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  1. myfs_140469

    Semi-Circular floor mat

    Thanks Mr Cecil for your replied. Another question is understand that semi circular door mat is not suitable for inside the house. Is it possible to use to cure for bedroom door directly facing toilet door, In this case can we place the mat outside the bedroom door ? Thanks!
  2. myfs_140469

    Semi-Circular floor mat

    Dear Mr. Cecil, We would like to get a semi-circular floor mat to place outside our door, not sure is there any fengshui impact for bad flying star 5,2,9 in North west section (liu shar) ?
  3. myfs_140469

    wallpaper pattern

    Hi Mr Cecil, May I know which pattern is more auspicious for living room and why?
  4. Dear Mr Cecil, My daughter is a weak water person, her bedroom is in wood(sheng chi) sector having bright pink bed and purple wall colour. After we shifted in for around 6 mths, she start to developed bad cough and couldn't cure for months and she will some time fell and knock either face or hand. Pl advise what to do for her bedroom beside changing room? Can I put some metal coin under her pillow or place bowl of water beside her etc? Thank you very much.
  5. Dear Sir, For strong water person to stay in house where kitchen in NW, will it still affected? or will it be better since water is to cure fire?
  6. myfs_140469

    fish tank on the floor

    Dear Mr Cecil, I place my small fish tank on the right side of the MS8, WS8, base Star 3 sector will this enhance the water star? Also my fish tank is on the floor, will it be able to tap the 'qi', as I read somewhere mentioned that fish tank cannot be placed below knee level, may I have your opinion on this too?
  7. myfs_140469

    Fish tank in 5 2 9 sector

    Dear Mr Cecil, We've placed a small fish tank on our bay window which is in 5 2 9 sector, it is ok ? will it serve as cure for this sector?
  8. myfs_140469

    Fire at the heaven gate

    Hi Mr Cecil, Thanks for your reply. Another question is if we place two 1.5litre of water near the stove to cure stove in NW, may I know should we open or close the water bottle,can we keep inside the cabinet, and how often should we change the water?
  9. myfs_140469

    Fire at the heaven gate

    H Mr Cecil, Our kitchen is in both N1 and NW3, one of our hob is in NW3, we afraid this hob in NW3 having fire at the heaven gate. We have just put some earth element like glass plate and Pottery item in the cabinet below the stove. Some FS said NW having bad earth stars (2 and 5) under period 8 south facing house. Putting earth material might enhance the bad stars so suggest putting 6 Singapore $1 coin under the stove. what is your opinion on this? Also place a small fish tank with 1 small fish inside near the stove does it help?
  10. Dear Sir, We intend to install a full height mirror on the wall opposite our living room balcony as shown in the picture attached, may I know is it acceptable in fengshui ? as some said shouldn't have mirror at the main door as it will reflect the incoming "chi" ? Need your kind input on this. Thank you.
  11. Dear Mr Lee, May I have your opinion on clear glass and tinted glass top dining table in fengshui? Which is more auspicious? Also some said no good to see people leg while eating is it myth? Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.
  12. myfs_140469

    Bed headboard pattern

    Hi Mr Lee, How about the following headboard pattern, which is more auspicious in your opinion?
  13. myfs_140469

    Bed headboard pattern

    Mr Lee, May I ask your opinion on the diamond design or square box design headboard which is more auspicious? What element does diamond shape belong to?
  14. Mr Cecil, My bedroom is having M8, W8 and B3. facing South. If I stand facing south (window) Mountain star is on my left and Water star is on my right. If I stand facing north (inside the bedroom facing the door), then Mountain and water is the other way round. Where should I face and which is correct position of the mountain/ water star?
  15. myfs_140469

    Mirror reflection

    Mr Cecil, As for FS, mirror will reflect and bound back good and bad star. May I check with you which of the following mirror location is better ? Option 1: Mirror in good sector and good flying star sector but facing bad flying star in the next sector or Option 2 : Mirror in bad sector and bad flying star, but facing good flying star in the next sector