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  1. Dear Master Cecil, I know that there are quite a few Chinese who change their children's birth year to make their children seem a year younger (so that they appear very accomplished/mature for their age). If someone who has been using a false date of birth on ID documents (hukou, driver's license, etc) wants to calculate their fengshui, is it sufficient to use their real birthday, or does the fake one have to be taken into account somehow? Can it be safely ignored? Thank you! Polly
  2. Dear Master Cecil, My partner and Ilive in an apartment in the northern part of Shanghai, and as we are on the sixteenth floor, we have a clear view of the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower and the other skyscrapers from the South-facing windows of our living room (South-Southwest sectors) and bedroom (East sector). Does the tower count as inauspicious, since it is sharply pointed at the top, or auspicious because it has the two round 'pearls' on it? There is also the Jinmao Tower which has a square hole in the top, and other skyscrapers, but then again on smoggy days we can't see any of them anyway! : ) If there are poison arrows coming towards our apartment, should we hang bagua mirrors outside both windows, or only one (which window?) or do something else entirely? We will only be living in this apartment for two more years so we'd prefer not to have to make costly changes to it. Thank you very much for any kind advice
  3. Wow, that was fast. Thank you; I will look for an appropriate painting.
  4. ah - nevermind;I just found the answer by searching your site, which I should have done first. Thanks anyways : ) Can I ask a related question though: standing inside my front door looking out, to my left immediately there is a wall, so there is no way to put a fish tank or anything else there. Would hanging a picture of a fish on the wall achieve a similar effect? Thank you~
  5. Hi, I remember reading in a book on fengshui that placing a fish bowl/tank right inside the front door will attract wealth to the house, but that if you place it on the wrong side, it will ruin your marriage. Can you tell me which side of the door it should be placed on (left or right), if you are standing inside the house looking out. Thank you very much, Polly
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