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  1. Hi Master Lee,

    would like to seek your opinion on the general Feng Shui of Carabelle. I am interested in the 2 bedroom units. I had earlier post for advice on Botannia

    me and my partnerboth belong to theeast group, N and SE, (Excellent and Prosperity) E and S (Health and Longivity). Are there any stack particular more favourable for us.

    stack 02, 05, 08 (floor plan type A1)

    stack 12, 13, 15, 22, 28, 29 (floor plan type A2)

    the 2 floor plan are both not rectangular in shape, are there any major issue with the layout? missing corners?

    I have also attached the site map and the Goggle map

    bottom right is Carabelle, top right is infiniti, left is Botannia

    Is the stack on the right (eg stack 29) better than left (eg stack 28) on the same blockfor a east group person so that the bedroom can face SE instead of NW. But that would mean that the main door would be in the "opposite" sector.

    Appreciate your advice.

  2. thanks for all the advice Master Lee.

    guess I have to look at the 2 other projects next to Botannia as I have just went to the Botannia show flat. the 3 bedroom units are simple to large for 2 people to maintain. We dun need so much space, and for a starting up couple,i think we should not be spending on a house too big for us.

    I am also looking at Infiniti and Carabelle, both new projects near Botannia, but their layout are not as rectangular as Botannia. Is that a major concern?

  3. Hi Master Lee,

    thanks for the advice. stack 35,36 are 4 bed room units. Its too big for just 2 of us.

    for the 3 bedroom unit, I have attached a modified layout to show the removal of the toilet near main entrance (not sure if it can be approved) and join it with the yard area. Is this advisable andis the areano longer considereda "toilet"? (note that the sewage pipe though has been sealed is still around). Does this mean i have removed 1 major leak?

    I also intend to add a partition to block the qi from flowing from the main door and straight out through the front window. I understand this straight through flowis very bad for retaining "qi" in the house. Must the partition be "wall" type or i can use any material like glass. I am weak metal, so will glass enhance my weath?

    Appreciate your advice.

  4. Hi Master Lee,

    me and my girlfriend are looking for a house to get married. We are looking at botannia which is going to TOP about April 2009. have attached the following for your advice.

    A.Site plan

    B. general 2 bedroom floor plan (type A)

    C. general 3 bedroom floor plan (type B)

    1. both me and my girlfriend belongs to the east group. which stack is generally more flavourable for us. our favourable directions are the same N, E, SE and S, just different element.

    2. we prefer those units facing north, ie stack 30,33,34,37,38,41,42. are there any of these stacks not favourable in generally?

    3. For 3 bedroom unit, type B layout, the toilet is just next to the main door. Is this a big issue even though the toilet door is not facing the main door. If this is an issue, is there anything I could do, else i would have to drop most of the 3 bedroom options.

    Appreciate your comments.


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