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  1. Thank you very much for your advices, time and effort in replying. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I read about the N.E is the Devil's Gate. Does this mean that a house has bad fengshui having main door facing NE? This happens to be my best direction and so is my house. What should I do? My apartment has a view facing a hill where there is this tall antenna for receiving/broadcasting purpose. To me it looks like a tall triangular object on the left side of the window. Is this good or bad? If it's bad, what cure can be done to remove the sha chi? Heard that it's good for students good grade, true? My apartment is small, so the main door faces directly out to the window. How can I keep the chi in the house without going out directly? Will curtains do the trick? Which direction is best or worst for putting the stove in a kitchen? Thank you in advance and look forward to your advices.
  3. Hi Robert, Seen many of the advices and forum and enjoy reading them. When I had my child's eight characters read sometime ago, I was troubled that it said it "crashed" with the father; meaning it would create troubles for the dad. I wished I can treat it as superstitious but it still lingers in my mind. Based on your knowledge, do you think there are ways to "cure" it using any methods including fengshui? Many thanks in advance.
  4. I would like very much to know what we can do with fengshui to help our children to improve their academic performance. Surely if fengshui can in some way helps to improve our living and ward off ill effects, there must be ways to help the children's studies. Thank you for advice and hope those who have successful experiences in this aspect share with us.
  5. Thank you for your kind advice. My young son and me are sharing this same East room (the base no.5, a no 3 on the left and the no. 2 on the right). My birth element is Wood and my son Fire. Please guide us further. Thank you.
  6. I am an amateur in Flying Star theory. It's both fascinating and complex for a beginner. My house Natal charts for period 7, main door in the 3rd SW sector shows a most unlucky room in the East having the base no. 5, a no 3 on the left(mountain star) and the no. 2 on the right (water star?) By right we should avoid this room, but it happens to be our bedroom and no other room for us to move to. There's a toilet in the sector. I read that fengshui is talking about cures to problems. What cures can I apply in this case? 3 months ago,I changed my young son's bed to a bigger one in this room and not long after he was hospitalized and been sick for more than a month. Is it because the East is the Grand Duke this year and I aroused it? I have make enquiries before in this geomancy net and very satisfied with the helpful answers. So far I have not seen any questions left unanswered and I can see that much effort has been put into it. Thanks for this most interesting fengshui site. It's very generous of Robert & Cecil Lee for the contributions. Keep up with the good work!
  7. Thank you Cecil for your reply. Must really get to know more about the I-ching. At present, where can I know more about it in the net?
  8. Hi, The following questions are of great interest to me and would like to know if fengshui can help me in some ways regarding them. My husband career's line is in real estate. What can we do to enhance this field? Does putting stone/earth made vase/display/art etc near the house entrance helps in some ways? Any tips for stock market investors? What can enhance better success in this aspect? And what can be done to improve someone's ill health especially if someone is suddenly sick. Many thanks for answers to the above.
  9. May I know if I really need to put a mirror in the bedroom, which direction/facing is the best to put it. Can I put a mirror below a window or the mirror must be taller than the height of a man? Is it true that a mirror must not be along an inauspicious direction of the owner? Other than not facing the bed, is there any other factors to consider? Pls advise.
  10. Thanks for Cecil Lee's prompt reply and Srikanth Mysore advices. I need to rectify that in fact the Eastern corner of my apartment is also missing, thus a protrusion in the NE corner. I wonder is it for better or worse. May I know from Srikanth Mysore if the square table formula can be applied to any other rooms and corners? It is something new to me. Hope to have more information on this.
  11. First I would like to thank Cecil Lee and Robert for giving us such a wonderful website in fengshui. I never fail to visit this web page daily. My house has most of its North corner missing. The little part left of it is a bedroom. I cannot extend the corner by putting a mirror in the bedroom. What should I do about it? Also I would like to know more about the tortoise which is supposed to improve our fenshui. Thanks in advance.
  12. Recently a few of my friends started growing Bird Nest Ferns at in their houses when someone spread the word that this plant is good for fengshui, is this true? If so, what sort of good fengshui does it bring and where to put it pls. Thank you.
  13. If I am not wrong, I remembered something like putting a picture of fruits in the bedroom. You can refer to Lillian Too's fengshui book which did mention how to be blessed with children. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  14. I stayed in an apartment to which there is only one door to go out of this flat, which is in the SW direction. This door faces our opposite neighbour's door and the common corridor. However we have a big sliding door which opens to a big balcony which faces the sky, pool and landscape. If I would everyday walk out into the balcony most, do I consider this as the Main Entrance instead of the SW door that leads out of the house? The balcony is in the SE facing which is my excellent direction. Can going out into the open up balcony consider out of the house? Is it true that the main entrance of a house should be one that looks out to the sky and not into the inner building such as the corridor. Reply to this enquiry will be much appreciated. B.Jessica
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