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  1. Hello, I am just curious because in another thread you say that N1 facing houses are the worst type for period 8 house. You say that only the frontage has the good stars. But E has 1m 6w 6b, The NE has 6m 1w 7b (I know 7 is a bad star but 6 and 1 are good stars right?) and the Center has 3m 4m 8b (although 3 is the quarrelsome star). So the sectors I mentioned may have 1 bad star in each sector but there are 2 good stars also in that sector. The bad stars can be disarmed right?
  2. Hello Master Lee According to your article and under Shapes and Form feng shui --- The dragon is located to my left (representing East) and the tiger is located to my right (representing the West). So if my house is W3 sitting E3, Does that mean that - when I'm in the center of my house facing/looking outside - my dragon is to my left(that is South) and my tiger is to my right (that is North?)
  3. Upon reading your free articles, I came across this description for the meaning of the center location in Flying Star feng shui: "Center direction - Generally this square is your Long Gone Prosperity area. This means that you no longer enjoy prosperity in this square. The stars in this location does not affect your existing location." My Q is: So the numbers located in the center of the grid doesn't mean anything? So when bad stars like #2 or #5 fly to the center, it doesn't do harm anymore?
  4. I've been reading your free articles. In the link http://www.geomancy.net/resources/fst/fst-shapes-entrance.htm --- You said that a house should not face a prayer site. Our house faces a retreat house run by italian nuns.But it has high walls so we don't get to see what's going on inside the grounds and 1st floor. However, we do get to the see the 2nd floor and 3rd floor of the building. I would like to know why a house should not face a prayer site? What should we do now?
  5. Master Lee, I've been reading about the 3 Killings afflicting the East. Should we worry about the 3 Killings? Or is this nonsense and thus, we don't need to cure this affliction? Thanks again for all your help!
  6. Masster Lee. Is the Qi Lin also known as the Chi Lin?
  7. Hello Master Lee, You said "Usually there are three exit points of drainage that will bring good luck to a home. And he/she should advise you on each of the exit points and even how the water / drainage show flow e.g. left to right or right to left - out of the plot of land." My question is: What are the 3 exit points of drainage that will bring good luck to the home? Is it important also that the water flow goes right to left? Or the water flow goes left to right?
  8. Hello Master Lee, For 2009, the West is afflicted with the flying star #2 sickness star. My bedroom is located in the East. When I lay down in bed, my head is pointed to the West because it's a good direction for me. Upon reading your response to a related post, you said that when it comes to flying stars, the focus should be the location of the flying stars and not the facing direction. In that case, is it still okay for me that when I am in bed, that my head is pointed towards the West even with the #2 flying star in the West?
  9. Hello Master Lee, Please explain why SW1 and NE1 facing houses are lucky in period 8. According to a feng shui expert, SW1 and NE1 are called Lucky Mountain and Lucky Water type of house: 1. Lucky Mountain Lucky Water (Wang San Wang Shui) - This is the best of all types of houses in a certain period whereby lucky mountain star of that period is at the sitting position and lucky water star of that period is at the facing position. This kind of house will develop good money luck, good health and good relationship. HOWEVER, I am wondering because in SW1 facing house, the SW1 sector has the 5m,8w,5b --- the center sector of the chart has the 2m,5w,8b --- the NE1 sitting sector has the 8m,2w,2b. For NE1 facing house, the NE1 sector has the 2m,8w,2b --- the center sector of the chart has 5m,2w,8b --- the SW1 sitting sector has 8m,5w,5b. In short, all the sectors have a lot of negative stars 2 and 5 (even though they have 8s). In fact some sectors even have double 2s and 5s which is supposedly more negative, right? Hope you can explain this. Thanks a lot!
  10. Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I now have a clearer understanding of the elements!
  11. Hello again Master Lee, We plan to build a new house facing W3 and sitting E3. According to my eight mansions chart, SE is supposed to be my best location for prosperity HOWEVER, the natal house chart for period 8 says that this sector has #5 mountain star, #2 water star and #7 base star. All the stars are bad stars. So is it safe to assume that I should prioritize the flying star chart over the eight mansions chart? In that case, I will just have to put my toilet area/walk-in closet in this SE area? And my bedroom in my East area? (I'm kua #1). Thanks for all the help you've been giving so far!
  12. Hello Master Lee, Can you explain the relationships between elements. I read somewhere that the element earth feeds metal BUT metal dissolves earth. How does that happen? Also, earth feeds fire BUT fire dissolves earth. We know that the flying star 5 is in the south for 2008. The south represents fire element. The #5 represents earth element. They say the south being a fire element magnifies the negative 5 star. But they say fire also dissolves earth so does that mean that the south sector which represents fire dissolves the negative 5 star? In that case, why do they say that earth feeds fire and thus makes the flying star 5 stronger in 2008? Please help clarify because it's confusing.
  13. Oh so now I understand the reason behind the red string. what if you don't tie the 6 coins with red string - will it have a negative effect in some way? How do explain wulous tied with a red string? Regarding the feng shui expert who recommended to put something red to cure the sickness star ---- this is his reason: He said: We should always look into the governing element not the influencing element. As Metal is the governing element in the West for 2009 and its going to be introducing things that are beyond the abilities of Man, we should destroy it and not strengthen it. If we strengthen it you influence the bad stars which will be heightened even more. The present Metal will become bad metal thus will affect our Children and Creativity. Since we melted the bad metal with fire, the bad earth star will be destroyed because it's host which is metal is gone. Think of the bad earth star as a parasite that feeds on the energy metal. Since we melted metal by adding fire, the parasite will die. Personally, I don't know why he said that the metal governing the west in 2009 became a bad metal? Now that's the logic of the feng shui expert on why we need red or the fire element to destroy #2. You have a different interpretation and as I said earlier, I understand your interpretation easily.?
  14. Oh so now I understand the reason behind the red string. What if you don't tie the 6 coins with a red string - will it have a negative effect in some way? What can you say about wulous tied with a red string?
  15. Thanks so much! Your explanation is very clear and understandable. I was very confused with the other feng shui expert's explanation of adding red as I mentioned in my original post. Thanks again!

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