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  1. Dear Cecil, Why are there no double 5s in a period five? Since the period controls the element of the period, like period 5 controls the 5 stars, does it also control 2 and 8 since they are all earth? Thanks, Cheui May
  2. Dear Cecil, I know that it is not good to have a water feature in the back and it would seem that a spa in the back porch would be bad Feng Shui. But since the water is only in it when you are in the spa, would it still be considered a bad thing? I wasn't looking for one in my house searching, but some of the houses I've looked at already has one there and I don't know if I should just pass these places or request that the spa be moved or sell them? Cheui May
  3. Dear Cecil, Thanks for your explanations and monumental attempt to educate me. You have infinite patience. However, it really made me laugh when after all your technical points, you ended your message with, "I have a bad FEELING about this kind of house." So feeling is after all is the final deciding factor. :o) Shui May
  4. Dear Cecil, Since I've been house hunting, I saw some houses on hills that have the entrances on the highest level and the rest of the house nestled lower on the hillside. This has raised some questions about clear view in front and a mountain in the back. 1. Since the highest level is at the entrance and the view is at the back of the house, would the part with a view become the front and the entrance become the back? In one of the houses, the road is running through the very top of the hill and there are houses on both sides of the road. 2. If the the road is considered the back of the house and at the very top of the hill, would that be considered bad feng shui since there is no mountain supporting the back? 3. The house across the street is a two story house, could that be considered support in the back since it's taller than the house I'm looking at, or would that be also bad because it is taller and would have a tendency to dominate the smaller house? I also saw a two story house where the road is on the same level as the door to the top story, but the bottom story is below the road and you have to climb up a set of very steep steps to reach the road. Since the house is on a steep hillside, the other side of the road is part of the steep hill. Now, again, if you consider the front of the house, the part that has a view, then the entrance, would be the back. My question is: 4. Even if the entrance is now the back of the house, it still is the main entrance and would it be bad feng shui to come out of the door and have to face a steep hill every day? Thanks again, Cheui May
  5. Dear Cecil, How far away does a poison arrow have to be to be considered not dangerous? Example, if there is a lone lamp post in front of the main door, but it's 50 feet away. Cheui May
  6. Dear Cecil, Is an attic bedroom bad feng shui? This room has a ceiling that is about 15 feet high on the center of the room and slants down on both sides to about 4 feet to the walls. Is there any remedy for uneven ceilings? Thanks, Cheui May
  7. Dear Cecil, Thank you for this wealth of information. I can see that the flow of Qi can be a very illusive thing and why it takes many years to develop into a functioning Feng Shui practitioner. My dilemma is choosing a good frontage for both my boyfriend and I since we are equal as breadwinners, unfortunately he's an east facing person and I'm a west. Since we both have 0% water, I guess a N, W or NW frontage with good Shapes and Forms would be the answer. Cheui May
  8. Dear Cecil, Thank you for all the information on how to find a good house. The discussion on main doors has lead me to another question. Some Feng Shui practitioner describe the front of the house as the section that has the most activity, for example, the section that's facing the street or a beautiful view. It is not necessarily the sector with the main door, but it's obvious that it is the front, because it has a clear view. My question is, in a case like that, would you use that section as the front to cast a Flying Star Report even though there is no entrance from the outside from there? Cheui May
  9. Dear Cecil, If the main door is not suitable, but a side door is good, could you call the side door as the main door in a Flying Star Report? Also if you can use any door as the main door, and if two people have different facing directions and one door suits one person and another door suits another, which chart would be the right one for a flyings star? The reason I'm asking these questions is because I've found a house that has the main door in the South East at 130 degree, which is death to me, but there is another door in the North at 340 degree. Now this house has had a major renovation recently and in the period 7, there is a double 7 in the North where this other door is. So my question is, even though this is not the original main door, if I use it instead of the main door, could I consider this to be the main door in the Flying Star Report? Thanks, Cheui May
  10. Hi Cecil, How do you determine what period to use for the birth of a house that has been remodeled? I read that the year the roof goes on is the birth year of a house, but when a house has had a major renovation, the birth date changes to that period. My question is: How major must the renovation be before you change the birth date of a house? Cheui May
