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  1. Hi Master Lee, How about a corporate communications role in the education industry? Is it suitable for a strong earth person? I cannot seem to find the element for education on the website.I have read that some classified it under 'water' while some under 'wood'. Thank you. Best Regards Jaslyin
  2. Thank you very much for your advice Master Lee - really appreciate it!
  3. Dear Master Lee, Previously, you have advised my husband and I about our house fengshui and that we are not advised to go into our own business staying in our current house. On this note, I am wondering if 'going into business' would also include being in the property business - i.e being a real estate agent and selling houses as a living? My husband would like to give up his full time job and venture into real estate as an agent but we are concern if this would be like going into business or it would still be considered as being employed? Your advice is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  4. Hi, According to some fengshui books, the south direction is the horse direction and it is advised that the south part of the home not be used as the toilet/storeroom for the horse-born. However, my personal unfavourable direction includes the south as one of the directions and it is advised to use the south as a storeroom/toilet in this case. Thus am a bit confused as to which advice to take...? Thank you!
  5. Hi, Thank you for your forthright reply. I also read that the different characters of our name represent different periods of our lives e.g. our surname represents our childhood period whereas our middle and last name represent our mid and later part of the years, is that true? As I realised that my earlier part of the years seem much better as compared to now and have met with various 'fortune tellers' who have encouraged me to change my name on and off but I have not really heeded their advice until I found out more abt the significance of one's name recently. Thanks!
  6. Hi, Am thinking of using your service for the chinese name analysis and change but just wondering if your report at the end will give me just 1 recommended name to adopt or a choice of a few names? Will you also be explaining the rationale behind the recommended name to be changed to in terms of my ba zi/favourable elements? Many thanks!
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