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  1. Hi Master Lee, may I know is it okay to place a pet urn in HDB flat? If yes, may I know where would be a good placement? Thank you very much for your advise!
  2. Hi Master Lee, I've seen my surname in different stroke counts of 7, 11 and 12. May I know which is the best to use in the name analysis? Thank you very much for your advise!
  3. Hi! My birthday is on the 26th August 1981, birth time is between 1100-1300. I read the free report and find out that my bazi self element is a weak fire. However Lillian Too said my self element is a strong fire. Can you help with my confusion? The birthchart that I showed Lillian is the same with no error,so am I a strong or weak self element?
  4. Is it suitable to have wealth tree and lotus flower picture in the bedroom? I also have an airport for boiling water in the bedroom because I am living in an one room place Thanks for any advise!
  5. Is purple an ideal wall color for northeast bedroom? I am considering cream or white color as well. I'm a female kua 5 and born in the metal rooster year 1981. Hope to get help which color is better, thanks alot!
  6. Hi, thks for your reply! Because my health is not very good recently, I intend to move my bed n funiture to the west of my roomthis year, do you think it's okay?
  7. Hi, Ijustread a booksayingthat this year 2006,is not good to do anything in the west even if it is my best position. Is that true?
  8. Coulda netting canopyblocks away the poison arrows? Thanks for the advise.
  9. My favourable direction is in the west, however it is also where my bedroom door situated (Southwest of the room). Is it ok that I place my bed (head pointing west, northwest of the room) and work place (facing west,west of the room) against the wall which is going to be in line with my door? Will I get disturbin my sleep from the chi flowas well as my window position which is in the east of my room? Any cures? Great thanks for the advise.
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