widen and deepen to avoid flood during heavy rain. So far, even is during heavy rain, we hardly see the water level raise above the small drain. On this drainage system, there are tall trees and bushes growing. My question is whether it is good or bad with such structure behind my house. Is car porch, verandah and backyard to be considered as part of the house (if it is attached to my house with roof top) when I impose flying star chart on my layout plan. Thanks & regards, Fiona
  14. Dear Master Cecil, If a company involves in contracting business to supply and install air-conditioning & ventilation system as well as piping business. What type of element it belongs to? Can a person born in 9/10/1967 at 3.00am become prosperous in this business. TQ & Rgds
  15. Dear Master Cecil, I live in a 2 storey terrace link house. My house is facing southeast 2 (main road) but my main door at the side which is facing northeast 2, I have the following doubts:- a. My main door is facing a wall sharing with my neighbour which is 7" apart, will this obstruct the chi coming in? By doing this, I can avoid our car to be drived towards our main door. b. My main door is still located in southeast sector even though it faces northeast. May I place a water features directly in front of the door (7" apart) to indirectly activate the water star #8 (resides in southeast sector in period 8) c. I was told that in order to change my house from period 7 to period 8 house, I have to change part of the roof tiles, floor tiles and main door. My questions are:- (i) Can I just change 10% - 20% of the entire roof tiles? (ii) Do I need to change the ceiling board as well? (iii) Can I not to change the ceiling board and just let the sunlight shines to the floors through an existing openings? (iv) I will lay tiles on some of the cement floors, will this considered as changing the earth chi? (v) Is it changing the main door into a brand new door will be alright? d. When I impose the eight mansion chart/flying star chart, whether my car porch, verandah & backyard to be part of my house if it is attached to my house and with roof tops. Thanks & Regards, Fiona
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