  11. Dear Cecil, Thank you for the generous offer again, but I don't want to waste it on something that I may not move into. Also, I've been able to pay off a lot of my bills and would like to purchase my next chart when I finally decide on the house. Now that you mention it, this house does have a feeling of being on a slant as you walk in certain parts of the living room. I didn't think it had to do with the foundation since that room happens to be on the second floor, but maybe the supports may be built incorrectly and that would be another issue. Now that I'm looking at the eight characters Feng Shui Chart and putting it together with what you told me about my elements, I realized that every door of the house that I am presently living in is in a very bad element for me, earth. No wonder I had such bad luck since I've been here. Things really started changing when I placed 6 coins in almost every room. The house that I'm thinking about moving into has a door in the north, which is good, but the other two doors are not so good, so maybe I should look some more. Cheui May
  12. Hi Cecil, Thanks for your input. Many of the points that you mentioned are problems that I am having in the house I live in now, example, top of the hill with no protection, soil erosion with no plants to hold the soil. Please see below. I'm sorry I don't have pictures since it isn't my house yet. I'll try to get some before I commit to moving in. Is there any guidelines to what to look for in analyzing whether the dragon is in harmony with the tiger? I'm very excited about your new topic on how to interpret the charts. I'll be looking forward to learning a lot from that. Thanks, Cheui May
  13. Dear Cecil, Thanks! This really gave me a lot of insight on how to use the elements. For my boyfriend, since he has 60% earth, he should definitely enhance with metal. But for me, I have 0% water, 13% wood, 13% fire, 34% earth and 37% metal. Since I have the most metal, would that be enough for me to control earth and at the same time produce water, or shall I enhance water since I have so little of it? If I enhance with water, how much would I need to produce wood to produce fire without producing more earth? Cheui May
  14. Hi Cecil, I am finally getting out of this Feng Shui nightmare house. I have found a house that I feel very comfortable in and I am considering moving into it. You said in many messages that if you have good form Feng Shui, the battle is half won. I've carefully looked over the house and made sure that the there are no missing sections. The toilet, stove and sink are not in the center of the house and the stove and toilet is not near the entrance, the toilet is not facing the dining room or the master bedroom or against the same wall as the headboard of the bed. I know no matter what, I'm sure any place will be an improvement over the house that I'm in now. But as you said, good Form Feng Shui is a very illusive thing, so I have a lot of questions I would like your opinion on. 1. The house is situated on a side of a very steep hill over looking the city. The road goes uphill from right to left so the house on the left side is sits higher on the hill than the house on the right. My question is would that be a problem, since according to good Feng Shui, the dragon, on the right should be higher than the tiger on the left and this house is the opposite. If it is bad Feng Shui, is there a remedy for it? 2. The back of the house has the backing of the hill and the front has a view of the city. There is a lone telephone pole cutting through the front door from across the street about two hundred feet away. I don't know if it poses a threat in this case, since the house sits so much higher on the hill then the pole that only the top few feet of the pole is visible from the door. Also all the houses in the front are way below this one so there would be a clear view except that there are tree branches from both the left and right that covers the view slightly from the front door. They're over fifty feet away and they are not directly in front of the door, so would they still be considered a threat? 3. All the trees are far away from the house so the house has a lot of light, but there is a tree in the North side that is about five feet from the house. Although it's tall, it doesn't keep the sun out, so would that be OK? 4. I'm still confused as what entrance would be good for me. In the eight house theory. The main entrance of this house would be very bad for me since it is in the South East, and my Kua is Ken, but it is great for my boyfriend since his qua is Li, but that is based on the element of the year of our birth only and not the true element. Now even though the main entrance is in the south East, there are two entrances in the back, one in the North, one in the West. Since we are both weak water: 1. Would the back entrances be better for us? 2. Would it remedy the problem for me if I just never use the South East entrance? 3. When you analyze an area, in relationship to your pillars of Destiny, do you consider the imbalances in the chart? For instance, my boyfriend has 0% water, so I would think an entrance in the North or North West is good, but he has 60% earth, so maybe a South East entrance would be better to control the over balance of earth. Please let me know what you think. Thanks, Shui May
  15. Hi Cecil, You mentioned in a previous message not to change my name to metal because I already had two much metal in my chart. Does that also apply to entrances and bedroom? For instance, would it be bad for me to choose a house with a West or North West entrance because I have a lot of metal in my Pillar's of Destiny chart? After looking at my boyfriend's chart, I'm really confused as what to do. He has 0% water, 0% fire, 8% wood, 60% earth and 34% metal. Being that we both have 0% water, ideally, I would choose a metal entrance, except that we already have too much metal. So should I choose a North entrance or would it be better to choose East or South East since that destroys earth and we both have two much earth? Thanks, Cheui May
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