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  1. According my work direction under free report saying if my desk is in WEST direction is bad direction. However, I can not change direction due to the way it is set up. Please let me what should I do since I can not move my desk to best position (NORTH, Southeast) and good position (East and South)
  2. Dear Sir/Madam, I have a question regarding the front door of the house. Is itbad when we open the front door, we see the stair way go to second level of the house, and other stair way go down to basement? Thanks for your help. Phung
  3. Hi Mr. Lee. According my eight house chart, my housedirection is South -East. If the condo main door facing south or North, but the house interpretation is "Disputes struggle, revenge, quarrels, lawsuit, robbery, loss of wealth" Can I buy this condo? Thanks, Phung
  4. Hi Mr. Lee. I need your help. The condo balcony is facing the railroad track. Is is good or bad? I have attached the picture for you. Please help. Thanks, Phung
  5. Hi Mr. Lee, I am going to offer the condo, but the interpretation said "Vomiting".Please let me know how bad it is? If it is too bad, I will not buy it. Phung
  6. Hi Mr. Lee, Thanks for your quick respone, but I do not understand your answer. Would you please explain a little more. Also, If the house period interpretation said " VOMITING". What does it mean and how can I cure this problem? thanks, Phung
  7. Hi Mr Lee, Ibuythe condo with the interpretation below.Would you please help me to solve this problem? What can I do to make "misfortune" to become "fortune"? 81 Interpretation [1] & [9] - Misfortune, such as Miscarriage (for women) or skin diseases, etc.
  8. Hi Mr. Lee, Thank you so much for your information. Have a great day, Phung
  9. Hi Mr. Lee, One last question, if the building lobby is car garage (it means that we enter in the building door is car garage) and go up one level is condo. Do you count the car garage is the first floor of the building base on the Feng Shui? Thanks, Phung
  10. Hi Mr. Lee, Thank you very much for your help, Phung
  11. Hi Mr. Lee, I have a question regarding the house number again. The condo unit is locate on the 1st floor, but it has the condo unit # 204. What should I enter to house number in Feng shui "House Number" search? Do weenter: 01-04 or should we go by the unit # : 02-04? Thanks for help, Phung
  12. Hi Mr. Lee, My kitchen sink is facing direct of Stove. How can avoid it? please advise. Thanks for you help, Phung
  13. Appended by Cecil Lee: If you are refering to levels (storeys) floors and Unit 1S = 1st storey then input: #01- for first storey #03 - for 3rd storey etc... Another question is we onlyuse the unit # to search the suitable house number.Am I right? What about the Unit 1S. How can we enter it in house number search?
  14. Dear Cecil Lee, This condo unit is located at 2nd floor and the house number is 7041 and condo # is 204. My birthday is 07/18/1962. Would you please help me to find out is thiscondo unit suitable for me to buy? Thanks, Phung
  15. Appended by Cecil Lee: Which floor or storey the apartment is? Dear adviser, I would like to check the house number 7041 and unit # 204 , Is it a good house number for me to buy? Please advice Thanks, Phung
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