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  1. dear masters, In the bazi chart list ,you provided "wealth luck against" 1)does it mean that throughout the said period ,one doesnt earn money or one will end up with no bank balance left in his account? 2)by following colors can one improve his or her luck? 3)like how 5elements are used as cures in flyingstar solutions ,can carrying the elements related products work as personal corrections in bazi solutions? 4)when we can analize that "luck is against us" cant we do anything to control the loss? 5)kindly brief us in detail what can bazi analysis do,else than giving us a plan.
  2. dear masters! there is an apartment of period7 construction,with entrance as E2 FACING (gate) but the longer side and the apartment facing falls under N2 FACING.with a distance of 15feet there is another apartment constructed opposite to it.i think this opposite building working as a mountain.my questions: 1)am i right with my guessing. 2)is there any scope of expecting fortune for the first floor residents if we make any inner modifications(this is the only scope we have) as per fengshui? 3)if we need to consider the house chart shall i consider N2 facing building? 4)will it be OK to stay there or sell it off? 5)the flat has a window in north sector and a door in northeast sector,facing north,and in extreme northeast-neighbor's portion.what could be the solution for this house chart?
  3. dear masters! with respect to the efforts you made in developing this valuable informative site,as i am extremely happy to find it as heaven's bless for all the needy. i would prefer to ask you my doubt in flying star section,my question in brief is as follows: we recently entered a flat which is south2 facing(building +main entrance gates)as we proceed to inside ,the entrance is located almost central to the entire apartment,with west facing,(stairs and lift)which leads to other floors from the ground floor.ours fall in west2 direction(facing)in first floor,just above the entrance.the structure completed its construction in nov2003. 1)as south is the main mouth of the apartment shall i plot south facing flying star chart or 2)west facing period of 7 chart?to remedy my portion? 3)a month passed,i could see my family falling sick and heavy expenditure,shall i confirm it that west sector is activated which is annually afflicted with star 2? i remain waiting for your precious clue to safeguard my family health and prosperity.
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