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  1. Dear Mr. Lee: Please advice me what is the element for car sales industry, the office is facing west, and if a male rat 1972 is compatible with this business? Thank you so much for your time and consideration. CPD
  2. Dear Cecil, If I replace the entire carpet floor of the house with wood floor, will it change the peiod of the house? Or someone needs to tear down a wall or expand certain part of the house in order to change the house's period? Thank you for your advice. CD
  3. Dear Cecil, I would like to know that, I my Kua is 1 and NE is not a favorable direction for me, but NE is a good direction in P8, so if i face NE direction, it is good or bad for me. Please, advice me. Thank you, QL
  4. Dear Cecil, Is it possible to apply 2 methods flying stars and 8 apirations at the same time, since there are some conflicts between the 2, let say SW is unfavorable "bad"for my kua 3, but good for flying stars and good for 8 aspiration. So would you reconmend just folow one or the other. Thank you.
  5. Dear Cecil, My question is in order to activate the flying star in the P8 as we are in right now, do i need to change my house p5 to p 8. I belive that my house is still p5 since there were no major renovate in the past. So if I want to plot out the flying Star of the house, all i have to so is generate to file by put in the year built and the facing direction,and folow what come up and apply? Let say it built in 1954 and facing 168" south> Please give me some adive> Thank you very much. CD
  6. Thank you so much for you advices, Relocate the kitchen is not a option for us, so can you susgest some ideas for us. The stove is located in the North facing south, and there is an empty space in the NW corner of the kitchen. I hope that is still ok. Thank agains
  7. Dear Cecil, My house is P5, in the past I noticed that the ex owner of the house had change new windows and new paint, but like you said those doesn't count. well, this time we will replace the main door some time in 2009, so do you think it will change the house Period? Thank you for you advice. Ql
  8. Dear Cecil, My husband is Kua 1, our house is facing South, and the kitchen is in the NW corner of the house. According to his kua 1, NW is the lui sha corner so to have the kitchen there is kind of suppressing it down. But on the other hand, when look at the 8 house aspiration NW is chien corner, it is "fire at heaven gate". I am confusing, please give me some advices. Thank you for your time. QL
  9. Dear Master Cecil Lee, So many thanks for your kindness of giving me the explanations to the problems. I have understand a litlle bit more about fengshui. You are the BEST. Again, Thank you very very much. TL
  10. Dear Cecil, Please help me to find where are the mountain star 6 and water star 8. My house built in 1954 main door facing South and a tiny bit to the E, because the lot is facing the street on the West side, So my front door is basicly facing the neighbor front yard. I have 2 back doors, one to the North and one to the East. We don't use the North door, we only use the door to the East side because this is where we have the big fruits & flowers garden and play yard for entertainment. Please give me some advices, Thank you very much, Sincerely, TL
  11. Dear Master R. Lee, This question is just out of my curiousty, I would like to know if someone " feng shui want to be" put some fengshui cures in front of there house, even thought there is nothing wrong with the neighbor house, like a pair of lions all the way up highs about 6" in front of their door, and a bagua on top of their door. Will this does any harmful effects for the neighbor who live across the street from them. Let's say the innocent neighbor know nothing about feng shui, Then the one who puts the cures in front of his house does a "wrongful act, bad karma" to harm others then he doesn't create a good feng shui for himself. And if the harmful effects will take place, how serious is it? Thank you for you time reading my questions. Please kindly help me to understand more about this. Sincerely, TL.
  12. Dear Cecil, I was wondering how accurate is that, the House ### have the effects on the occupants of the house. If it is, then there must be some kind of cures for it. My house is P5 #2104 facing S. It's said Mother and Daughter don't get along. Please, give me some advises, Thank you for your kindness.
  13. Dear Cecil, Regarding to kitchen door facing main door, if relocate the kitchen or the main door is not a option, then what should I do to improve the problem? thank you for your time and kindness. ML
  14. Dear Cecil, Please give me some advices, I want to know the element of the retail seafoods business, and is a water rat person compatible for the business? The diretion of the location is facing North. Many thanks for your time and kindness. lmd
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