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  1. Is there any solution? Since my house has two storey. Can I activate the star on the second floor? Like placing fountain on the second floor? Should the rock for mountain activation be placed on the first floor or on the second floor? Thank you for your reply.
  2. Dear Cecil, My house is facing E2 and sitting W2, so I have MS8, WS8, BS1 at the back of my house. My kitchen is located at that W2 too. I just want to activate the good star MS8 and WS8. I plan to put a rock to activate the MS8. I just wonder where I should place the the rock. Can I place it on the floor under the kitchen or on the kitchen table? Then how can I activate the WS8 since we should avoid any water feature near the kitchen? What can I use to replace the water feature? Thanks a lot for any reply.
  3. After thinking for a while. If we can use wind chime for #5 and wu lou for #2 then what are the 6 coin in row used for since I see there are still many who suggest it to cure #5 and #2? Thank you.
  4. Dear Cecil/Robert, I've encountered with the sum of ten combination like M8 W2 B5 A6. Actually what is the benefit of the sum of ten. What I see is two bad star #2 and #5 which should be cure with metal and then will weaken the good star #8. So, I don't see any good of this combination. Or is there any special meaning from this combination? Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Is any specific wu lou to be used to cure the #2--like it must be from brass, have 6 coin, have 8 immortal etc? Or just any wu lou can do the job? And the last question, have you heard about 5 element pagoda? I've heard that the 5 element pagoda is the best cure for #5 star--better than 6 rod metal wind chime-- because it can "capture" the star in the pagoda? Are any logical explanation? Thank you.
  6. Very logical explanation. Thank you. If there are a combination of #2 and #5, can we use just wind chime to cure the both star? The 6 coin I propose is to cure #2 while the wind chime is to cure the #5. Can the 6 coin do the job? Or maybe we can use wu lou? I've read somewhere says that the wu lou is the best cure for #2, especially wu lou with 6 coin. Is it true? Thank you.
  7. Dear Cecil/Robert, I am learning about Flying Star. I see that mostly people talking about mountain star and water star. Like there are M2 W5, then it needs metal cure. There are M8 and W8, then it need enhancer like fountain, etc. And talking about annual star, like the #5 is coming at North this year then it needs wind chime, the #2 is coming at west then it needs 6 coins etc. But hardly I heard like the base star #2 is at NE, it needs cure or #8 at center, it needs enhancer. The question is: is it really the mountain and water star and annual star so much important to consider rather than the base star and so it can just be ignored? In my opinion, the base star should be more important than the annual star since it locates permanently-at least for 20 years-like mountain and water star. Is that true? Thank you for your explanation. I learned so much from your forum. Thank you.
  8. Thank you so much for it's really enlighten me.
  9. Dear Robert/Cecil, My house was constructed in 1997 with toilet only without room but have main door already. I started renovating it in dec 2003. Putting tiles, built bedroom, kitchen, etc. It was competed and I also moved in april 2004. Is my house considered period 8 also although it was constructed in 1997. Thank you.
  10. OK. I see. I've read somewhere that mountain star can also be activated using mountain image. Is that true? Since I see that if it is just an image then there is not any mass how it can activate the mountain. Unless the image has frame then there is a mass, so the mountain star can be activated. Does my opinion make sense? Then how about my wedding image in frame. Is it considered as mountain activator too since it has mass although without mountain image? Thank you so much for your reply.
  11. So, mountain star can only be activated if it's at the back of the house, isn't it? Then how to activate the mountain if we find that the mountain does not locate at the back of the house? For example, when the house is facing East and the mountain #8 locates at south wall then how to activate that star? Thank you for you reply
  12. Dear Robert/Cecil, Does wall selves activate mountain star? I have SE sector with M2 W5. I learned that to cure these bad star, I have to place wu lou and 5 element pagoda. I plan to place them on the wall selves at the SE sector. The question is: will the the mountain star be activated? Or the cure should be place on the table instead? Thank you.
  13. Dear Robert and Cecil, First, I want to thank you for I've learned a lot from your site. It's very enlighten. Thank you. I've tried to make my own analysis and just want to ask for your opinion about curing #2 and #5. 1. SE has M2, W5, B7, annual 8. Since there are two bad and strong earth #2 and #5 Vs SE wood and weak #7 metal, it still needs metal cure. So I plan to use salt water cure. Is it OK? Or is it better to use 6 coin in red ribbon? Or maybe should I use both of them? 2. N has M5, W2, B4, annual 5. Since there are three bad and strong earth #5, #2, and #5 vs N water and weak #4 wood, it still needs metal cure. So I plan to use 6 rods wind chime and 6 coin in red ribbon. Is it OK? Do I still need salt water cure? I'll appreciate any reply. Kind regards, Ben
  14. Sorry for post new topic because I just can't reply to the previous topic. Can we just insist using 8 house theory even though we already know its limitation? In this case, if the man live in the EAST facing house which is his EXCELLENT direction base on 8 House theory, will the WOOD conflict and destroy his WEAK earth? Will the house benefit him or cause him more trouble? Thank you.
  15. Good morning Master, I just wonder whether the better way to find the good/bad direction-using 8 house theory or true element. For example: A person who is weak earth and Chen person. Using his true element which is weak earth then his good direction will be South - fire North East -earth South West - earth, in order to strengthen his weak earth. But using 8 house theory then his good direction will be East - wood South - fire South East - wood North - water, which will weaken his weak earth. Which way should be followed for the best result? Thank you.
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