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  1. Dear Master Cecil, Wonder how can a husband and wife can reduce their conflict with Water and Fire Element ? Both element is too different. I guess there is no hope already.
  2. Dear Master Cecil, A master selling crysal once told me that my "weak yang wood" were so weak that I need to use the concept "Follow the Leader" cure. He advised me to purchase a red stone pendant (rhodochrosite) as a cure because I can't afford to purchase (ruby).I don't know why I bought itbut to cut the story short, I met with an accident just 1 day after I wear the pendant (off courseaccident with red car). He says red is to boost the "follow the leader" cure but come to think about it. Red is really my bad luck. I gone thru a divorce when my ex-husband bought me a red car. I met2 accidents with red cars and 3rd one while wearing red blouse. Am I being superstitious ?
  3. Dear Master Cecil, I heard there are some bazi reading that is too weak where the master will use the opposite cure element. Example :- Very Weak Wood suppose to need Water and Wood to cure but in this case the master will use Fire, Earth or Metal to cure. Is this true? And will there be any danger? Regards, Mrs. Yip
  4. Dear Master Cecil, My sister is planning to purchase a house which is under construction and there is a river just behind it. After the boundary of the house, we still have 10 feet road and the river is about 60 feet away. Few kilometer away, there is a big hill which is consider the back tortoise by a fengshui master that she consulted. According to him this is a good house as it have a 40 years of luck. But I am worried for her because most of the feng shui books says river on your back of your house is bad. The said house is facing South East. She is the breadwinner and her birth date is 7th August 1977 ( 5.10pm ). Please advise. Thank you.
  5. Dear Master Cecil, I hope you can also advise me on the following. When looking a house, which is better to indicate the right house for us? Using our kua number or our personal element ? MyKua is 2 and my hubby is 3. My Personal Element is Weak Yang Wood and my hubby is Strong Yang Wood. We just bought a house which is facing North. I just got to know that it is extremely BAD for me as North ismy DEATH DIRECTION accordingly to my Kua No. 2 But North is water and it is suppose to be good for my weak wood. Which is correct ??? Any solution or advise ? Thank you again.
  6. Dear Master Cecil, Kindly refer to the Images attached herewith for your reference. Thank you.
  7. Dear Master Cecil, Thank you very much for your fast reply. I really appreciate it and I believe your comment will help others too. However, I need to attach herewith the correct image for your further comment if any. Kindly refer to Image 1 and 2 (sample from internet). The previous image was a metal roof factory withturbine. Sorry ! for the mixed up. The 2 turbine will be installto thehighest point of the roof. And it is on the back portion of the roof. Is this O.K ? I will follow your kind advise and I make sure that I find a good contractor to do the job. Thank you again andYou are the best !
  8. Dear Master Cecil, I am planning to install a wind turbine ventilator (round shape turbine that spinning on top of the roof) to cool the stuffy air on my 1st floor bedroom and roof. Someone told me that it is a bad feng shui to disturb and make a hole on the roof. I just want to make my bedroom more comfortable without the stuffy air. Kindly let me and others know if it is true. Appreciate your fast reply and many Thanks for your time and kind advise. Regards, Mrs. Yip
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