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  1. dear masters, i'm reading thru the my paid report, however there is something i don't quite understand. from my bazi overview summary, it says that my favorable career are from wood and water, but from my bazi-career page, it says my wealth career is earth while power career is metal. pls enlighten me. thanks! edwin
  2. dear masters, i'm a buddhist and we have a buddhist altar at home. i would like to find out if there is any implications if the buddha statue has suffered defects over time, eg, cracks, discoloration and missing corners. kindly advice. thanks! regards, edwin
  3. Hi Master, Below is an article posted by you. I could not understand the last paragraph whereyou said that it require a strong person to benefit from the wealth career. I'm a weak wood and my recommended career is wood related jobs. There seems to be a contradiction here. Would like to seek your enlightenment on this concept. Thanks! Regards, edwintay ****************** "Enhancing your Ba Zi through your career is one why to improve your Ba Zi luck since each career can also be broken down into different elements. ie. IT related industry - Metal / Water Health related industry - Wood Sales related industry - Fire So having careers which are favourable to your favourable elements will help you to improve your ba zi luck. Each person has 3 types of career categories:- a. Career with Wealth b. Career with Power and Authority c. Suitable Career So it gives you an indication as to what kinds of industry would be most favourable for you. Career with Wealth and Career with Power and Authority requires a Strong person. Thus, he or she must have sufficient favourable elements before being able to benefit from such a career."
  4. Dear Master, I read with interest when you mentioned traditional Feng Shui and the Black Hat Sect. Can you tell us what's the difference between them. Also, what's the difference between the mirco and macro Feng Shui? Thanks!! Regards, edwintay
  5. Hi Master, In my Bazi report, it is said that my unfavourable wealth element is earth. I would like to find out what's my favourable wealth element. I'm a weak wood with 14% water, 7%wood, 47% fire, 28% earth, 2%metal. How to determine what's my favourable wealth element? Regards and Thanks, edwintay
  6. Hi Master, I would like to clarify some concepts. 1. If we were to change our name, after the change, if we do not use that name often, it would be effective. Meaning to say that if people call myChristian name instead of my Chinese name, it would not be effective. 2.I'm a weak wood. If I were to include the chinese character wood and water in my signature, does this help to enhance my wood and water element? Thanks so much once again!! edwintay
  7. Hi Master! I would like to find out how should I balance the 3 elements of my work desk with Earth, Wood, Water, Metal, Fire? Also, as I'm a weak wood and the fire element in me is quite high, does the'fire' ornament I use to balance my desk increase my 'fire'? Is a dracaena fragans plant (http://davesgarden.com/pf/go/54287/) good for fengshui? does it belong to the wood element and where's the best place to place it? Can it be used to balance one of theelement of my desk? Thanks so much once again for your help. Edwin
  8. Hi Master Lee, Thanks for your reply has been a great help! On this note, I would also like to find out how should I enhance my luck and the balance of my element by means of decorative objects. I've read about using water features, Guan Gong and dragon figurines etc. Is this another school of Feng Shui? Would it begoodif I were toset up Feng Shui for my desk using the Bagua Directionand the elements, Eg Water to the South, Wood to the West, Fire to the North, Metal to the East using ornaments? Since I have too much Fire, would this Fire in the north increase the Fire in me? Thanks once again! Edwin
  9. hi master, under birth element in my summary report, it says that Your career ie a Job favourable for you are:- Water - Advertising, Arts, Communications, etc Wood - Engineering, Filming, Hospital, etc i would like to find out other that those jobs listed above, are there any more suitable jobs? what is the selection critiera? ie how to tell what element group does a certain job belongs to? thanks once again for your advice and guidance! edwin
  10. hi master! in myoverall summarreport, it said that i am water 14%, wood 7%, fire 47%, earth 28%, metal 1%.it is saidthat well balance is when a person has 20% of the each element. does it mean that i need to ehance my water, wood and metal while reducing my fire? however metal is identified to be my most unfavourable element andhence i should avoid.i'm confused. kindly advice. whathappens if my partner is a strong metal? will it add on to my metal element balance or be the most unfavourable element? what can i do about it? also, what's the best way to enhance an element? thanks for your advice and guidance! edwin
  11. Hi Master, How does one who belongs to weak wood enhances his luck, wealth, fortune and health? How does crystals help to improve ones fengshui, especially for a weak wood. Thanks so much for your help! Edwin
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