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  1. Dear David, I really appreciate yourfeedback. I have looked up the flying stars of those rooms ... should be safe to put my aquarium there. Thanks Best regards: Paulina
  2. I haveencased myfish tank ina partition wall between my living and dining room. This means SE of the living room and SW of dining room. Using the five element theory, water in SE is productive but not so if placed in the SW. Is that right? Please advise if I need to put a screen to 'close up" (visually) the fish tank in the dining room. Thank you very much.
  3. I have read that it is a good idea to built a water feature in the SW of the garden to tap the indirect spirit of Period 8, bringing in big money luck. Can I harvest this by putting an aquarium in the SW corner of my living room or dining room instead? I am unsure if this applies to only outdoors.
  4. Dear Master Lee, I have an entrance foyer in the NW sector of my new house, which occupies 50% of this sector. Since this foyer has only 2 walls, I would have to consider it as missing? How can I place cures here to minimise the effect of having this missing corner? I plan to place a bright light in the foyer and use a venetian blind on one side to represent a 'false' wall and to protect the shoe cabinet from the harsh sunlight. What else could I use or try? Thank you. Best Regardsaulina
  5. Dear Master Lee, Thank you very much for your reply. My house is Period 8facing W2. I understand that i cannot change the facing direction of the house by changingthe main door but would the following help to offset / minimise the unsuitability? i)main door currently in NW sector facing W and has the masterbedroom toilet above it. I plan tomove main door to W sector and face N so as to capture the m8 w8 stars and face one of our best directions.New doorposition would also no longer be under the masterbedroom toilet. ii)ensuring our sleeping and sitting directions are in our best direction. Looking forward to hear from you again. Best Wishes aulina
  6. I have a West facing double storey detached house. Both my husband and myself belong to Kua 3 and 4. Would changing the main door to face either N or S be more beneficial to us both, since we belong to the East group?The main dooris facing W at present. Thank you very much for your expert advice.
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